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How to Clear Neg Energies, Entities, Critters and How We Get These.

Guess you noticed how crazy the world is these days, it is full of neg energy, entities, neg thoughtforms and all kinds of critters in general. These are created from energy that gets stuck in a neg fear and pain seeking loop and then it seems to take on a life of its own, much like AI.  Much of this is hanging around from the past  and the billions who have lived on the planet....and much of it is created by those living here now.  This neg energy creates fear, hate, guilt, shame, lack of self worth,lack based thinking depression, addiction and also some physical illnesses.  They keep us stuck in the lower brain thinking and prevent the connection between the heart field and the upper brain.

It is easy to pick up these things, from trauma, family friends, society, etc.   We can also get these from TV, movies, the internet and when we are out in public. Some movies and TV shows are full of this stuff and so are the fear and hate based conspiracy sites (like Alex Jones) and other fear based non-mainstream media. Porn is full of these.....someone sent me some porn and I watched, it was pretty boring, but, later I realized my energy field was full of black goo.  I mentally scooped it out and threw it in a bucket of salt water, I also used the violet flame and had to clear it 2 or 3 times to get rid of it.....

There is a special warning that the new Ghost Busters movie is full of neg critters that will attach to you and drain your energy.  Not sure what´s up with the new film, the first one was OK and didn´t have this problem.  It is a comedy and the critter problem is usually around horror films.

To protect us from the constant neg bombardment from the society, from psychic attacks and from neg interference in our dreams we need to keep our aura strong and keep up a few layers of protection every day. We also need to maintain good energetic hygiene and clean out the crapola that we might pick up every day. Keeping our frequency high will keep us above a lot of this, but we still need protection for the rest of it..


Here is how to layer protection and make the aura stronger.

First, balance the chakras by adding the colors, see the colors bright, clear and strong. From the bottom going up...Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, pink (crown) and gold.

Next add a bubble of white light

then add a bubble of gold light....a christ consciousness shield and filter with mirrors facing outward

then I put a bubble of Violet Flame..

This whole process takes about a minute, but it needs to be repeated morning, afternoon and before we sleep..

There are other things we can do like calling on angels and AA Michael or shamanic or wicca practices or practice connected to different religions . It doesn´t matter what you do as long as you do something.

To clean our energy and kick out any pesky critters we might pick up, we can use the Violet Flame or call AA Michael or visualize sitting under a waterfall of raibow light...shamanic drums and rattles work good as well as bells and singing bowls.....aura sprays and a shower even clears some things.  Whatever you like to do.   For especially difficult entities wash them in the blood of Jesus...gets rid of them instantly..

Wishing everyone a safe and smooth journey....doing this with ease and grace.

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