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An important paragraph that caught my eye is this one:

{{Much of the alternative media is also tainted. Do your own research, learn to lead yourselves from your own heart and soul. We know in our heart of hearts what is right, what is service to humanity and the Earth. We also know what is disservice and being on the wrong side of the fence in the days to come will have dire consequences. As far as the UFO community, it needs a major overhaul. So does the new age community, much of which was created by PSY-OPs — another article in itself.}}

This is not surprising to me. It is obvious that a great deal of information found on alternative  / new age sites is meant as a smokescreen, and intended to confuse us into a deeper state of apathy. Don't say you haven't been warned.

James Gilliland ~ Beyond the Mask of Disclosure, May 2014

Do you ever wonder why we have not yet had disclosure? Have you ever wondered why contact has always been in the past or scheduled for some far off date in the future? Have you ever investigated the private lives of those in the new age and ufology movements when off the podium? How they treat those closest to them, the character of who they rub elbows with? Those who push transhumanism and population control give us a clear hint of their agendas. Have you ever investigated and taken a serious look at the past military and other intelligence connections of those you depend on for your information? Do you understand what planned opposition is and how it keeps a lid on the truth steering it off into the abyss? Do you know why the negative fear-based information has priority when it comes to air time? If you knew the answers to these questions you would realize why disclosure has not happened and why you have not heard about ongoing contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off world civilizations.

CONTACT IS HAPPENING NOW. It has been going on for thousands of years for those who rose to the occasion. Most of these contacts with spiritually and technologically advanced beings have been censored, marginalized, shoved far into the back row and if you knew who was doing this, they have good reason. Reason this, how do you tell the public you are completely defenseless against these off worlders which are far superior in technology and come and go as they wish? Luckily the benevolents are nonaggressive. These benevolent beings have transcended war, disease, and material lack. What would that do to the war industry, big pharma? They have no elite and are not enslaved through money, they don’t even have a monetary system. There is no manufactured lack in their civilization, no poverty, no homeless, they live a utopian lifestyle. These spiritually and technologically evolved being live according to Universal Law. Simply speaking the principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. This includes honoring the sacred circle of life, the Creator within all Creation.

What would peace do to the war industry? What would the cure for disease do to the pharmaceutical companies? Where would the elite fit into unity consciousness? How would tyranny continue to function in an awakened empowered society? Now do you understand why there is such a momentous effort to censor and suppress real contact? Now do you understand why the mainstream media will not cover sightings or real contact, belittles and embarrasses contactees? Do you understand why ufology is riddled with agents and planned opposition, people who act as if they are fighting for the truth, yet are the very censors of it? Continuously asking a government with a long history of lying and coverup knee deep in contact with regenerate ETs to all of a sudden tell us the truth is like getting a jackal to stop eating meat.

The real question is why do we need the jackal to believe in the obvious? Let it whine and bark all it wants; ignore it, and do your own research. The real disclosure is coming from the skies, it is coming through those with open minds, loving hearts and pure intent. These are the prerequisites for contact. Has any of your leadership met that criteria? Then why would we expect them to have any experience or knowledge of contact? They would only have knowledge and contact with those of like mind. Why are we demanding they tell us the truth when they have so little of it? Yes, there were crash retrievals; yes, we have been back-engineering ships and now have our own space fleet. Yes, we can go to the Moon and back and forth to Mars, and it is not on expensive firecrackers, space shuttles, which are dinosaurs compared to the black projects.

What of the advanced cultures who have transcended war, disease, poverty — have their energy and transportation needs met fuel-lessly? If this is all an option why are we not taking it? Where is the leadership that is working on behalf of humanity and the Earth? Who has kept the masses ignorant as to their divine heritage, their ancestors in the stars? Who has allowed the war, disease, poverty, pain and suffering to continue benefiting from it when the solutions are at hand? The leadership on Earth be it religious, government, or business has failed miserably to serve humanity and has been an extreme disservice to Earth. The wars, diseases, poverty, homelessness, pollution, the depleted uranium, Gulf Oil spills, radiation from Fukushima, chemtrails, the contaminated food supply with GMOs and carcinogenic chemicals, the flouride in your water along with 600 to over 800 carcinogens in most city waters are all testimony to a failed leadership. Especially when it comes to serving the people and preserving the environment.

Let’s end the denial on contact. Let’s end the denial concerning clean fuel-less energy. Lets end the denial concerning alternative healing and the benefits of clean organic food and water. Most important lets end the denial that most governments and agencies actually do what they were created to do: serve the people — and instead serve another master, the corporations and the elite. It is time to see things clearly, know who you serve, and which side of the fence you are on. If you want contact meet the criteria, rise to the occasion. If you want to see a ship start looking for them. They are all over your night skies — day skies, too. Know the difference between visible satellites, space stations and other man made craft. Go to or Jtracker. They will tell you what is visible, what is ours in your night sky. Don’t forget some of those UFOs; unidentified flying objects are ours, but what did we back engineer them from?

Your ancestors are returning, they are not happy with the condition of the planet and this civilization. They are removing the regenerate ETs. The tyrants will also feel their presence. The world of tyranny is collapsing. It is being done in unseen ways through consciousness and energy along with the grids. The old grid is falling apart; let it fall. Focus on a new world, a new grid, a world aligned with Universal Law and Unity Consciousness. Act on it. ETs help those who help themselves. Forget about the main stream media, your politicians, even your scientists who only believe in the programming they received, which is nothing more than recycled ignorance. Look at where most of your brilliant minds end up. They either work for the controllers or are done away with.

Much of the alternative media is also tainted. Do your own research, learn to lead yourselves from your own heart and soul. We know in our heart of hearts what is right, what is service to humanity and the Earth. We also know what is disservice and being on the wrong side of the fence in the days to come will have dire consequences. As far as the UFO community, it needs a major overhaul. So does the new age community, much of which was created by PSY-OPs — another article in itself.

Take back the God within, stop looking outside of yourself and giving your power away to those who truly do not deserve it. Research, research, research, educate yourself. The awakening is here for those who choose, and we do not have the luxury of remaining ignorant, dependent, or asleep in the days to come.

Be well,
James Gilliland


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Why does this article claim to be may 2014, but the latest update to his website is in 2013?

Then there is also this to contend with

although that too is falling apart

it just takes time

but the falling apart is happening

 I will say disclosure will never happen the way most people want it to.
    If you follow all the New Agers out there you be lead down the rabbit hole  just as anyone going somewhere to see UFO's like they really want to entertained people for fun.
    They travel through space to come here to fly around saying hi to people. Then just listen to the stories all the people that say they are working with any alien races come out with. Like they are all here helping us.
   I guess most people don't have cable T. There are many shows coming out now.  Some are showing things that have never been shown or even talked about before. I have one friend doing a show that shows three side to everything. A experiencer, a disbeliever  and one that did have his own personal experience.
   Sorry , to anyone promoting all the good lies -the ones that sound good. No aline race is helping move closure to understanding God but are making sure people increase their ego about being that.
   The only thing now is healing's. Why is it that people are hanging on to healing's as if it comes from God. Most people are only getting temporary healing which will only last a short time.
   Just like hypnosis a idea is given and one wants to except so bad then tries to believe it. Sooner or later again the truth will come out. Did you pay off the karma that gave you it in the first place. No one can take that away not even an alien. They already have much of their own.
   While everyone claims their alien friends communicate with them and are showing themselves. Guess they have no real gifts to bring to this planet because our planet is in the worst condition now, more then any other time in history.  There is fighting in the sky all the time now. More creatures and entities are here now and Guess what more demons the ever in history. The Pope just hired 1,500  more priests to do exorcists as well as even outsiders to help.
    Guess to many people believe they are all working with the highest aliens and angels. While the abuse of the planet just is increasing.
    You can talk about the Annunaki as being important please. Thoth was the original Being to bringing  humans here. The Annunaki were never good even in the beginning. If you want to talk about Atlantis please I was there and am aware of it.  There were nine races and the five spiritual races lefty this realm.
    People are being awakening to EGO.  The Vatican is not getting exposed unless you are Talking about the s** that goes on as well as ever where else.
     The higher power people  (rich) don't care what you think. People will never get power over them until a major disaster comes and changes everything.
   Please the Jump room, really what do you know about? What race will help us . NONE.  The earth has to be cleaned up.  I am talking about all the people that have to leave. Realize when any new age speakers talks about people they are always talking about such a small percent of the planet's population.
    Really clean the planet of Radiation. Let's clean the planet of people with ego. Anyone thinking they are important to GOD Itself and that Good aliens have to come here to work with this lowlife planet. Even though we could be the most spiritual race in the universe.
   Please I am doing a show today. Friday. Come on and debate your truth.
   12 PM EST.  Spiritual and Beyond.
    Advanced races will take people where they need to go and then  get rid of the tyrants. Please dream are just that. Fairy tails are also that. Are you watching the number of people dying everywhere,
   If I am not mistaken relationships are up to about 60 % of them breaking up higher then any other time in history.
    Love is ones connection to GOD not other people's ego. God is not in anyone living on this planet either. 
    Until you change the whole Gov. no one can talk about the real truth without being attacked in some way. The war will happen. The ocean is almost destroyed It will be the greatest miracle to change that alone.
    Simplicity means look to a God Not ego.
 Happiness on planet earth really. Guess you just have to close your eyes to the children of the world . 

That's beautiful, Hellen. Namaste.... :))

I really liked this post. Definitely the best I've read for months. I'm so sick and tired of reading the same "fluff" without any real tangible solution in reality. I really felt this post is guiding one to see the real truth and being a real wake up call for many.

What this really means is that disclosure must be a grassroots movement between folks of like-minded thinking at a local level. Now it would be ideal for these groups to be able to connect to broader worldwide cells but not imperative.

That is why I am in the beginning stages of formulating a local discussion group in my area so that folks can get together and discuss alternatives, information and ideas on how to make public contact.

The new paradigm must come from the heart of you and me, because the rich elite have an agenda that only works to further our enslavement and ignorance and keep us in a modern dark ages.  

    Around 1996 I was lecturing around the US. I had a partner I was doing all my UFO research with. We got pictures of many strange things in Wanique NJ. That was where Tesla did much of his work.
   It was Gov. property as well. We spent 4-6 hours every other night. What I realized most people were not ready for any real truth. I truly think most people just want to believe and accept fairytales for truth.
   I would debate just about everyone claming to have been working with an  alien race. The mind with mind programs can create great stores. Sadly in the past 25 years -I did not see any alien story come true. I also know for a fact as it has been proven the Gov can project any thought inside most peoples mind to the level they will believe it.
    I have very little faith finding to many people that really understand any truth about UFO's and aliens . Like their main agenda. 

"Do you understand why ufology is riddled with agents and planned opposition, people who act as if they are fighting for the truth, yet are the very censors of it?"

When I read that line in the third paragraph, I instantly thought of you Hawksblood1, why do suppose that is?

Of course after reading your comments about this article it becomes clear, wouldn't you agree?

If the Gov can project any thought inside most peoples mind to the level they will believe it, then humanity doesn't stand much of a chance.  I would not doubt this is true considering how many people go through life with blinders on, just accepting something as absolute truth just because its in a really thick book or just because the Govt says something isn't true.  Depressing.  Guess they haven't gotten to me yet.

Check out Jesse Ventura's show on Haarp and Doomsday weapons. He show a little device that runs on a battery that can project sound into some one's head. It is only a small toy compared to the Real HAARP System. Latest just recived a link saying they will be taken it down this summer??????? Really. They have something much better. OH NO. 

Projecting sound into/onto someones head, and creating a thought in their own voice inside their head, are two very different things. One can be done, the other can not. :)

Jesse Ventura is probably a govt agent by the way. One of the worlds foremost effective distributors of Fear Porn. I remember all his promotions of 2012-shelters...

Did Jesse explain in detail how the device works?



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