• I believe in free choice more than you Amanda.

    I believe free choice is an absolute.

    Down to taking a breath.

    I don't change the boundaries of free choice to suit the needs of the moment.

  • Since when is calling someone an ideot, or saying someone talks so much shit it's a place where people hang out to take a dump a worthy opinion.

    It's not an opinion at all.

    It's a judgment. 

    And a character assassination.

    Surely we've grown beyond that.

  • Yes and i said this too, but I don’t dump on his threads, I can start-- just like the old days here with snow ball fights galore. I stopped doing that. let him start a anti George Kavassalis thread i will not respond that’s fine. I don’t open a thread i disagree with period. and there is allot of them. and respect those how hold there mud.  Why are you protecting rudeness.

  • Well... the amount of shit this guy talks i took it as a place where everyone hung out and took a dump.

  • But Paul, the earth is becoming a star.

    Don't be frightened of that which you cannot see.

    Otherwise we'll have to deny the existence of gravity also.

    And that would be most unfortunate.

    Since it is an unleashing of more of this energy, (just keeping it simple)  that is the driver of Gaia's star state.

    • Regardless of what is GOING to happen Peter,, my point is... he said it was going to happen on that date and that there was portals to boot. He also spoke about how the Hadron Collider was terrifying the scientists but news today suggest that they are more excited than ever! And who's frightened, im merely calling BS on these idiots.... try to read what people write rather than reflecting your own insecurities. Nowhere did i mention i was ''frightened''.. Are you frightened im taking chips out of your paradigm.. bringing you back to the real world?!! That would be fortunate.

      • As scientists begin to better understand what their results are telling them.

         is, Earth is beginning to act like one big particle accelerator,

        They will become excited.

        Because it is a part of our evolution into a higher state of being.

      • Paul. It is happening. has been happening.

        Can't you feel it?

        Doesn't all in your world look brighter these days?

        If you have to resort to name calling, If you have to resort to begging people to listen to you,No reading between the lines is required.

        Why would I want to limit it myself to what you consider reality.

        When I've devoted my life to going beyond it.

        • I won't persecute a man for putting himself on the line to deliver a message that he has gathered from beyond time and space.

          A place where linear time becomes a part of a soup of potentials.

      • Go Shit On Some  other thread, 


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