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Making of the Atlantis Ring ...Lovely Jubbley

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It's got protective and healing properties:

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Howard Carter and the protection he received from wearing the Atlantis ring

According to a story told by the French writer Roger de Lafforest , one of the famous people who were convinced about the protective properties of the Atlantis Ring was the British archaeologist Howard Carter who felt that because he wore the ring he survived other participants of the expedition investigating the grave of Tutankhamun.
The Book “Ces maisons qui tuent” (Houses that Kill) describes a series of locations and events that affected people’s energy in a detrimental way in the 1950’s and it mentions tools and special devices that were effective in the protection and transmutation of these harmful frequencies. The author, when describing the Atlantis ring,  mentions the story of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who survived the “curse of the Tutankhamon mummy” whose tomb was discovered in 1922. At the entrance of the tomb, there was an ominous inscription that threatened those who dared to disturb the Pharaoh’s eternal sleep. The first to succumb to the ‘curse’ was Howard Carter’s partner Lord  Carnarvon, who died suddenly soon after the discovery from an inexplicable cause. Within a short 2 year period, the list of those touched by a similar and mysterious deadly fate included over 18 names. The author states that Howard Carter was the only person not affected by this chain of events and according to the book, the reason was his protective amulet, the Atlantis ring.

More info : 

Howard Carter’s Ring of Protection

Howard Carter is the archaeologist who, in 1922, discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen. At the time, everybody was surprised because of the fact that the curse of King Tut’s tomb did not affect the archaeologist. It is said that Carter had a ring found in Assuan in the tomb of a priest called Jua. The ring was bought in 1860 by the Egyptologist marquis d’Agrain.

Howard Carter.

Howard Carter. ( Public Domain )

The ring had geometric figures covering it such as three straight lines and triangles. The figures on the ring had been arranged according to the principles of esoteric knowledge. The design was meant to protect a person from danger, curses, and black magic. Today, the ring is known as “the ring of Ra” and it is believed that it was originally designed by the people of the lost city of Atlantis. According to the same theory, Egyptians are regarded to be the descendants of these people. As for the ring, an explanation is that it follows the principles of radionics which can have positive or negative effects on the individual who wears it.

Basic design of the ‘Ring of Ra’/ The Atlantis Ring.

Ok now my story ..I got the ring today and already my body seems to be's a wonderful ring and I got it from:

If you live in London


276 Barking Road,

East Ham.


E6 3BA 

Tel M :+44(0)7718884706

Tel T: +44(0)2084758806

This store has also got a large selection of crystals and a few other black seed oil.

The reason I got it from this store is that they had a stall at The Om Yoga Show where I talked to the person who makes this rings and he seemed very genuine and made sure the ring was done to perfection.

I like the ring as already its put a protective and healing ring around me..I feel good 

Watch demo video below 

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Make sure you get a genuine ring as there are a lot selling online and some may be bogus ..hokus pokus make sure you get it from a recommended store 

East Ham is genuine Atlantis....?? What the heck...!! ACC has devolved into a selling shop for CRANKS....! ;-0 hehehehe....!

East Ham is genuine Atlantis ? What do you mean ?

I said the place where I got the ring from is in East Ham ..I meet the person who made the rings at The Mind Body Spirit Show at Alexendra Palace ..I talked to him and he showed me that's it's done according to specifications so it's as it should be ...if you know of other places let us know 

YOU'VE BEEN naive do you have to be.....??

Why don't you go to this store and check out the ring and then tell us ...try and meet up with the person who makes this rings ...this store is full of beautiful crystals ...some very large's taken over from mystery shop in covent garden where I used to go a lot but now it's moved it's location but still in covent garden and now it does not have that many crystals.

Your intuitive skills are sadly lacking...though putting viveka to one side and being purely logical, at no point in his golden career did Howard Carter make claims to discovering Atlantean relics, nor was he afraid of the curse of the tomb. So claims by others to the contrary, do not fit Carter's profile....Logic alone should suffice for you, but alas no, you prefer fantastical illusion, promulgated by con artists...I repeat, why would Carter wear any protective talisman, if:

1] He was NOT superstitious.

2] The curse;"death comes on swift wings for desecrators;" was placed as a warning on all royal tombs. YET CARTER MADE A CAREER OF DOING SO, FEARLESSLY.

3] Carter needed funds and could not tarnish his reputation by claims about Atlantis, which he assumed undiscovered without supporting archeological evidence, anyway.

Still whatever said go and visit this shop and talk to the person who makes this rings to phone in advance and make an appointment to see him in person ..see the man see the ring and then give us your feedback 

His subtle arm motions to fake the ring's fluence was all the confirmation needed....Read my lips......IT'S FAKE.....I did have a good laugh about the papyrus story, though...Atlantis indeed....LOL

Whatever said ...can you visit the store in Barking Road, East Ham and talk to the man who makes this rings ..find out when he is there and then tells us if it's genuine or not 

So, you start with some online product promotion and advertising on ACC, then you bring the gullible punters into his shop and he pays you a percentage commission on the sale...?? Why else would you push this CRAP..............??

I told where I got the ring from ...I have given the address so people can check it out and the store is good as it's got a lot of crystals some very large and beautiful..there is no commission for me but i shared the address so people who were going to mystery shop and watkins in covent garden can go and see the range of crystals this store has all those who like crystals can check them out in this shop. I don't get any commission but it's just to inform people where they can purchase crystals ...I am not forcing anyone to go ...all up to you ..two ladies I gave the card of this shop liked the crystals there very much and one took her mum as well and they bought some crystals from there ...they thanked me and were very happy and will pass the info to their friends...good if people connect with crystals 

The Atlantis ring, several thousand years old, was adorned with geometric symbols which were placed and balanced according to a very special arrangement.

De Belizal investigated and found that this ring’s geometric shapes created a subtle energy field of powerful vibrations. He found that its electromagnetic waves prevented the alteration of energy patterns, resulting in a protective shield for whoever wore it. It also increased the ability to tap into one’s own intuitive powers and the subconscious mind.


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