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Facebook Deletes Melania Trump Photos, Claims They’re ‘Hate Speech’-Big Tech ramping up censorship efforts ahead of 2020 election

I think we need to FOCUS on big tech scum as much as possible

n its latest attack on free speech, Facebook deleted photos of Melania Trump on Black Friday, calling them “hate speech.”

A woman who goes by Amy in D.C. posted a warning she received from Facebook for posting a photo of the First Lady.

“FB just removed this from a political page I’m co-editor on,” she wrote. “Hard to see the meme another editor shared, but it’s a picture of our First Lady and says ‘You can keep your Lady Gaga, we’ve got Lady MAGA.'”

“Hate speech? Really?” she added.

The ridiculous censorship by Facebook further highlights their escalating war against free speech because the photos clearly suggest nothing hateful.

The social media platform is simply trying to eradicate conservative content – however innocuous – from its platform to demoralize conservatives and influence the 2020 election outcome in Democrats’ favor.

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There's a push to break up facebook, google, etc. as monopolies but the US Justice dept is dragging their feet

Google co-founders step aside as antitrust scrutiny heats up

Resign  but keep the foreigner as spokesguy -ridicule him and you are a xenophobe/racist



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