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Millionaires, Bilionares, Trillionares..LETS WEIGH UP YOUR KARMAS...Did You Earn By Honest Means Or Dishonest Means ???

If any of the rich earned their wealth by dishonest means then it's like blood and black money other words in their food is blood not milk.

Any of the rich who earned their money by 

1- Harming Mother Earth in any way big oil companies drilling holes in Mother Earth and big industrial plants causing pollution countries on the arms race building nuclear weapons for mass distruction are just a few ALIENS who look like humans but are destroying Mother Earth due to their corrupt and  greedy ways just to rich ...these and a lot more have heavy karma to pay for.

All their employees are also guilty of working to harm Mother Earth. 

2- All those harming other living entities like animals have heave karma to pay for ... slaughterhouses, butchers and meat eaters have heavy karma's. Whatever wealth they have is blood money as they got it from harming living entities.

3- All those not following a spiritual path that involves leading a good life, no bad addictions like drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and meat eating are a disgrace to Mother Earth and are Aliens that look like humans.

To make it simple I have listed 3 main and then they branch out to a lot more .

Now the Solution :

They need to shape up or ship out other words they need to change to a simple life and give their wealth to improve the health state of Mother Earth.

What you do to Mother Earth you do to yourself plus since you are also effecting humans who live in peace and harmony YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LIVE ON MOTHER EARTH UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOUR WAYS ASAP as the energy frequency and vibes of good karma's increases the ones having heavy karma's will no longer be entertained on PLANET MOTHER EARTH .


Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled to various places, including Saidpur, currently known as Eminabad. Before Guru Ji arrived in Saidpur, the word has spread in the entire city that a holy man is going to visit their town. Malik Bhago was the chief of the town. He was a tainted person who has earned a lot of wealth by unjust means. He’d charge extra tax to the poor farmers and would take the majority of their harvest, leaving them hungry. He had become a rich person by carrying other’s belongings. When Malik heard the news of Guru Ji’s coming, He started preparing for Guru’s stay at his home.

When Guru Nanak reached Saidpur, he knocked on the door of a poor carpenter named Bhai Lalo. Guru Ji chose to remain with Lalo for sometime as a guest. Lalo would serve Guru Ji with minimal food he could afford and Guru Ji would consume the simple meals with love. News attained Malik Bhago that Guru Ji was remaining with Lalo. Malik held a significant gathering and encouraged all the holy men including Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru Ji didn’t accept his invitation. Malik became really upset that Guru Nanak Dev Ji denied his suggestion and ordered to induce guru to visit his place.

Two guards were shipped To Lalo’s house to escort Pro Ji. Guru Nanak Ji decided to go visit Malik’s Palace. When Guru Ji attained Malik’s palace, Malik Bhago stated, O holy man, I’ve prepared numerous dishes for you, but you’re staying with a bad carpenter and eating his dry bread? Why? . The Guru replied, I can’t eat your meals since your bread is ill begotten and was made with money sucked from the poor through unfair way, While Lalo bread is made from the hard earned money. , Malik Bhago very mad after heariong Guru Ji’s opinions and asked Guru Ji to establish his point.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji asked to get a loaf of bread out of Lalo’s house. In one hand the Guru held Lalo’s dry bread and in the other he held Malik Bhago’s bread. Guru Ji then squeezed both bread with his hands. Milk dripped From the bread of Lalo, while the blood flow from Malik Bhago’s bread. Malik Bhago was utterly shaken with his guilt and asked for forgiveness. Guru Ji asked him to disperse his ill gotten wealth among the poor and henceforth live a honest life. Malik Bhago was re born with the Guru’s blessing. He began living a honest life.

The elite...the illuminati..the corrupt government personnel..the corrupt pharma..ALL THE CORRUPT PEOPLE HAVE BLOOD IN THEIR FOOD AND THEY SHALL SUFFER UNLESS THEY CHANGE THEIR WAYS not be a looser in Gods court for all will have to face God in his court and all will have to pay for their KARMAS


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What a pity ...what a pity ...what a pity for THE KARMAS OF THE DISHONEST RICH IS COMING TO RIPE AND THEIR HEADS WILL FALL ...ONE BY ONE ...what a pity 



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