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This song really hit me when I heard it the first time for many reasons. The first line is exactly true for me personally. Anush is my mother (spiritually) and we both agree that I do have my dads "eyes" in the emotional sense. I am a believer that the only people who can help us is ultimately us and that waiting for a bailout is just a waste of time and effort.


Although I do understand the Hobbesian logic behind why people wait for the GFL and Acended Masters Or God etc and why the Illumminate past and present (I believe Sevance's group were very early Illuminate) argue that humanity needs to be shown and guided like kids. The idea that we are not mature enough to make these descicions on our own yet, we don't know enough. So like kids we need to be protected and taught by our parents until we're old enough to do it ourselves safely.


It's interesting that I remembered a proverb Nikky told me when I met her. I can't remember it exactly but here it goes:


Humans were given the power to move mountains but not enough time to learn how. Gods were given the time to learn but not the desire to. Humans should not be so brash as to think they understand their fire simply because they have it. Gods should not think themselves so wise as to have the right to take humanity as their child.


It was something like that. The message was that humans and gods should act as checks and balances for each other rather than gods trying to rule humanity and tell us how to do everything because they think we're so immature or humanity thinking that it doesn't need to listen to the advice of older or more experienced races/people and simply forge ahead on our own.


Once again we come back to the idea of balance. I personally think it's more important for humanity to stand on it's own without the influence of any outsiders whether overt or covert. And certainly without their punishment. After all no one has the right to punish another race or culture simply because you don't agree with what they're doing. Doesn't mean they can't punish us just that I don't like it. But at the same time I wouldn't be too mad if humanity was saved from destroying itself by some outside force as much as I want to say that it's our mistake to make. Some mistakes don't give you a second chance.


But in the end, I don't think anyone's coming to save us. I could be wrong but I find it's better to think we're alone in this struggle. That the only ones who'll get us out of it is us. In that way we don't become lazy and dependent on God or Krishna or the GFL or whomever to bail us out if we get in to deep. Despite knowing the dangers I still believe in the extreme individuality that Nikky's people warn against with that proverb. Why? I don't know anymore. I've just always hated anyone having control over me. Maybe that's it, just me being selfish. But it's gotten me pretty far in my existance so I'll keep doing it till it stops working.


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Thankyou Reiz. we all really need to wake up to ourselves!! We need to reach boiling point within ourselves!!  that burning desire of not being able to take anymore and we feel we are gonna implode!! Action needs to be taken, ourselves, for ourselves... For the future of our existence... Not in fear of the potential disasters, No not in fear.. but a frank, real realization at the truth of our mere existence, and how we have allowed ourselves to be led blindly here.. We need to look seriously at the ones who have taken control, and we sit here thinking we can't do anything about it... Oh yes we can! And we are all waking up to that fact, all around the world.. let that feeling keep surging through your bodies, that restless, uncomfortable feeling, thats vibrating through me now.. that lets us know things are changing! And a BIG change HAS to be on the way..... So I now have to decide how best I can help these changes occur... HOW HOW HOW!! I guess in accordance with Quantum Physics... Just imagine/believe that it has already occured, and we will be steered in this direction automatically... So now I must not anymore drone on about what has occured, is occuring, and let go of fear.. and just love love love my way to my desired outcome!!

Paradise on Earth.. connections with my interstellar families... HERE I COME!!


Ok, then discussion it be.

I bet that a reason you'd say this, is that you don't want anyone following you around for what you are, Reiz.  Like, people start worshippin you or such, growing dependent on your power instead of developing it themselves.  You are a teacher, not a god.  Kinda like the messiah in Richard Bach's Illusions.  In a way that is selfish, but it's being so in a way to ultimately give, in an unselfish manner, that is also selfish.

Hey, there's balance right there!

Say, I want to sneak this in here:  Last night I was lying in bed, when I got this... sensation of something being... sucked out of my upper spine.  I was in the fetal position while this went on, with my hands shakin.  Then it stopped, and I laid on my back some, and after a while, I got the sensation of something being put back in... I remember I talked to someone, I don't know what, that might have been the presence that put it in there.  Anyways, after that, I felt a presence in the area next to the upper left spine.  It felt like... something was there.  It moved just a tiny little bit over time, and after a while I went to sleep.  I got up, and it was still there.  I went through the day, with a sense of slightly increased intuition (a few times, a word appeared in my mind a couple of seconds before someone said it).  I got home, and when I sat down in front of the computer and got on here, I felt its general presence shift to the right area next to my upper spine.  It seems to sap me a little, and make me a little more cranky and impatience.  That is, if that is caused by that.  It could be something else... or not.  I was kinda wondering what you thought of that.

Sorry to hijack the conversation...

Reiz I really agree with you on this.  This is the reason I made this stand. 


Yes Gods, celestial. ET's and humans alike can learn from each other.  Why does one have to believe themselves better than another.  In all my travels in all the places I have been to this is the one thing that is needed.  We need to be open minded and unprejudiced and learn what each has to teach.


Everyone has something to teach.  We just need to look past our ego's and learn from others.  I have learned so much and listening, really listening to anyone, even the bum on the street.


Free will is a powerful thing, if you know how to use it right.  All of us are learning from those around us and even me are learning from Reiz and others here. 


Sensay once asked what can Reiz possibly teach me.  And I showed him.  This is what I call celestial ego.  They think they know everything, yet they don't. We learn by experiencing the way I have always done.  Reason I have so many friends.  You always listen to those you come into contact with and learn.  Never see yourself as some master even if you are. It does not matter.  Learning matters.

My interstellar values start with being positive and unconditionally loving.As I can be in my present incarnation.



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