Lord  Sananda
To  Begin Today - 15 Minutes Per Day - For the Next Seven Days
channeled through Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles -- janisel((at))sanandaseagles.com

I  bring the most heartfelt greetings to YOU! This is Sananda.  As you approach that time of year  celebrated as the Wesak Full Moon, we are asking YOU to use these  amplified energies that bring a joining of the Heart and Mind in your next  meditation. Many of your countries have also just celebrated what you term  Mothers Day; another of your worlds holidays that bring a great heart  opening.  And it is this joyful  expression of love that YOU are being asked to focus on during your coming week, specifically the love for your Mother Earth.

Before your meditation, do your Protocal: Ground, Center, and Intend for Your Meditation to Join those of Sananda's Eagles.

For  the first portion of this meditation I ask that you, through your intent to do  so, join me atop the Christ Consciousness Grid that surrounds your planet. And  as we stand upon this brilliant White Grid, you can view the precious Blue Jewel  that is your Earth Mother below us. You will notice that from the perspective of  the Christ Consciousness there are no places on your Earth that are suffering  from drought, no pollution in the water or air, no flooding, and no erratic  weather patterns; just peace and tranquility.  I invite you to then become a part of that peace and to connect from your heart to the heart of the Mother.

For  the next five minutes you are asked to then send your love, your gratitude, and  your appreciation to your Mother Earth, allowing her energy of love for you to  travel back through that cord to your own heart.

To  end this meditation YOU are being asked to then share this closeness,  this feeling of love for the planet, with all humans on the surface by sending  this energy to the mass-consciousness grid of Earth. For this exercise you need  not connect to this grid; simply send to it this energy you are feeling, with  the intent that it will anchor therein and be amplified by your Wesak Full Moon  energies.

Hang on, my beautiful Ones, things will Lighten up very soon! So call on me that  I may join you atop the Christ Consciousness Grid in your meditation and  together we will bring about a New Day!  I AM Sananda, sending you my love. Shalom!


We of Sananda's Eagles invite you to join our Lightworker Family! www.sanandaseagles.com We welcome YOU with open starship hatches! Write to janisel((@))sanandaseagles.com to begin your Ground Crew Mission today!


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  • How To Officially Do the Wesak Ceremony in Your Home

    • Burning Pot
    • Holding Hands Resonation
    • Establishment of Ascension Column and Pillar of Light
    • Platinum Net
    • Axiatonal Alignment
    • Invocation of the Ascension Flame
    • Invocation to the Spiritual and Cosmic Hierarchy
    • Invocation of the Soul and Monadic Mantrum
    • Establishment of Golden Dome of Protection of Archangel Michael
    • Reciting of the long version of the Great Invocation together
    • Reciting of the Affirmation of the Disciple
    • Reciting of three Oms out loud together
    • Leader should read or play audiotape of “The Actual Wesak Ceremony”
    • Take a break
    • Leader should read “Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Activation Meditation”
    • Reciting of three Oms out loud together
    • Social time with refreshments
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