(affectionately referred to as your Elephant/s)

There are four kinds of souls:
The Prime parts of entities (the one kind of Elephants) that reside in the 6th EL (EL = Existence Level)
The Odigos parts of entities (the other kind of Elephants) that reside in the 4th EL.
Group parts of these 4th/6th EL entities on 4th EL.
Human souls

This communication technique is for all people with souls of kind 1., 2. and 3.

(As far as we know, this technique will not work for those with human souls.)

So the first question is, who are you?

In my experience, each of the soul-parts gives a facet to the personality.

But one of the parts is You and this is the main soul-part.

The difference between the main part and the other parts, (I call them side incarnations), is that only the main part is incarnated within the three material bodies (EL1).

The bodies of the side incarnations exist in higher levels than EL1. (It is not important to know about the different bodies at the moment). It will not be important here. It's just to know, there is a main part, and a reason, why he/she is the main part.

One way to communicate is simply to talk to your soul-part(s). This is quite easy. Know that everything you speak, think, hear, smell, every perception, reaches all of your soul-parts. So communicating to your soul-parts is quite simple.

It only becomes a little difficult when we wish to get some answers from our soul-part(s).

If you have abilities that are functioning, such as telepathy or automatic writing, then you may be able to use them.

Telepathy is special, I'll explain this later.

Automatic writing is comparable to using tools like pendulum or dowsing rods.
How to use tools

First of all you have to make sure that you are talking to your main soul part and only to this one!

How do we identify the main soul part?

Give your instruction, your intent, that ONLY the main soul part must answer your questions when using tools.

A sane main soul part is able to block all other soul parts that may be incarnated (temporarily or permanently) in you. So remember to instruct the main soul part to block any other soul parts (side incarnations) from answering or even from being aware that you are communicating using tools.

This will be enough to ensure you have answers coming only from you main soul part when using the tools?

Note: A main soul part that is ill or sick would cause schizophrenia. This is because it would not be able to keep control over the other soul parts.

Using these tools is an energetic exercise, so the use of Pendulums and Dowsing rods requires energies of the 4th polarity level (PL4).

Automatic writing requires energies form the 5th polarity level (PL5).

At this point, there is no requirement for you to understand all about the polarity levels (PL's).

However, just to give some insight, the 4th, 5th and 6th (PL's) are under full control of the main soul part.

So everyone can ensure their main soul part close/barrs/restricts the communication from all other soul parts. You only need to give a clear order to your main soul part to close/barr/restrict the other soul parts.

No other instructions are needed. Just order this be done.

If you are using these methods to receive answers, automatic writing, pendulum or dowsing rods, you should first give your main soul part the permanent order to suspend all unbidden soul parts from responding when you use these tools. You can arrange with your main soul part some terms or guidelines or rules for communication.

For example, I use dowsing rods and I have pre-arranged with my main soul part to exclude any of my subjective emotions, any of my physical energy flow/effects (e.g. through the act of breathing), any of my prejudiced personal opinions, and even my own subjective energy.

There may be occasions when you wish to communicate with a soul part that is, for a short while, unavailable. In this situation, it is best to pre-arrange that you will receive a neutral answer to your questions. This will be your indication that you must wait a while and try again. Therefore, you will need to establish a YES, NO & NEUTRAL signal beforehand.

Also, if you are receiving neutrals or unclear/conflicting answers, it may be because there is an issue with your question/s, so you should try to establish what the issues may be by asking things like,

“Am I allowed to ask this question?” or

“Do I have permission to get the answer?” or

“Did I ask the right question about the theme?”.

I will provide an easy guide to the use of pendulum and dowsing rods separately.


When using telepathy it is necessary to distinguish between the Prime soul parts, the Group soul parts and Humans souls.

Note: People received (a few weeks ago) a second chakra for telepathy. This "new" Chakra should be housed in one of the stolen bodies. People were given a comparable organ that is now housed in PL6 (emotional body).

These two organs (the old and the new) differ in their functions.

While the "traditional" telepathic organ (currently PL5 which is the fine material/astral body) is intended for a "short communication", the new organ is intended for long distance calls. The traditional organ is usually situated on the left side of the neck. The new one is located on the right side.

Through the traditional organ everybody, who is able to use it, will find is possible to contact his/her own soul parts and also the soul parts of every other incarnated man or women who has the use this organ too.

The Group soul parts can, in addition, also contact members of their own group who are not currently incarnated.

All those who have the ability to use the new organ can contact all Prime angel soul parts and all Group soul parts, and any entity that is operational within the 3rd to 6th existence levels, (EL3-EL6).

However, receiving an answer from these entities is quite another matter, for example, it may be a question of privilege or rights to receive an answer.

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