In my many years of seeking .. I have read a number of times about the flooding/evacuation of NYC... some include, Edgar Cayce predictions  and the Pleadians (Bringers of the Dawn) and even the famous book "Mary's Message to the World" ... Since I do live in NY it was always something in the back of my mind ... Now as I am typing this, I am watching the news as NYC and all surrounding east coast is preparing for this type of scenario with evacuations  ... This hurricane ( 'The Perefct Storm' as the news puts it) seems pretty serious .. interesting enough, during the peak of this storm, we will also be dealing with a Full Moon which will also cause high tides and storm surge all along these areas ... giving a great possibility of flooding ...

Don't know if anyone is familiar with the location of Wall St ... but Wall St. is at the very tip of Manhattan and is VERY close to water ... actually facing head on with the East River and Henry Hudson River .... If what the weather people are saying is accurate about the intestity of the storm, this can be the very fate of Wall St ... If Wall St. got submerged under water,  how would the rest of the world be affected??  Would the stock market collapse??  Would the elections be delayed?  If the east coast gets hit hard and major damage occurs with flooding in Manhattan, will this be the start of the end??

Time will tell and let's see how this all pans out .... Also interesting so,  the weather people have been saying how this storm is puzzling because how it is traveling up the east coast and makes a sharp turn toward NY/NJ ..due to a cold front that it meets .... HARRP comes to mind with these types of forecasts ...

Is this storm just fear provoked by the media or is this for real?? We shall see .. exciting times we live in people ;)     

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  • yes common law is more common here because unlike america we acknowledge our roots and our legal/govt systems are still british'ish

    i am looking forward to the first cases of people being charged while driving high on cannibis, since in canada drug testing is illegal unless it directly affects your job, like going into america where all drugs not approved by the FDA and govt are worthy of a sentance in hell and jail.  we understand in canada that if you smoked a joint today it would show up in the test weeks later, meaning you cannot tell if a person is high on cannibis from a blood or urine test.  there have even been cases of alcoholics getting off of drunk driving charges by proving they can drink a 40 and not even feel it.

    you could come visit but all immigration stopped on canada day, july 1 this year until they establish testing.  now to be a citizen in canada you are gonna have to read write and speak one of the official languages FLUENTLY, and have a better reason to be here than free health care or marriage citizenship or for gays to get married. 

    canada should be the example for some of the freedoms we have here and not used as an escape but as a model for some things.  dont get me wrong though canada isnt perfect we have issues too, just different from america.

    i visit a native reserve every two weeks or so, and this last time i went one of the natives literally said to me, and this is sick and disgusting and indicative of the incessant racism towards people who did nothing wrong.

    "we should go take back manhatten and atlantic city since the whites dont want it anymore"

    it is a sad state of affairs here with our native populations being so arrogantly racist against white people.  i never stole anyone land or gave anyone booze or small pox blankets or hunted natives, yet i get treated like i am from the spanish conquistadors by many of them.  what makes it extra sad is their spiritual beliefs are something i resonate with deeply and they seem to ignore it for some misguided need for revenge.

    • @warrior, common law was written a thousand years ago, by what john jancar considers unevolved people.

      @lori white people didnt do anything. SOME people with bad intentions did things.  it is irresponsible and barbaric to blame an entire race for the actions of a few.  nobody stole native land because native religion says no one owns it, this is a change in their belief system in which they think they are entitled to something that no one is entitled to.  "whites" didnt do anything to them.  some people did things to them, people who were not nice. 

      people seem to forget things like the hurons who worked and lived with "whites" and never had any issues.

      it is the person who is bad not the race or colour of skin.  what natives and blacks are doing these days is called reverse racism.  this person who said this despicable comment to me wasnt even 20 years old, this means he is being FED this racist view by his parents and elders.  ABSOLUTLEY REPREHENSIBLE behaviour to teach new generations racism.

  • you wont be able to move here. we have recently cancelled all imigration papers in canada because we have too many people coming in that cannot speak read or write the languages we do here. or take advantage of our health care and several other things.

    like during the bosnia/hesegovina(spelling bad) events in the 90's we brought like 20,000 refugees from that war here and let them stay at an army training base in the housing there until they could be relocated around the country wherever they were going to go.

    the stole everything that wasnt nailed down from the base housing.

  • meanwhile in ontario, canada we are experiencing the lowest gas prices in two years, and we have lots of it. 

  • It's Wednesday and my wife, 12 yr old and I live in the "dead"zone... Anything in midtown and south of manhattan with no power cell phones only running water and gas. It ok for us and I have huge GRATITUDE for what we have. I know during this long long period, something is evolving with our currency and banking system. I feel that when power is restored we might discover the real OCTOBER SURPRISE
    • I awoke this morning to massive crisis crossing CHEMTRAILS over NYC ! What a shocker in the wake of Sandy to finally have clear blue skies being infested with more evil
    • i'm glad you guys are ok...people are loving and more compassonate during times of disaster...sending out love and healing energies to all affected...sweet peace to you


      doesnt seem to have affected them very much. they have been up and running for 5 hours.

  • Its not for real. It is man made. the evil puppets that think they can take over the world,wanna-be-rulers, have done this. Ive had dreams not long ago about it and I was INFORMED from HIGHEST SOURCE which is CREATOR SOURCE, that this would happen. Its actually went this far that some pictures Ive seen,now, is exactly the same. No. No coincidence. stock up food and water and shelters!   for the truth

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • you DID attack me first, i originally posted nothing about you at all, and then you attacked me

    your problem not mine, YOU are the one with the issues not me.

    and it didnt do anything just as i predicted based on FACTS, not paranoia and heresy.

    we are going to have 35 foot waves here|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1

    these types of storm happen every single year EVERY YEAR, infact irene did this last year had higher waves at 20 feet and did more damage.

    you attacking me when i said nothing of the sort to you other than "you must not know much about the stock exchange" which in your petty mind i will allow as an attack , an attack on your level of knowledge about the stock exchange.

    so here you say this

    ut at the same time buddy, all your conclusions and reasonable answers to things is going to go up in smoke, once the triggers get pulled and the economy goes down ...

    atacking my belief in facts which proved to be correct. then this ridiculousness
    I appreciate your wishful thinking, or is it really fear?.
    fear? i was the one telling you to relax that this storm will be less than predicted so i think it is you living in the fear, which is understandable since you do live in america and are exposed to "be afraid" every single second of your life. then we have this another attack
    and you can go check your wikipedia for that one also :)
    wikipedia is not "mine" or anyone elses, it belongs to all of us, like the library.  note you are not only attacking me for using a public information resouce, you also attack the resource itself, which is sad.
    all that from one comment.
    so in your own words "dont poke the bear the bear pokes back"
    next time you should do a little fact checking and not rely on your local fear, i mean radio/news station to supply you with information.
    good luck in the furture wiith your warlike mentality based on attacking those around you who try to help you see how to avoid fear and paranoia. to which you responded by amping up your own personal fear and paranoia.
    once again, new york is fine, better off than the giant hurricane they had last year too :)

This reply was deleted.

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