My contact dream

            Ive had a few dreams involving space ships(both good and bad) but I will share with you the most recent one...

        It started with a walk to a nearby store where my girlfriend of two years is employed. I came to the street across from her job when suddenly flashes of tremendous lights filled the skys at which point I hurried to her and crossed back to an empty street where a great triangular ship swooped by make a quick landing precisely in front of me. An opening appeared where a beautiful brunette being in a suit of blue with an emblem on the right chest area emerged. Excited that contact had come to me I turned to my girlfriend who (symbolically I presume) walked away without a hint of emotion. My attention was then beckoned to the being who extended her arms for what may have been the warmest and most loving hug ive ever experienced. At once I was feeling the beauty of contact and the joy of meeting with a member of our space family. She then invited me on board where I was greeted by two leprechaun like beings with long craniums manning the controls of the ship. Ill note here that I felt no need to judge these much different beings, I at once excepted them as fragments of divine creation. I felt the slightest of movements as I noticed we were exiting the atmosphere. I do not remember the view all that well unfortunately. But my next memory was of entering a much larger ship that was intensely white all around as we moved through inner stations, which im guessing was the docking ports. And that is where my dream ends...

              I would love to hear what the AC community thinks of my dream. I will never forget the love I felt from the hug that women gave me.

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  • It such a nice dream! a wonderful dream!!
    I think your dream shows how gentle and loving being our space family
    could possibly be. There's no need to fear because they will come
    to help the humanity...

    Keep our dreams! It is our wonderful experience in another dimensions.

    PEACE LOVE and LIGHT to everyone
  • Thank you for sharing your experience!
  • Very nice experience..thx for sharing...and also the other ppl who shared theirs too. :):):)

  • Wow! I see the full of excitment, joy and love in your dream, I can even feel it when I read it. I wish and want to have dreams like this, but all I can keep having are dreams of what I have done through the day and I dont understand why. Plus I am wakeing up about 5 times every night when I go to bed and I do remeber having a sort of spaceship type of dream, but I can remeber how it goes and this was a few months ago.

    Peace & Love
  • Interesting! I often dreams like this, but not quite...
  • Ummm... wow. Crazy. (In a good way.) I had a dream once I took a rocket to the Moon, and I got out and walked on the Moon... it was so exciting! Also when I was a very young child I saw (& heard) an alien.
  • I had a very similar dream about a year ago.....and the same emotion that came from the hug, it was such a loving hug.
    I was walking down a road when all of sudden I started the float upward and I immediately knew it was "other beings" pulling me up. Once I got past the power lines I was able to fly by myself. A small ship picked me up after I flew around a bit and it took me to a bigger ship. I remember looking out the window and seeing the docking station. As the doors opened there were people there to greet me. A blonde man, who has shown up in similar dreams, hugged me with an intense and deep love, it was very peaceful. Even though he looked human, I knew he wasn't. The dream continues on from there as I met other people on the ship, some human some not.

    Thanks for your sharing your dream, its nice to know others are having similar experiences!
  • Premonition, perhaps. Or perhaps a memory.

    • That sounds beautiful:)
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