Sunday Call  12/6/2020    (KaRa, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell




KaRa and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna (Joanna’s Higher Self)


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KaRa   (Channeled by James McConnell)


I am KaRa.  And it is an honor and a pleasure for me to be able to be here with you.  I, as an emissary of the Pleiadians, am able to be here with you in these times and these moments that you find yourself in now. 


These times are of big consternation when things do not appear as you want them to be.  But as you want them to be, that is your three-dimensional self that is speaking to you.  That is your ego that is speaking to you.  How you want them to be, but not how it is all meant to be.  You are all meant to be here in this now moment, this moment that is changing every moment, every moment you move forward, as you understand time. 


But time is relative.  As you move higher and higher in vibration, into the higher frequencies, into the higher dimensional frequencies, time becomes less and less important.  It is only your three-dimensional paradigm that brings time into the equation. 


But because you find yourselves still within this three-dimensional illusion, time is of the essence to you.  You look out as things are happening in your world.  As you wonder, “when, when is it going to be?  When are these changes that you speak of?  When are they going to be here?  When is the Solar Flash going to happen?  When is the Changeover?  When are the arrests, the major arrests, going to happen?  When is disclosure going to be revealed?”  Disclosure of those of us, your family of Light.  When, indeed, is all of this going to happen? 


And it will all happen as it needs to.  No, that is not what you were looking for.  You want a date.  You want a specific time when you can sit back and finally relax.  You can finally let go.  And that time, my friends, is approaching.  It is approaching quite rapidly, even as the great Solar Flash, the Great Event, is approaching.  But you must continue to allow for the process to unfold the plan, the great plan of the Universal Logos, to unfold.  Because it is unfolding.  It is happening. 


We look back again at the when—when is it all going to happen?  And my answer was, “it is all in the process of happening now.  But look ahead.  Look ahead just a bit.  You are all looking at a certain date that is approaching now.  That time, your 21st of this month.  And how much has been heralded from many different sources. 

This is that time.  This is that moment.  Could this be the Changeover?  Could this be the Solar Flash?  I say to you now, that it could be.  But it also might not be.  Because all is dependent on your vibrations as a collective whole here on this planet.  For more and more of you shall come together. 


And you are in the throws right now of a great revelation, both within yourselves and outside of yourselves, which could indeed lead to a revolution outside of yourselves, but only if the plan that is fully in the works dictates that it should be so.  In other words, it could go either way. 


But many things now are looking as the fight that has begun.  The fight for freedom.  Standing up for who you are, and the sovereignty within your being.  That has all begun, and it is fully in process.  And all indications now are saying as the light continues to prevail everywhere, that this standing up for freedom, this fight for your very right to live as you want to live is what will win the day.  Just as the one that you call your president shall win the day. 


You are in the process now of completing one of the first of three phases of change that is coming to this planet.  The culmination of that first phase is what you call right around the corner. 


The second phase then will begin.  The second phase which will fully bring about the revealing of all of the truths that have been held back from you.  Where your media systems finally come forward and begin to share once again as they used to the truths as real journalists were taught to do.  And they will no longer be overshadowed by those forces of darkness that have held them under their thumb. 


These truths are coming forward.  Even the truths that you are certainly not alone in this universe.  And many, many other truths are to come forward. 


As your bible has said, and other truths that have foretold this, no rock shall be unturned, for the truth will be revealed from many different sources and many different directions. 


I am KaRa.  And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.  And that you will all continue to find each other, to find those ones that are yet searching, searching for that glimmer of hope, that glimmer of light. For they too can begin their awakening process and begin to move more and more fully into their own ascension process as well.


Peace and love be with all of you.




ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)


Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here.  And we are ready for your questions if you have any. 


We do not have direct message at this time.  Just understand that you are in a very auspicious time.  We will use that terminology here.  This is an auspicious time where many things can begin to change, and are in the process of changing now.  Your very lives, as you have known them up to this point, and you have seen this in this year that you have had here, are in a great flux now at this point.  And they will continue to do so for a bit here yet. 


But, as you know, the Light has won.  And it cannot be stopped.  No one can stop the avalanche of higher consciousness and higher vibration as it streaks across the planet in all directions now. 


Do you have questions here for One Who Serves and Shoshanna?


Guest:   Greetings Shoshanna and One Who Serves, this is Orv.  Carol Hill has made us aware that the Schumann Resonance a couple days ago was 500, and then I think it was yesterday it was up to 800.  How does this relate to rise in consciousness, for it to fit in the process of happening right now?  Is that a good way to see it?  Is the Schumann Resonance actually a good barometer to use for the raising consciousness?


OWS:   Most definitely it is, because it is showing the spikes as you are seeing here, where the corresponding rise in consciousness or rise in vibration in that moment is occurring.  And this is indicative of how the entire collective of consciousness of this planet is in the shifting process here, even though it does not appear to you as you look from your physical eyes.  You cannot use your physical eyes and your brain, as you have learned here over the many lifetimes as we find it, you cannot use that to be able to see the full picture here, to be able to understand fully what is happening., as consciousness is raising across the planet with more and more people. 


You can look out and you can see how people are (what is your term?) ‘fed up’ with their freedom being taken away from them.  Their sovereignty being robbed from them.  And as this continues to happen, they rise up more and more and say, “No more!  We will not succumb to your totalitarian rules (and your draconian rules even here).  We will not succumb to that.  We will not give in!”  And that in itself is a raise of vibration.  The result is love that is coming into this planet and raising consciousness, and therefore the love quotient within the planet is rising.  Okay?   Shoshanna?


Guest:   Thank you.


Shoshanna:   (Channeled by JoAnna McConnell, JoAnna’s Higher Self)

We will share.  May we share?


Guest:   Most certainly.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, this that you call the Schumann Resonance is the vibratory essence of how the Earth responds to more than you can imagine.  The Earth is responding to the galactic vibration, to the universal vibration, to the multiverse vibration, and it is adjusting itself, as these vibrations are intermingling with its vibration.  This is also along with the human vibrations.  It is a very complex subject.  You may see it simply as the humans that are raising in consciousness raise the vibration of the resonance.  That is partially accurate.  However, the totality of how this is working is in response to the entire shift that is taking place, not just the shift in the consciousness of the humans.   Namaste.


Guest:   Oh great.  Thank you.


OWS:   Wonderful perspective here, yes.  Would there be other questions here?


Guest:   I have a question, One Who Serves and Shoshanna.


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   Okay, we know that the main stream media is part of the old Deep State paradigm that is collapsing as we speak and we don’t get any real info from them.  Most of us get our information from our Higher Selves and also the alternative media and videos.  A lot of them are saying that arrests are happening behind the scenes right now currently.  Such as Obama has been arrested, and Biden is wearing an ankle bracelet.  And supposedly Gina Haspel, the CIA Director was injured and arrested during the take-down of those voting machine servers in Frankford, Germany.  I just want to know if any of this is true.  Whatever you can share and shed light for us please. 


OWS:   What we can tell you is you are accurate in terms of finding your information from your Higher Self.  In other words, ask.  Your Higher Self will give you confirmation about these various things you are asking.  As you know, we cannot give direct information about this particular individual as to whether that one has been arrested, or indicted, or whatever it is that you want to call it.  We cannot do that directly.  But indirectly we can give you understanding that many, many things are happening behind the sense, and much of what you are hearing in your various alternative news processes has a great deal of truth to it.  But it is always about discernment, your own personal discernment that you must continue to exercise.  That is what much of this is all about here, learning to use your discernment, where you do not get a direct answer until they are actually shown to you.  But again, much is happening behind the scenes, has been for some time and will continue yet for a bit here as well.  But just simply continue to allow for the process to continue to take its course.  Because it is all on course.   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We will share.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes, Sister.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, what the One Who Serves has given is an accurate picture.  What we will add is that some of the things are true, and some are not true.  What is true is that the plan that is in motion is working itself out.  There are many perspectives.  There is much information being given.  Some is not true.  Some is true.  Even what you call this ‘alternative media’ sometimes has an agenda, you see.  So you must rely on the one truth, that the Light is winning, and the plan is working out, irrespective of what you see as facts.   Namaste.


OWS:   And we would add here that as you have been gathering from various sources, including KaRa here in this message here today where she gave, and others again have given, about the phases that are in process here.  And the second phase which is imminent, as we will say here, is beginning, and will bring about exactly what you are speaking of here in terms of a revealing of those things which have been happening behind the scenes.  In other words, you can look at your movie, your ‘Wizard of Oz,’ where they say do not pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.  Well, that man, or those men, and women also, will be coming out from that curtain soon.  Okay?


Guest:   Namaste.  Thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Would there be other questions here?  anything further.


Guest:   Okay, I will jump in.  Hello Dear Ones.  I have this experience of having two of what seem to be twin souls or twin flames that come visit me.  One that I call Sandy, because I think for some reason he is somehow related to Archangel Sandalphon, I had that experience.  And the other one I call Ahnie, as Prince Ahn Ru Ha, as I understand having something to do with the Prince of Shambala, and sometimes that individual has approached me as Yeshua, or like Bob Marley, because I think from what I understand he is some kind of walk-in or something to that.  So anyway, it’s kind of weird having these two, what would seem to be, twin flames or twin souls.  I have been trying to work that out in my head for a long time.  I think perhaps one of them I can remember the birthing of one of them when our souls were birthed.  And perhaps the other one was a twin flame to one of the higher aspects.  Because I guess you would have more than one in that case, if they each have their twin souls or twin flames.  So I am trying to work this out, and I was wondering if you can give me any more thoughts on it.


OWS:   What we can tell you is you have one twin soul, or one twin flame.  There are not numerous ones.  But they are aspects of who you are.  And what you are describing here, as we find it, is more a sense of the aspect of yourself when you have been certain beings, individuals within your past.  Not only here on this planet, but in many systems prior to coming here to this evolution.  So you are experiencing some of what we have been giving for some time, that the remembrances will begin to come back to you more and more as you open up to it.  And as you allow yourself to experience these reconnections, we will say here, with those other aspects of yourself, they will continue to increase here, both in quantity and quality as well.   Shoshanna:


Shoshanna:   We do not add.


OWS:   Very good.  Was this sufficient for you?


Guest:   Well, I’m confused if they are aspects of myself, or if they are aspects of my twin soul.  Because they seem like they are aspects of my twin soul.


OWS:   We would discourage for a time here to let go of the concept of your twin soul as being so important to you at this time.  Because it is you and your Higher Self that are in the process of moving toward and through this changeover, and through your ascension.  When you have fully moved through your ascension will then come the understanding of the question you are asking here about your twin soul.  And at that point, you will have access to that fuller connection with that one part of you.  Okay? 


Shoshanna:   We wish to clear something out.


OWS:   Yes, please do.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share, Sister, may we share?


Guest:   Yes, please.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, we find your process, your brain, attempts to compartmentalize your experiences.  We find that this compartmentalization is detrimental to your adancements.  We find that the true here is that those that wish to integrate with your consciousness through dreams, through meditations, through whatever journey you are taking, are aspects of you, and your twin soul is an aspect of you.  You are all aspects of each other.  It is all a unit.  It is a unification process.  You cannot determine whether one is an aspect of the twin soul, or one is an aspect of you, because it is one and the same, you see.  That is the conundrum:  it is all one.   Namaste.


Guest:   Thank you.


OWS:  Yes, and it is quite difficult for the three-dimensional consciousness at this point to be able to understand fully what both we and Shoshanna are giving here.  So simply just let go and let God work through you.  God being your Higher God Self here. 


Shoshanna:   Enjoy the journey.


OWS:   Enjoy the journey, yes.  Wonderful.  Would there be other questions here now? 


Guest:   Greetings One Who Serves and Shoshanna.  I wanted to perhaps just demystify any myths about what to suspect on or after the 21th.  You know, we are hearing a lot of versions.  But what you are allowed to share, would you mind giving us the scope of what we will experience in the 3-D on and after this date?  Thank you.


OWS:   We were expecting this question to come up.  Because it is just as KaRa has given, so many of you are concerned and focused on a time frame here as to what will be in your immediate future, in your more distant future, and whatever it is.  So you have been given a date here, your December 21, 2020. 


And if you remember eight years ago, in your December 21, 2012, you were given at that time a special importance to that date as well.  And when that did not occur to you as you had been given, that there would be great changes at that time, and everything was going to shift, and you were going to sleep that night and wake up in the fifth dimension, and all of these things that you had been given at that time, and in many respects were accurate. 


But as you know, it was determined that you would wait.  And you wait. And you wait.  And you wait.  And now it is eight years later, and you are still waiting here and still wondering, ‘well, is this going to be the time?  Is this when it is going to be?’ 


We will say to you here, ‘yes, and no.’  It is not going to be exactly as you are thinking it is going to be, as some sources are saying here.  But it is going to be an incredible increase of consciousness coming into the planet on that day, because of the alignment of the planets that is occurring at that time at that moment.  So it is foretold.  It has been heralded as a great change that comes to this planet on that day. 


Now, is this the great Solar Flash?  The Great Event?  Possibly not, and probably not at this point.  Because the consciousness here on this planet is not quite ready for this yet.  It will blow away, you might say, your nervous system.  Maybe not those of you that have been preparing here and acclimating to these energies, but to many across the planet that are quite asleep here in terms of not coming into knowing of who they are. 


It is to say that there will be a great altering of consciousness on that day.  That is true.  And that is happening, and will lead to many further changes that will come to your political arena and to your governmental arena.  And basically, your culture as it is, will begin to shift more and more as a result of this alignment of planets that is bringing this, we will say, a major wave of raising the vibrational frequency here on this planet.  That is what we can tell you about this at this time.  It can be, and will be, a wonderful experience for those of you that are ready for this.   Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   We wish to share.  May we share, Dear Brother? 


Guest:   Please.  Thank you.


Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, we wish to share that we can see in your own consciousness.  May we share this with you?


Guest:   Yes, of course.


Shoshanna:   Dear Brother, we find great leaps.  We find great enhancements occurring in your own human consciousness.  We find that your path has been enriched, and you have moved forward with great stride. We find that you are not the same consciousness you were even a year ago.  We find that you have become enhanced.  We find that you are a loving, and giving, and monumentally loving and giving soul that has found his stride.  And we will tell you that in each moment that passes, the enlightenment that is available to you, is available to you if you ask for it, you see.  This process of moving forward, this process of consciousness, is partly if you ask for it.  And we find that you have asked for it, it has been answered, and you may move forward continually on this line of light that you find yourself in, and that you will find yourself culminating and unifying in this process as you move forward, you see.  It is not about a day.  It is about a moment.   Namaste.


OWS:   Yes.  Very good.


Guest:   Thank you very much.


OWS:   We do not wish to discourage those of you that thought that this would be the day, and everything would be what you call ‘hunky dory’ after this.  It will not be quite like that.  But it is, again, a process here. 


All of this is about a process.  And you cannot go from, as The James is fond of saying, ‘zero in 60 in 2.4 seconds.’  You cannot do that, in terms of your motor vehicles here.  So it is a process that you need to continue to go through and experience what will be on that day. 


And on that day, which will culminate with a great meditation that is being formed throughout the planet here, many will be coming together on that day in meditation and helping to springboard, we will say, the further changes that are out to befall mankind here.  Okay?  We gave many hints within this, in case you are not aware.  Many hints, but not a direct answer as to what exactly will be on this day.   Would there be other questions here?


Guest:  Hi, I have a question. 


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   I have heard that the powers that be, the positive Galactics and everybody, they have decided to come and speed up our timeline to help.  Is this how you see it?


OWS:   We would not say directly ‘speed it up,’ but we will say that your Galactic family, and Ascended Masters, and the Agarthans are all in the process of assisting.  Assisting wherever they are able to, without doing it for you, you see.  We are forbidden to do it for you. 


We can, though, assist and guide and nudge here and there, and even influence directly in terms of avoiding what could have been and what would have been in your past here in terms of a nuclear war that was in the process of occurring.  And those Forces of Light from the Galactics and those others were able to intervene.  You have heard where they shut down all of those nuclear weapons on that base.  That was a part of this.  It has happened many times in many different ways where huge catastrophes were avoided as a result of interference, but allowed interference, into the affairs of man here.  Okay? 


Guest:   Okay, thank you. 


OWS:   Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here? 


Shoshanna:   We cannot add to this.


OWS:   Very good.  Would there be any other questions here?


Guest:   I have a question. 


OWS:   Yes?


Guest:   I would like to know more deeply about The Collective, and who they are, and what is their position.  What do they do.  I know they do great things.  Can you expand on that?


OWS:   When you are speaking of collectives, we are not quite sure what collective you are speaking of, as there are many collectives.  We ourselves are a collective here.  There are Pleiadian collectives, and Sirian collectives, and many, many different collectives.  Collective of the Nine.  Councils, and many different factions.  So what collective are you speaking of?


Guest:   It was something that I had heard a few years back.  They were speaking of ‘the collective,’ and that there is 100 of them, and it had multiple Masters and Archangels involved in it.  But so now you are saying it is considered many collectives, so okay, thank you.


OWS:   Yes.  Many, many collectives.


Shoshanna:   We wish to quantify.


OWS:   Yes, please do.


Shoshanna:   We wish to share with you, Dear Sister.  May we share?


Guest:   Yes, thank you.


Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, a collective is a group of consciousnesses that have an identical focus and an identical point of view that is moving in a direction that will culminate in that point of view and that perspective manifesting.  That is what a collective is.  We will also point out that each of you that think that you are an individual being, are not.  You are also a collective, as you have joined many, many, many, many collectives to manifest your own perspectives, you see.  And you can even say that in some cases, even this call can be considered a collective. 


So once again, the first explanation that we gave, is that a collective is pointed in the same direction and wishes to see that their perspective manifests.   Namaste. 


OWS:   We will add here that there are multidimensional aspects of yourselves that are a part of those collectives that you speak of, in the various councils, and all of this. 


Shoshanna:   It is mindboggling. 


OWS:   Yes, very much so.   Does this answer your question?


Guest:   Yes, thank you very much. 


OWS:   Very good.  Would there be any other further question here, before we take your e-mail question?  Nothing further?  Then we are ready for your e-mail question.


Guest:   The e-mail question:  if the Deep State is attempting Coronavirus vaccination, will the Forces of Light stop them before too much damage is done? 


OWS:   What we can tell you is the Forces of Light, the Alliance, has already been in the process of stopping much of this.  They altered the aspects of that virus, your Coronavirus.  They altered that already so that it was not as contagious as they had meant it to be, and as deadly as they had meant it to be.  So it was already altered.  And just as they were able to do that, they are also able to alter any type of vaccine that comes out. 


Now, with that understanding, it is up to all of you, though, to use your own discernment as to whether or not you want to comply, as to whether or not you want to consent to those various controls that are in the process of being rolled out, which will not necessarily, though, be rolled out.  We cannot say for sure at this point, because it has not yet been determined.  But many of the indications, as we look at this from our perspective, many of the indicators are saying that this particular vaccine or vaccines that come out will not be what the forces of darkness are planning for.  It will not be allowed to happen.  Even in the beginning of it, it will not be allowed to continue.  Okay?


Shoshanna:   We must share.


OWS:   yes, please do.


Shoshanna:   We must share.  May we share? 


OWS:   Well, this is the e-mail question, so yes, you can.


Shoshanna:   Oh.  We must share this perspective, as it applies to all.  All that are listening must understand that they are the Forces of Light.  They are members of the Forces of Light.  And that the resolve that each member has creates the momentum to see the light become the dominant aspect of the planet, you see.  So each of you must have the resolve to move this forward.   Namaste.


OWS:   Very good.  Then we are done with the question time.   Shoshanna, do you have parting message?


Shoshanna:   We do not have a message.  We will just simply say to know who you are, to know how powerful you are, and not to lose sight of that in the process that is going on.   Namaste.


OWS:   Yes.  And we add to that just simply, as we have said many, many times, continue to be in the moment, and be as neutral as you can within the moment.  Watch what is happening as you sit back and watch a movie.  But as you watch a movie, you do not get involved yourself.  You are not the characters in that movie.  So watch from afar, enjoy the show, and just let it play out as it will do. 


Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.  



Channeled by James McConnell

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