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My dear friends! I receive hundreds letters from you to my e-mail daily and not everybody knows how I work and what I need for the reading. So I decided to post it here again. I do free readings on this site when I've got some free time. If you ask a question the reading will be done within 7 days.

P.S If you're happy with the reading you can donate any sum to PayPal [email protected]  
Thank you   

Requirements for the reading:

1. Real name and age (or the same details for the person you're asking about)

2. Brief description of the problem and one accurate question (for the psychic session write me in PM).

3. You can have a reading for a person you care about, we all need help.

4. You must be more than 21 years old.

I do private psychic sessions via skype too. Also I do specific work/guidance like "Generation's cleansing", "Work with telegony phenomenon" and much more interesting deep things. You can find detailed information at 

You make a decision yourself what way of communication is more suitable for you. I'd be always happy to help you    

My skype is fairy2515 

Welcome any time!

Love to all,

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