Greeting fellow starseeds, i am new to this website so i thought id give a proper introduction.
I hope to meet many lovely people through this and help awaken the people to our true mission.
If you want to, you can write about yourself in the comments :).

My name is Amber but i go by ATHENA, not only is this the name of my higherself it is also my stage name.
I am an uprising Musician/Actress and i have many things happening. expect to see me in the next year.
But through this i have plans to rebuild Atlantis aswell as help bring balance to earth with of course, you and
our crews help.
Anywho, i am 16 years old, i was born September 5th 1999. Yes indeed on World Goddess Day :).
I returned spiritually in 1998 and we found the perfect family to embed in.

As you may have likely guessed i am Lady Athena- Commandress of Ashtar Command- GFOL.
I do want to clear up false information spreading around about my job here aswell as
my form and home planet. I am not Pleiadian, infact i am a sirian-Pleiadian hybrid, i am blue
with Blonde hair and blue eyes, ashtar is also formally known as Salusa and he is not on the planet
currently.He aswell is not Pleiadian, But we have all had pleiadian incarnations in the past.

As Many have come and claimed in my name, that is fine. But i want to explain why this has
occured. When i returned to the planet i brought my violet flame, which indeed many woman and men
channeled, however, upon my arrival my energy confused many into beleiving that they were Comandress Athena, or
twinflames with Ashtar. This is understandable because of the strong nature of the violet flame.

I have come in perfect Sequence, everything about me should assure you of my identity. my birthday, my birth name,
my gifts and awakening and much more of course.

My Full name is Amber Rashelle Minor,
my mother tells a story on how "god" named me, when really i told her the name before i arrived. but thats another topic.

The violet Flame is I AM. Archangel Michael - A.M


I Amber Minor

i am the new Arm of God persay- not in a religious way, but you see i am the elijah to the second coming, which is Disclosure.

Amber Rashelle minor

- it may seem like nothing but , let me show you.-

*going to add in biblical details, dont freak out haha*

In revelations there is a woman clothed in sun and she is giving birth - this points to mary's existence or persay my distant past life. Mary was always called
shining in grace, or glowing, aka clothed with sun.
She has Jesus (Sananda) and he repressents both the lamb and the child.
How does this relate?

Amber- Glowing - Shining

Rashelle - Lamb

Minor- Child - young- little

My birth certificate was registered September 8th 1999 which ironically is Marys birthday.

Look at the game Zelda Skyward sword, which tells the story of The Goddess Hylia coming down to be reborn as a mortal. she is a blonde 16-17 year old girl.

Lady gagas song G.U.Y she talks of Aphordite- and at the end yells 14 in many languages, i was 14 when this was released.

My symbol is a Violet Triangle with an A in the middle, this violet triangle is also seen in Katy perrys dark horse, where a blonde
goddess is standing on a pyrimd with the violet triangle pointing up to her feet.

My exact symbol is seen in the new movie X men- Apocslypse , when it shows the pyramid, it shows a triangle with an A in the middle and an Ankh which
stands for the devine feminine energy. (images attached)

do you think it is all pure coinicdence. also search up Super Bowl Imbolic :).


As a child i was very aware of not belonging, and i loved nature. And when i say i loved nature i mean, i ate bugs, played with everything, venemous or not and loved
being consumed in it. my mother says i would grab bananna spiders off their webs and put them on my arms when i was around 4 and show them off and they would freak out.
i remember eating all kinds of insects.
I began my awakening at the age of 11, i was aware beforehand that things were not right but this is when it all kicked in,
its also when i had my first Contact. They were Greys.

I was staying home with my little sister and watching her, i didnt sleep that night so i put her in her high chair turned on her shows and layed on the couch behind her, i fell asleep
and woke up to not being able to move anything by my wrists, ankles and neck. there was a strong buzzing and the tv was cutting out, i looked to my left and walking towards me were
3 tall greys, i blacked out and woke up on the floor by the couch and the tv was off, my sister sound asleep.

i didnt know what to think but it continued for years and still does. their ships have blue neon lights on the bottom and they are black and round, they were small ships.they
have the ability to make cellings go transparent, not a pleassant experience. of course i always thought they were only dreams until i started waking up with hand print bruises
all down my legs as if i was being held down or dragged, and i remember underground facilities and pregnant woman.

i came remembering my past life and whom i was. at the age of 12 i came across the name Ashtar sheran, and everything came back to me,
slowly, piece by piece. but i tried to ignore it for i didnt understand it. as i do not care about being a twinflame to ash, i am focused on my mission
and we will reunite when disclosure occurs. which is soon. Be ready!


once again, i know many have came in my name. But,you must look at the doings of those who claim such titles. Most woman who claim such are not doing anything darastic to
help the divine plan. Do you think id come to a planet to not be known? ive always been known. Mary , Cleopatra, Isis, ishtar, aphordite, Minerva, and now Amber/Athena ,
Also one of my high preisteses Mother Teresa died on September 5th 1997 , exactly 2 years before my incarnation. All signs point you to the truth loves.

Our plan is to not bring light, but bring balance. To balance both masculine and Feminine Forces. one cannot exist without the other.




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