Contrary to the opinion of some......The truth is a Supreme Being, with a name and a form.This is not just another opinion, but is a definitive provable fact accepted by the great sages andsaints since time immemorial.Information is available in all the world's revealed scriptures foremost and most definitively in the Books of Knowledge and Wisdom from India know as the Vedas. Veda means knowledge.When we are born we have no idea who our father is, and to get that information we must go to our mother. She is the only one who can tell us who our real father is thus the Vedas are known as thedivine mother of knowledge.I am a person and you who reads this discussion is also a person-----and to dare to declare that the supreme ultimate source of everything is a non personis the apitomy of buffonery.DSC_5662.jpgThis divine being is not dead and is very much alive-- always has been always will be.Most foolishly astronomers dare to declare that because they cannot see this divine being- the divine personality through their telescopes that God is dead. The so-called astronomers cannot definitely give us information about what is visible-- let alone that which is beyond the perceptions of ordinary senses.But if we read the Books of the vedas and other revealed scriptures we will see that the Supremedivine couple is a person and has a name, and the name is Radha Krishna.Gallery%2BWallpapers%2B%2BDownloads%2BOf%2BRadha%2BKrishna.jpgSome people call this divine couple by other names--- but that doesnt matter.According to time and language names slightly change but the fact of the person does not.Some call it Christ for some its kuan Yin or Mary but the personal aspect is eternally manifested.radha Krishna is the orginal name.

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  • "Material freedom is nothing but illusion. Real freedom is surrender and devotional service to Kṛṣṇa... you get to do what you like to do best, eternally as a dance of love. That's bhakti." ~ by David B.Hughes aka Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī

    Self-realization is when you occupy again your original spiritual position as unique integrated spirit soul: as servant of God - face to face, as 100% personal servant of God, and that's not something imaginary or distant... What do you get from that? Eternal ecstatic bliss!

    I'm trying to clarify things, not to oppose you.

  • Dear Kelly, I needed and asked for concrete answers, not something abstract or non-defined. The goal of each spirit soul is self-realization. How will you realize your-self? You can not realize my-self, you must realize your-self. You must deal and cope with your-self, and integrate it to the point of getting into your original position as living entity - unique spirit soul, fully self-realized.

    I'm simply trying to emphasize this: self-realization is not something general, or massive event. If you want full self-realization, start your path and set that precise intention. 

    Blessings upon your path :)

  • I wish there was someone, when I was in my strong convictions that God is impersonal, to shock me and challenge me with questions like these: In the name of what or who are you denying yourself - your unique personal individuality?

    or: What in a world (and beyond) makes you think you should/would exist as something non-personal, ever? What are you now? Are you not a person? How do you know you will not be a person in the future?

    or: How long do you intend to dis-integrate yourself by doing so?

    Did you know that there IS your personal perfect eternal spiritual body fitting your unique personality?

    Your self is a personality. Personality. Not some abstract being --> I wonder what it is. Your self is a spirit soul. That spirit soul has a spiritual body. That personal eternal spiritual body can be attained (again) only by devotional service to God. There is absolutely no other way of going back Home, back to Godhead. 

    • And, by the way, we are all interacting here as personalities: we were never 'one' nor will ever be. If we are all 'one', then someone tell me please, what am I thinking about now? :)) So please folks, sober up.... This is not criticising, this is not attack, I'm helping you with this!

      ‎"Each and every one is a unique and separate individual. It is not that the individuality of the soul is illusory or temporary. Individuality is an eternal quality of the eternal spirit soul." Gaurahari Dāsānudās Bābājī

      “Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be.” [Bhagavad-gita 2.12]

      Therefore: we were never one, we will never merge into one, that is simply not possible due to the eternal quality of each spirit soul: unique individuality. Such tendency and philosophy for merging into "one" leads to very dangerous illusion, very dangerous dreamy state which will never come true. It drags you deeper into illusion. You are wasting your precious time. You should rather strive to understand your own personality and revive all qualities of your unique spirit soul.

      Do you see formless faceless mass in this picture or? Does anybody want to be happy? Blissful? Eternally?


  • Hello Reiz thank you for your input. Just because you have not perceived the existence of a supreme being,
    does not mean that there is none.First you must admit at least that you are not the all powerful supreme being.
    Cause that would mean that you are responsible for everything.
    At least you admit that --- right? That would be rather pompous to declare yourself as the supreme.
    Now that means at least you have never met or perceived a being who is all Powerful.
    Do you think that Humans are the highest form of beings?
    Why should you deride Krishna just because He appeared in a human form.Does that disqualify Him?
    And Knowledge alone is only one attribute. Krishna has six attributes--- unlimited wealth -- strength -- fame-- beauty --wisdom -- and renunciation.He is much more than more Knowledgeable.When you find a being who posseses such qualities in an unlimited degree, then that is the Supreme.
    You do not know everything so you have not perceived a Supreme Being-
    So going back to some things that were previously already covered in this discussion--
    Our sense are limited and we do not have umlimited perception.
    So how do we find out about a subject that is beyond our ability to know?
    Who do you ask to find out who your father is? You must go to your mother, that is why the Vedas are known as one of our mothers. You cannot know who the father is only your mother can know. So you must accept what your mother says --
    information is available in the Vedas that Supreme personality of Godhead is Krishna and His form is eternal full of bliss and Knowledge. Not only Krishna has His eternal form but the bengs who associate with Krishna have their spiritual form as well.But Krishna is called Adi Purusha--- the original person. And he has the divine qualities -- opulences to an unlimited degree, where as we also have divine qualities but our qualities are minute in comparison.
    So the real difference is in quantity.
    When you find a being with the divine qualities in an unlimited degree -- that being is Supreme.
    • what if your mother lies to you.
      • then you're a very very unfortunate child
  • "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke
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