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God Bless The Victims Of The 911 Twin Towers Bombings; 911 Witnesses Died Mysteriously-Gray Military Plane-Firemen Explosion Testimony

One of the fireman says a black plane came out of nowhere and hit the second tower-says he saw it from the Brooklyn Navy Yard-just appeared

911 Witnesses Died

100% WTC 9/11 Military Plane Attack Evidence - 12 Witness Reactions on Video


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there has been so much negativity , violence, wars, racial division, negative economic changes in the last 15 years-horrendous news stories-that we have become really numb  and people are scared of the government-I think we are waiting for a complete collapse and civil unrest/war or some kind of miracle(s)

Agreed.  (But I think that things may be looking up).

An entrance has been created.

Centers of stirring violence and sufferings cause a depression within the current frequency location, which allows the bending thereof into subsequent, parallel dimensions. This allows two frequencies to touch one another, which creates a temporal passageway.

Earth's energetic location changes places, sometimes into dark, forgotten places, even thought most things look normal beyond the conjunction of planes.

At the same time you recieve this information by means of media, which creates a certain frequency within your being, which not only allows them to feed, but to interact through you, as such is the nature of electromagnetism. Similar to the positioning of heaveny bodies, which determine your behavioural pattern, a signature, information patterns.

Information which creates fear thereof. Conditioning the populace allows the required psychological state for manipulation. Fear, which is lack of information, which means powerless people dependant upon the very system which creates such chaos.

The creation of a portal, invisible to those restricted to physical spectre. Ancient entities of "dark" nature, are allowed to enter our quarentine frequency. Since this composed forms of intelligence are one of the over-minds behind the human experiment.

The government orchestrated such terrorist events, since it's established within the evolutionary blueprint designed by the ancient forms of intelligence.

By the way, GOD does allow this to happen, since the "reasoning" of creation transcends shades of light and dark.

Destruction is a possibility between this conjuction of ever-fluctuating paradigms. Red skies are closer. I miss her

Soon, I shall rise!

The World is Mine, it just doesn't know it yet! ;)

Still Waiting for NESARA: How UFO Cults and Crooks Co-opted a Financial Reform Proposal
Posted by natalina On August 24, 2013

Never underestimate an outlandish conspiracy theory’s ability to re-emerge from its slumber after a few years’ respite. One such conspiracy, which I’d previously relegated to the annals of the thoroughly debunked, has recently been enjoying a bit of a renaissance of popularity, although this time a bit more under the radar. The story of NESARA is one of a well intentioned reform proposal and the New Age UFO Cults that usurped it without blinking an eye. Given the state of our economy and the desperation felt worldwide, it shouldn’t surprise me that this conspiracy theory has emerged from dormancy. But what does surprise me is how many people are promoting it without knowing the back story, or the characters behind the deception. For the sake of clarity and with the hope that some light will be shed on the fullness of the fraud, I share with you the story of NESARA.

draining the swamp harvey barnard

Origins of NESARA

draining the swamp harvey barnardIn 1996, a professor at Louisiana State University, Dr. Harvey Barnard, released a book titled “Draining the Swamp.” Within the book, he outlined a formal proposal for social and economic reform. He called the proposal The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, or NESARA, and passed copies of his book to members of Congress as well as other influential politicos. He worked diligently to promote what he considered to be a revolutionary set of financial reforms, even lobbying presidential candidates to include some semblance of NESARA into their election platforms.

Receiving little to no interest in the political realm, Dr. Barnard was not deterred and decided to tap into the burgeoning platform of the internet, creating the website in 1999. His hope was to promote the NESARA concept online and develop a grassroots following, which would in turn have a greater influence on political leaders. In an effort to formalize his vision, he created the NESARA institute in 2001.

The NESARA of Dr. Barnard’s vision was a rather complex proposal that set out to level the economic playing field. The full bill can be viewed here. NESARA actually has a number of features that would appeal to today’s Libertarian and Tea Party movements. It sets out to eliminate the Federal Reserve Bank, eliminate the IRS, would introduce a new banking system run by congress, and would feature a “constitutional currency”, comprised of silver and gold coins as well as treasury credit notes. NESARA would introduce a flat sales tax of 14%. This would replace the income tax and would only apply to non-necessary items. Medical items, groceries etc would be exempt. The major claim of NESARA is that it would essentially eliminate personal debt by making compound interest illegal, reforming the loan structure and legality of certain types of loans, and even promoting debt cancellation in certain cases. It is this last element of NESARA that caught fire online.

*It is important to note before proceeding that NESARA received limited notice in its original, intended form. It never received consideration in Congress. No one wanted to touch it. The website posted an update as of August 2013 that the bill continues to receive zero interest in Washington’s hallowed halls. Dr. Barnard died in 2005.

The “Real NESARA” and the Dove of Oneness Emerge

The internet is a tricky thing. All it really takes to start a movement is one motivated individual with enough charisma to champion a cause. NESARA was never taken seriously by the powers that be, but that didn’t stop certain conspiracy theorists with a flair for the dramatic from co-opting the NESARA concept and morphing it into something entirely different.

Shortly after Dr. Barnard brought his NESARA vision to the world wide web, a woman calling herself “Dove of Oneness” began to promote the proposal, with a few twists. First, she changed the name of the bill from the original National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act to the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. The name change speaks to the forward thinking of those who co-opted the bill. Removing the concepts of “stabilization” and “recovery” makes way for what would become a tale of congressional intrigue, white knights of virtue, impending world peace…. oh, and a LOT of money.

Dove of Oneness launched a website called (now defunct but still accessible via cached archives). At first glance, the site appeared similar to any other patriotic website. Images of the Constitution and bald eagles served to give the illusion of freedom loving legitimacy. It wasn’t until one dug a bit deeper that the crazy really began to spew forth. was a site that promoted what it called the “real” NESARA. In this version of the story, NESARA was actually passed by congress in secret in the year 2000, and signed into law by President Bill Clinton (or a Clinton clone, depending upon what version of the story you believe). Dove claimed that NESARA was a transformative bill designed to usher in a complete overhaul of government as we know it, and its lynchpin was the cancellation of all debt for all people. More than that, Dove promoted the concept of “prosperity packages” that were going to be sent out to folks… those who invested in certain “trusts” would be eligible for incredible sums of tax free government money. The caveat? None of this would take place until NESARA was announced. Dove claimed that NESARA was meant to be announced on September 11, 2001, but the offices that contained the information about beneficiaries to the prosperity funds were destroyed in the World Trade Center attack. The announcement had to be rescheduled.

The entire premise of Dove’s movement was the fact that this secret NESARA bill would be announced at any time. She released regular reports and thousands of worldwide followers hung on her every word. Seduced by ideas about free money and worldwide harmony, the NESARA train picked up a surprising amount of steam.

One of many styles of “NESARA Awareness” posters.

Now, it wouldn’t take long before people realized that NESARA existed prior to the Dove of Oneness website. To explain this away, Dove proclaimed that the Dr. Barnard version of NESARA was fake, and that Dr. Barnard was a high level friend of the Bush family. She claimed that she held the truth about NESARA, and that any allusions to the Barnard bill were disinformation tied to the Illuminati. Sound legit? Well, most of Dove’s followers thought that sounded perfectly logical.

Digging a little deeper into Dove’s site, one found stories of inter-dimensional beings of light who were working behind the scenes to help NESARA along. Ascended masters were scheduled to negotiate the interim government after NESARA effectively dissolved congress as we know it. Followers were encouraged to meditate and “send light” toward NESARA, and, if so inclined, monetary help for Dove was also accepted.

Dove of Oneness (later outed as Shaini Goodwin), spearheaded worldwide NESARA NOW! campaigns, which featured peaceful protests at the World Court in the Netherlands, trucks with NESARA NOW billboards rolling through the streets of Washington D.C. and various other surprisingly high profile promotions, always leading the viewer back to the site. Presumably, these efforts were paid for via donations to Dove of Oneness.

nesara trucks DC

NESARA trucks in Washington D.C.

Omega Trust- Mega Bust

Speaking of money, Dove of Oneness actively promoted a group called Omega Trust. This group was founded by a man named Clyde Hood, who was at the SAME TIME that Dove was promoting Omega, arrested and imprisoned for fraud. Never let a known fraudster and openly fraudulent organization divert the determined delusional from forfeiting their cash. Omega Trust began in 1999 targeting Christians, promising that an investment of $100 to the trust would be rolled over into payouts of over $100 million. In some cases, Omega Trust claimed it had access to over a Quintillion dollars in funds ready to be paid out. I know, right? But Omega thrived, because it preyed on the elderly and ill informed, and found a gold mine in NESARA believers, because they were all willing to believe that they had to hold out until some future time when NESARA was announced. All Dove and Omega had to do was continuously push back the NESARA announcement date, and theoretically they’d have an endless money making scheme. Dove had elaborate and non-sensical ways of explaining these fraudulent ventures, such as this quote (source) given in July 2004:

“Other distributions of prosperity which are related to NESARA are humanitarian prosperity programs begun in the last twenty years and which have been blocked from funding to program members. For decades, vast sums of humanitarian prosperity programs funds have been accumulating in special revenue generating processes in European banks awaiting the right time when these funds could safely be released to program members who will be doing world improvement projects. NESARA’s announcement sets up the new banking and legal conditions which allow the distribution of this vast wealth to people all across the world beginning soon after NESARA’s announcement.”

It is important to note that Shaini Goodwin “Dove” claims that she NEVER sold Omega Trust funds, and was not in any way related to the group, rather she herself was a mere investor. In a telling portion of a release by the U.S. Atttorney’s Office, 10 April 2001 regarding the arrest and prosecution of Clyde Hood, we see that there is reason to suspect Shaini was more than just another investor: [bold emphasis mine]

Instead of putting money into a “prime bank note” buying and selling program as represented, Hood admitted he and others converted more than $12,500,000 for their own personal use and benefit.

Hood further admitted that he enlisted a number of experienced “network marketers” to promote, solicit and sell the Omega program and to establish multi-level marketing lists.

Whether Shaini (Dove) personally pocketed any cash from the Omega scheme is up for debate, but we do know that she regularly solicited donations from her mailing list and call list subscribers, so seeking money was not something to which she was opposed. I have further reason to believe that Omega is directly tied to the NESARA scam, but I’ll get to that later.

Galactic Federation of Light and Other Wacky New Agers Hitch their Ships to NESARA

“We are ALL PROTECTED by the benevolent Forces in all we do in support of NESARA. We have every divinely given and lawful RIGHT to speak out in support of NESARA!…” —Dove of Oneness, Dove Report of January 16, 2004.

Lightship nesara

Lightship nesara

Since the inception of her NESARA movement, Dove of Oneness began a gradually increasing incorporation of New Age concepts into the financial reform platform. In her personal life, Shaini Goodwin was a follower of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, thus was well versed in the concepts of channeled beings and ascended masters. She knew the New Age lingo and understood its seduction. During her conference calls, she began to hand the line over to bizarro “channeled beings” and urged followers to enlighten themselves, tapping into their spirit guides and watching for unseen armadas of UFO motherships. She portrayed the Earth as one of many stops on the intergalactic highway, and benevolent alien beings had a vested interest in seeing our world come int its full potential. Somehow, this all depended upon the announcement of NESARA. It seems her favorite “deities” were St. Germain (the darling of the New Age set) and Sananda (thought to be the “real” Jesus by many in the New Age). Dove would pepper her letters with comments like this one from the Dove Report dated January 14, 2004: “Last week, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine and Ascended Master Sananda also dropped in on a meeting of Illuminati Bush regime officials. Again, in the spirit of diplomacy, the Ascended Masters offered the Bush regime the option of cooperating.”

Other “light bringer” groups began to promote NESARA, putting their own twists on the story. Hucksters like Luis Prada and Sheldon Nidle (representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light), and Michael Ellegion (self proclaimed channel for ascended masters) jumped on board, furthering the solidification of NESARA as a strictly New Age concept. Herein we began to see the story morph into one of pure lunacy, suggesting that Bill Clinton was killed because he opposed NESARA, but was replaced by a Clinton clone who evidently carried out the commission of signing NESARA into law. These groups all worked in tandem to promote the idea that eventually, our benevolent space brothers along with ascended masters of light would intervene “when the time is right” to push NESARA’s announcement, thus creating a world of universal harmony and making all of the faithful “starseeds” exceedingly wealthy. They never quite bothered to hammer out how this vast wealth would benefit the recipients in a world of divine oneness and peace.

waiting for nesara

waiting for nesara

In 2005, a documentary was produced by Zeb Haradon called Waiting for NESARA. The filmmakers set out to document a Messianic UFO cult in Utah, and ended up focusing almost entirely around the concept of NESARA. Filmed between September 11th, 2001 and the start of the war in Iraq, the documentary centered around the Open Minds Forum, led by a strange fellow named Jim and his wife Marge. From the IMDB description:

The group anxiously await the implementation of NESARA – a miraculous secret law hundreds of years in the making – that they believe was blocked and covered up by the Bush administration. The group believes that the 9/11 attacks were Bush’s first attempt to delay NESARA’s implementation, and that the Iraq war will be his second. Guided by constant internet updates from New Age gurus, the group believes NESARA will abolish the IRS, remove George Bush from office, expose him as a reptilian alien, distribute millions to the worthy few, and install a UFO-flying Jesus Christ as America’s new leader. As the deadline for Bush’s War on Iraq approaches, the group struggles to remain united, positive, and retain a sense of control – channeling all of their faith and prayers toward the desperate hope that the UFO allies will intervene in time to prevent it, ensure NESARA’s implementation, and bring about a new golden age.

The fascinating film shows group leader Jim reading regular Dove of Oneness reports and fighting to keep the spirits of forum members high as NESARA’s announcement is continuously delayed. Jim believes that the escalating tensions in Iraq will be stopped by ascended masters just prior to the NESARA announcement. When the war proceeds to become a reality, some group members are frustrated by the inability of their “light beings” to stop it from happening, despite Dove’s promises. Jim tells his discouraged group, “Any time you attach expectations to things, it sets us up for disappointment.” The group seems to buy this logic.

This is not the usual case where we see the cult leader as a slick snake oil salesman. Jim and his wife are clearly sincere in their beliefs. The duping goes higher up the ladder, into the inbox of Shaini Goodman “Dove” herself. While many in the Open Minds Forum display a decidedly simple minded innocence (one woman truly believed that Jesus would be returning on a mothership), some come off as rather intelligent, albeit pretty unhinged. One prominent member of the group is an articulate woman named Sally, who seems like someone who spent a little too much time watching Star Trek, and lost the ability to differentiate between reality and fantasy. It all is rather tragic. I highly recommend the film to anyone interested in seeing how ordinary people are sucked into outrageous cults. Watch the full trailer here:

Death of the Dove

Shaini Goodwin maintained her devotion to NESARA for many years. In 2004, reporter Sean Robinson of the Tacoma News Tribune published a series of articles exposing Shaini/Dove and her NESARA scam. (online archive of the reports can be found here: Shaini was understandably upset about the negative light in which she was portrayed, and took every opportunity to decry the “lying liars” at the Tacoma Tribune who carried out the Illuminati plan of discrediting NESARA.

Undeterred, Shaini maintained the Dove persona until her death in 2010. In one of the last posts (archived here) on before it was taken offline, her death was trumpeted as the loss of a true martyr for peace.

On May 30th 2010 at 6:10 PM, the Dove of Oneness passed from this earthly plane to return home once more to a sainted welcome. It was with great sorrow that her family and friends, who stood with and protected her in her greatest hour, bade farewell to our sister, our friend, our mentor, our leader, and our inspiration, the Dove of Oneness. Let there be no mistake, nor any misconstruing of her story that when told, this one woman will one day be considered no less than the Jeanne d’ Arc of our time. She enlightened us on so many levels and had the Truth on her shoulder, when so many were still struggling to understand our changing world.

The obituary went on to laud her efforts to bring NESARA into the public realm, and ended with a plea to donors NOT to stop sending in their money:

LL investors can still go to [email protected] for a chance to invest in the very special trades that Shaini Goodwin set up, delivering more than favorable returns. All contacts are still viable.

Carrying the NESARA Torch Today

I’d spent a great deal of time researching NESARA for a number of years. The entire sordid tale is one of intrigue and shame, deception and delusion. I’d always intended to write an expose of this New Age cult of corruption, but when Shaini passed in 2010, it seemed that the already dwindling support for NESARA died with her.

Fast forward to 2013. I was sitting in my office perusing my Facebook feed. As news stories flitted past, many of which were dubious at best (see my previous post: My Fellow Conspiracy Theorists: Please Stop Embarrassing Yourselves) one link caught my eye. It wasn’t because the title of the story was salacious. It was an actual news story reposted from the U.K. Daily Mail. But what really captured my interest was the URL of the link being shared. Right there in front of my face, I saw a word I hadn’t seen in quite some time… NESARA. The blog in question was The link was shared by a Christian Facebook friend. My brain went instantly into DANGER DANGER mode.

I dipped into the website, and found at the outset it looked like some kind of news aggregate. It spent a lot of energy on popular buzz words of the day like “End the Fed” and anti-IRS propoganda (two things I’m pretty much on board with, but I digress). I could see how someone with no knowledge of NESARA or prosperity schemes might find it a site worth perusing from time to time. I told myself I’d bookmark it and come back at a later date, and that was the end of it… for a while.

Several weeks later, I again spotted a link pass through my Facebook feed. This time it was from an entirely different Christian friend. What’s more, several OTHER Christian brothers and sisters shared the same link. Now I was concerned. I told myself that I’d be more vigilant about watching for that URL. I didn’t have to wait long before more people shared more “news” from the nesara blog. I dove back into the site to see what I could discern about the blogger’s intentions. The same sentiments are found at

I don’t know what I hoped to find. Maybe I thought that the owners of the site were proponents of the original NESARA proposal… the one set forth by Dr. Barnard. The one that had nothing to do with space aliens or a fake Jesus. That is not what I found.

This ridiculous image is actually used on a number of pro-Nesara sites.
This ridiculous image is actually used on a number of pro-Nesara sites. is a blog dedicated to towing the NESARA line into the future. It’s the same old song and dance with some new verbiage but the same crapola nonetheless. In fact, this new incarnation may be more disturbing than the Dove of Oneness brand of NESARA, because of the recent trend toward the extreme right-wing mentality that might draw in unsuspecting folks tired of the Fed and ready to believe that some kind of relief was on its way.

NESARA is alive and well, still waiting to be announced. According to the contributors to nesaranews, the announcement is still imminent. They’re still waiting. But, while you wait, you’re welcome to participate in some interesting investment plans suggested by the blog contributors.

1. The Dinar Deception

Eureka! It seems that there is a way to cash in on your dreams while you await NESARA. On July 8, 2013, a group called Stage2Omega (SOUND FAMILIAR????) was launched to promote the bounty that one can engage in through the investment in the Iraqi Dinar, which will soon re-valuate. Anytime now. Any moment. Soooooon. shamelessly promotes this group as well as a variety of other sites related to the Dinar.

An August 10, 2013 post on the Stage2Omega site states:





The site also shares its Alexa ranking info, which if nothing else, does prove that this site has gained some public interest.

The dinar scheme is nothing new. Its relation to NESARA however is something I’d never heard of before.

The idea of the scam is essentially a currency exchange. You send in your hard earned American dollars, and you’ll receive the equivalent in the Iraqi dinar, which is worth basically zilch, but someday… soooooomeday it will be worth jillions, and you’ll be glad you invested! See the following post from Forbes Magazine: You Can’t Fix Stupid: The Iraqi Dinar Scam Lives

This scam is really no different than previous incarnations of the Omega Trust. It is a Ponzi scheme that preys upon the gullible. It relies upon your ability to believe that those in charge are receiving “intel” from “sources” at “high levels.” There will always be suckers willing to believe in “get rich quick” schemes, and the folks in charge of these sites know that. They rely upon the fact that people will stake just about everything they own if you sell them on the dream. You can actually listen to the conference calls that have taken place thus far with Stage2Omega right here:

There are forums online where investors meet to discuss strategies and services for the IQD (short name for the Iraqi Dinar). In the forum “My Investment Group” which purports to be the “Best IQD Forum on the Internet”, there’s an entire section dedicated to Post RV! Dreams and Ideas… (RV stands for re-valuation) with threads titled Post Rv! Travel Ideas…, House Buying Ideas and Dreams…, and Car Buying Ideas and Dreams…. The forum calls investors “dinarians” and boasts that they are 8000+ Dinarians strong. That’s a lot of dinarians which translates to a LOT of dollars…. for the dinar salesperson.

iraqi dinar

iraqi dinar

But, lest you become too eager or impatient about your dinar investment, nesaranews warns and chastises:

Please….Do Not Go To The Banks, Call The Banks, or Bother the Banks. Just wait patiently until the RV/GCR is live and you can make an apt to go in and take care of business.

It is STRONGLY RUMORED the banks think dinar investors are crazed lunatics acting like this Currency Investment is Midnight at Black Friday and we are in the Wal-Mart line for the BIG SALE!!

It is STRONGLY RUMORED that there are about to be a lot of brand-new Wealthy People Everywhere. This would really be a good time to act like one of them.

Thanks~The Dinar Recaps Team

2. Global Currency Reset

This seems to be related to the dinar scheme, but is more broadly defined. It also includes the Vietnamese Dong as a treasured asset. Nesaranews links to another site ( which proclaims about this Global Currency reset:

The IQD’s revaluation is literally “moments away”, if I can put it like that, and the Dong will follow almost immediately thereafter.

One believer posted a comment, “I like it! Especially terms like “moments away”. In perspective for some who have been waiting for 10 years. Thank you again.”

3. GESARA!!!

The Galactic Federation of Light has renamed NESARA as GESARA. I can’t really figure out what the difference is except that it changes the N for “National” into a G for “general”, and it seems to have something to do with a channeled message from St. Germain. Naturally.

This is SO SAD folks! This is NESARA repackaged for a new economy. But its the SAME re-dang-diculous thing. People are encouraged to invest their money in hopes of some promised prosperity package that will only be released once the “powers that be” are forced to announce something at some future time which by all provided intel is sooooooooooon. Outrageous.

People are still buying it. This is why I wrote this today. People seem to have missed the part about RESEARCHING the junk that they repost, re-link, promote, or invest. There’s even a White House Petition to announce NESARA that gathered so many signatures that it warranted a response from the White House!!

For those who think that NESARA has only reached a relative few, please note that to date, the site has reached 32,333,156 views.

NESARA is not dead. As long as there are uninformed dreamers out there, it will never die. But I really felt the call to post this article for those out there who are mindlessly promoting the site and its affiliated trash. Stop. Just stop.

Everyone who has waited for NESARA has either died, left the movement broke and despondent, or… is Still Waiting.

Apologies to Pet Rock, if that previous article I just posted, r.e. nesara, is off topic.

np Luke-

Iraqi Dinar equals
0.00086 US Dollar

After the Iraq war vets were encouraged to buy dinars -1 million for $1100.00 US but now

1000000 Iraqi Dinar equals
859.19000 US Dollars
Security is THE Biggest Key to Prosperity-boiling political dissedents in hot tar in the public square, enslaving 11 tear old Christian girls a s** slaves and others, taking all possesions from Christians and other muslims does not dreate confidence in the region but don't tell that to ISIL-you'll be on the global hitlist-ISIL that sprang up from hell after obamas, hillirys, and soros' arab spring

A report recently released shows that many of the leaders of ISIL as well as members were in Abu Graif prison in Iraq... remember the pictures of this prison and how the Americans tortured and sexually abused the prisoners.  This is what created the psychopaths that run ISIL.  This all happened under Geo W Bush.

feather winger you are insane-there were a few incidents of brutality but things like making jihadists wear underwear on their heads is not torture

pet rocky...

Underwear on their head,,,the US tortured people to death and sexually assaulted them,  These were not jihadists at the time, they were just normal Iraqis.  The torture made them psychopaths and it is clear that those who tortured them were already psychopaths.

´´During the war in Iraq that began in March 2003, personnel of the United States Army and the Central Intelligence Agency committed a series of human rights violations against detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.[1] These violations included physical and sexual abuse, torture, rape, sodomy, and murder.[2][3][4][5] The abuses came to widespread public attention with the publication of photographs of the abuse by CBS News in April 2004. The incidents received widespread condemnation both within the United States and abroad,...the abuses at Abu Ghraib were not isolated incidents, but were part of a wider pattern of torture and brutal treatment at American overseas detention centers, including those in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay.......There was evidence that authorization for the torture had come from high up in the military hierarchy, with allegations being made that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had authorized some of the actions.[9]´´



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