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A corruption probe in Turkey sends shock waves through the government as more than 50 people have been detained.

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  • It will start soon when the ships appear and the ground crew are called into play. Sudan desperately needs starseed assistance.
  • Since when are we trusting in what comes from CNN? ;)

    Aren't they supposed to be a tool for the elite?

  • It most certainly is we are witnessing the first waves of the Tsunami which is and has been called "The Event" seriously pop some popcorn and watch "The Event" unfold before your eyes.  So much is happening all people have to do is look around and see it... recognize it for what it is and know that all things change on a nano second we write our futures with our thoughts and make the time line we are currently witnessing so let's all let go of EGO and live in the Now with The Law of Attraction as one of our tools and choose to be happy that the phony rip off Federal Reserve Bankers are finding themselves "Doing DONE!"  an old Nextel marketing add.  We have already ushered in the New Earth and Golden Age but it isn't a Destination to arrive at but a Journey to take like our lives are and it's a never ending Journey...Just because we have never physically been to another planet doesn't mean they don't exist we know they do as we have endless proof they do and so does all that comes with that knowledge.  Let us all focus our thoughts and intentions on those things that will bring us what we want.

    May Love, Light and Joy be your constant companions! this Holiday season!

    Namaste! and Merry Christmas!

    From:Anonymous Pleiadian Ambassador


    • You are in for quite a lot of pop corn at this rate...

  • round em up

This reply was deleted.

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