Mary Magdalene

HI ! Im interested in others views on Mary Magdalene and the Merovingian bloodline . I am a direct ancestor of The Stuarts of Scotland . I am adopted and have recently found my biological ancestry.My question is do you believe this lineage is Jesus and Marys legacy or do you believe that they are a part of a reptilian bloodline who have created the entire story of Jesus? ie ' false religion'. I have included two links that I hope you will enjoy . I would be interested in any other theories or links to other sites. Thanks Guys and Girls Xx

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  • Those that believe that bloodline is not important are as misinformed as the cull of the herd that is eaten for food for being found useless.  Even I am a member of a rare bloodline and know more about being connected to the is than most people.  The only grail I now of is from Monty Python and I still want that rabbit as a pet.  I believe blindly in the thought of Jesus, though all the pictures attached to him in my opinion are graven images and need burned.  We are as different as the moon is from the sun, remember this.

  • Beautiful Article on Maria Magdalene.  Interesting reading.

  • Hi Wow!  That is some article on the Presidential Candiddates, and the lineage of The Dragon.  I do not know much about it, and it was hard to digest all of the material that was displayed in the docummentation,  I think that it was quite mind pricking in some ways though.  I am also adopted, and it has been suggested to me that my biological mother may hve been a few European Countries, Scotland  included in the list, my bloodtype suggests it also.  Anyway  I would love to hear what you think about it yourself?

    • Hi Ellen ! Great to hear from you!! yes there is so much info it is quite overwhelming but I have to agree with you it is certainly thought provoking . I will inbox you in the next hour in regards to my personal opinions xoxox

      • Hi Ani Looking foward to what you have to say.

  • if I am indeed a relative of a bloodline that  commands superiority  I missed out totally!! lol no although ive had many challenges in my 40 odd years , I have learned    xx peace

  • Ta X

  • Yeah no totally agree haha ,Im much more concerned about the devil connections etc than an ego trip im not into that type of existance lol I can see how you get that idea from the post though love and light handsome man xx:)

    • Thanks Cassandra xx love and light

  •  Yes ! and  bless you Arun  I would be very interested in your Friends connections haha  :)

    and thankyou xx

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