I figured out Ascension.  I figured out how to make it happen.  You can’t just wait for it to happen, you must create it into your reality.  This is what the galatics have been saying for the past two-three months.  They say, “We can’t make ascension happen for you, you must make ascension happen” and “You are not waiting on us, we are waiting on you.”


This confused me for months, I kept reading channelings and waiting for the arrests to begin.  I got nothing for two months.  They have been instructing us to go within, to look within for the answers.  I decided to do that and I had the greatest revelation yet.  I figured out what it takes to ascend.  After having figured this out I became extremely happy and felt like I just completed the task that I needed to complete, I was the best moment of my life.  I figured out the secret to life, reality and existence.  I rejoiced like I never had before. It was awesome.


First you must realize that your reality is very much under your control.  You are creator, and as we shift towards 5D and as you realize yourself as creator your control of reality is much more powerful.  So you must begin to create your ascension and plan out exactly how you want it to happen.  Imagine how you want the world to be and know that you are the all powerful creator and the changes you want to happen will actually happen.  We have nearly 100% control of our realities at this point.  This is the secret, this is the test: you must know yourself as the all-powerful creator and create you way out of 3D and into 5D.  If you cannot create yourself out of 3D then you are not ready to be in 5D.


This means that everyone’s reality does not line up, in person it lines up, but overall our realities are different, our timelines do not necessarily sync.  It all has to do with this revelation.  Some of us have already had it, others have not.  I just had mine so I am now creating it into my reality, I am now creating my ascension.   You all must do the same.


Up until the last couple years, we have had the Cabal create our reality for us.  Through the money, the religions, the entertainment, the governments, they kept us wrapped up in this materialistic world and kept us from discovering the truth, the truth that we are all creators and we can create a new world if we put our minds to it.


So here is what you must do to ascend:


1) Realize how powerful you are and that you can and will create your way out of 3D and into 5D.  You can do it, if you doubt yourself it won’t happen.  This is one of your last chances to make this happen.  This is the test you must pass in order to ascend.  Mediate on this and you will truly feel it inside of you.


2) You must begin to plan your ascension, plan out the timeline for yourself, when you want to see government and economy changes, when you want to see the first ships, when you want to make contact, when you want disclosure to be made.  Decide on this now.  If we all together decide on one coherent timeline it will be much more powerful.


3) Know that your friends and family are ready to hear this information.  Do not expect them to not understand, you must know that some of your friends and family are ascending with you.  Anyone that complete rejects you, look past, come back to him or her later when they see the world changing.  You must explain to those around you that they are god (creator) and that they have complete control over their reality.  And that together with combined efforts of us all we can make these changes happen in our world.  We all need to set our minds to the common goal and then it will happen.


4) The most important part is co-creation.  Individual creation of reality is powerful but not nearly as powerful as creation with another person.  You must convince the other people in your reality, whether they are friends and family or online through social media, that we need to begin creating this reality together. We need to create a new reality and that we are fully able to create this new reality. The more people that understand this and work together to reach this goal the more powerful it will become and the more changes will begin to materialize. 


So go to your friend(s), the one that has the greatest understanding of ascension and one that is on the right track with you. You must make that person understand this idea of creating your way out of 3D and into 5D.  Together with your friends and family and with everyone on ACC we will create our ascension timeline.  With other people or by yourself, begin to create the reality where more of your peers, whether it is friends or family, are also accepting of these ideas.  Then you must get more and more people into this mindset of creating a new reality.  Together we must all create a new reality and set up a timeline of our ascension. It is possible.


5) We must come together on sites like these and decide how we want our ascension to play out, it is very important.  Our expectations must be very similar in order for them to become created more easily.


Here is my plan for my ascension, we should all adopt a timeline together that will play out, here is what I want to happen, post your comments of what you think needs to be edited or fixed as I want everyone to have a concise timeline:


1 – Arrest of old world leaders, the cabal, new economic policy announcements, new government plans, talk of ETs in our world – before the end of June.


2 – First contact with ETs, introduction of their technology, announcements that they are hear to help us create a better world, ending of our current monetary systems, replaced with fair equal economy. – before the beginning of September.


3 – Worldwide understanding of ascension, people all across the world rejoicing and creating this new world, we will clean up Gaia, get everything ready and ascend on December 21 2012.  Those who do not understand, those remaining in 3D will die off with the galactic energy burst that moves us into 5D. 


That is how it must happen.  That is the scenario our galactic brothers and sisters have laid out for us.  They gave us the blue prints, now we must activate the timeline and create it into our reality, once we begin his creation we can then co create it with the Galactic Federation of Light.  Make sense?  This is the information you have been waiting for.  Now you must take all this in, read it very carefully, go to your voice on the inside, ask your spiritual guardians, and know this to be the truth and the key to ascension.  Realize yourself as creator, in full control of your reality, and make the changes you want to see.  Start small, the ability to control your reality is there, do a couple small tests first to confirm this truth.  Then you must begin creating this new reality with the rest of us.  Good luck!  It’s an easy ride from here on out.


Please excuse spelling and grammar I wanted to get this message out as soon as possible.


In love and light,


One creator to another.

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  • What's This???!!!! - 380 American Rebels Reported Killed In Michigan Battle - what???


    A shocking Federal Security Service (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that last week an “intense” battle erupted in the US State of Michigan between military forces loyal to the Obama regime and American rebels that killed at least 380 men, women and children who had gathered to oppose their nations slide towards a totalitarian dictatorship.

    According to this report, nearly 500 people opposed to the Obama regime had assembled for a “clandestine” meeting in the Michigan country of Alpena in an effort to form a 50-State alliance of local law enforcement and political officers seeking to “turn the tide” of their nations path towards dictatorship even, should it be necessary, by armed force.

    • Is there any member from that area that could clear that news? I don't know what to think about it.

      • Miriam, it is completely bogus. But if you need verification of its falsity, I'll go and get some.

        Meanwhile, can we please return this thread to where it began ... with Nathan's celebration 

        of Ascension!  Thank you, friends.

        • Thank you Star Flower, much better if it's not true.

        • ok. back to you. have a nice ascension, dear :-)

          • I think of ascension in much the same way I think of heaven.... as a state of mind that can be attained here in this physical life. I choose ascension, and re-choose it often. So far...so good. Onward and upward. :)

            • I think that in the moment we realize and feel the Oneness, we'll start the Ascension and recover all the memories, forgetting the ilussion of separation. Trying to fill this "hole" I've always felt has made do so many nonseses...

              Love you

  • I have a feeling that most of us, if not all, already chose whatever outcome we personally will experiance before we got here. what will be will be, enjoy the game!


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