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I would like to post a preview of my new book. Project Cobalt Glass, the Nephelim Children on this site

I do not know how this will be received here so I bring this subject to discussion before posting. I have posted earlier previews on another site and this can be searched. I do not post at the site where early additions of this preview exist at present. I grew impatient with the site in that they wanted to control all content posted and did not allow any authors to post unless it was not for profit based works that the host site could use without allowing any promotion of the author's future or completed works.

It seemed a one sided deal to me so I discontinued working with them. I am happy to contribute to a site's content but feel restricted if I can not post the link to the final commercial product once it is in release after giving the hosting site free use of my content in my story previews.

Site admins please let me know if you are interested in this site content under these outlined terms. Thanks so much for your lovely community. I will continue financial support regardless of your decision.

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Welcome to Ashtar Michael. This is a site with a variety of spiritually-inclined people from all around the world, and a scant few people with no spiritual leanings (i.e. massDebaters). How's the weather in Oklahoma? I live in Austin, which is starting to look like drought-central.

All my lovely friends in Austin are struggling with both the heat and the depressed job market there. I lived in Austin throughout my early adulthood. I had to get out because it was just all bohemian and not much industry other than the arts. We have been getting lots of Rain in Oklahoma but with it comes tornadoes and hail.

.... Bring It On Mate..:)....Interested To Hear....What You Have To Say.....Quite An Open Minded Site Here....So Shud Be No Probs....+ Bens Cool ....:).....x.........



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