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"Gorge Kavassilas" Just in -- for those disalutioned by 12/12/2012 Up and coming events 'NOW'

Ok, then compare this video with Georges happy style to propaganda in this next one.

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I like this guy-even if his claims are out there-he warns us not to get on the ships when contact is made-we will be brought to a volcanic planet and enslaved

I like his way of encuraging our selfempowerment, his from the heart messages always inspires me to no end. Much love to us all.

selfempowerment should be preached and thought ever since childhood of each individual.................

I third that <3

Hopefully John Artist can be the first.. and the last to go.

I fourth that, lol.  So true a statement!

10 Thumbs Up for posting this video with George Kavassilas, he's one of the good truth teller's. And that's my own opinion, he resonates very well with me. Thank you for this much needed information about what is going on during this time with the  2013 Equinox...


2013 March Equinox 
Real Ending of Precessional Cycle


Hallo Beautiful People, 

I am bringing to your awareness my latest video message in relation to the coming Equinox. It is a momentous and pivotal time in our journeys and is unfortunately either being forgotten by many or hijacked by others for their own nefarious purposes. I will leave the detail of what I share for you to experience within the message. We are most certainly on the cusp of a most auspicious time in our lives. 

Enjoy and shine your beautiful authentic and organic Soul Light Essence.
love freedom sovereignty,
George & Cynthia
Thank you John again for this very important post....
Love Alveta 

STOP!!! Stop believing these people. They are deluding you. This same guy preached about how the earth was becoming a star and portals were to appear in our backyards on 12-21-2012. We were to escape the changes by passing into these portals or climb aboard alien spacecraft who would come to rescue us... He went on record and was adamant this was going to happen,, and obviously it did not.

The line has to be drawn somewhere. If you claim something and it doesn't happen.. You should stop posting videos... This goes for you George and to anyone else out there that claim other absurdities. Those who love this guy.. watch both clips and judge for yourself...

Stop. Stop, Your Dam self, this is only your Opinion and we both have the right to see it the way we see it.

Now I know your stand. You didn’t understand Mine? I don’t believe in Jehovah witness either but i don’t knock on there doors telling them to stop and cease to exist, like your implying here.

Do you run down the to the front a church and yell stop, when you disagree.  it’s a hard thing to hold you tongue.

I don’t read your comic books and you don’t have to read or listen to ours thank you. and i wont protest on your threads and havent.  

But Paul, the earth is becoming a star.

Don't be frightened of that which you cannot see.

Otherwise we'll have to deny the existence of gravity also.

And that would be most unfortunate.

Since it is an unleashing of more of this energy, (just keeping it simple)  that is the driver of Gaia's star state.

Regardless of what is GOING to happen Peter,, my point is... he said it was going to happen on that date and that there was portals to boot. He also spoke about how the Hadron Collider was terrifying the scientists but news today suggest that they are more excited than ever! And who's frightened, im merely calling BS on these idiots.... try to read what people write rather than reflecting your own insecurities. Nowhere did i mention i was ''frightened''.. Are you frightened im taking chips out of your paradigm.. bringing you back to the real world?!! That would be fortunate.



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