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The Title says it all...I won't take out any excerpts, but leave it to you to read for yourself.

(I personally have been aware & following the info > from a variety of sources for many years before sites like these were up and running)

ACCEPT OR REJECT...your choice!

In Oneness


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The Red stripe is the route i will follow to the INNER
great link, thanks!
There also seem to be a lot more entrances then just the north and the south pole, according to many religions there are is a opening on each continent located on the equator.  One of which I know is in the Sinai region, and also one in mount shasta in california.   And In India where the blue people come out.

and what do you think about the sand-banks near the coast of Zeeland. ;)

Not sure about that, but I remember a story about it. :)

Haven't heard about that Drome. If you have any info..>> please share :-)


I believe you are correct Aranka in your info. What I shared here was just to get things started for people to see "outside of the box" so to speak.

Thanks for your comment.


What a great bit of info Obi... keep it comin!!


I bought a book about it as soon as I found out the earth was really hollow!!, which is only a few weeks ago. Currently I'm still going through the Zecharia Sitchin series, ( I like to read them all in one )  I'm only halfway through the 2nd book now.  :/  Takes forever!

Check out Obi link in his post. You might laugh at yourself when you read about how you won't need to go through the dredge of long,drawn out reading. :-)


Ahh but I don't mind..  I love reading! even if it takes forever. :)


I guess when you get to my age (almost 60) and need glasses for just about everything, reading can get a bit tiresome...sooooo Aranka > YOU GO GIRL :-)



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