We've had elegant discussions and even descriptions, on occasion, by ETs of their home planets, in both channeled articles and books.  But why can't I find any actual photos taken by those ETs or the Space Commands of those home planets?  Does this violate some federation protocols?  Or what?  If anyone can direct me to such photos on the internet, would be glad to view (as would others, am sure).  It's not that I'm skeptical; quite the contrary, I just want to see some photos of planets outside this solar system.  Thanks.

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  • Thanks Donald i have used your article as Ping back in my weekly spiritual Caribbean energies post here if you do not mind



  • first of all if we take any of our 3d camera's/equipment  to the higher evolved ET planets (lets use pleadies for example)

    to take foto's it wouldnt come out properly...ie the camera would not pick up pictures, its not advanced enough.!

    (and our eyes are not intune with their higher frequency) so we cant see it.

    Also the highly evolved galactic family are private, and humble,

    they do not *show off* in pictures, they are not like this,to show off pictures and landscapes... they do not like to take *photos* as per se, like humans do.

    The galactics share with humans all their love, and all their dedication...

    so, some things will be shown when humans are ready as a collective to acccept them without FEAR.... :)

    •    Reply to Star:  We already take pictures/photos of the Pleiadian Star system.  Hubble and earth based telescopes have taken thousands of them.  They can obviously be seen in 3-D.  But where are the close up 3-D pictures of their planets?  My understanding is that in our own solar system, each planet has life on it, but primarily in other dimensions.  Yet we do have photos of the 3-D surface of many of these planets.  Nor would I expect the ETs to take our primitive cameras to their worlds.  But much as they can monitor and see on their screens the surface of our planet, why will they not permit us to get a peek onto their planets?  All I can think of is that it is not yet permitted by certain "quarantine protocols" - perhaps because of the pervasive FEAR here that you mention.  

  • Boys i did not tell you many times do not clock yourself?

    People must SEE you all....

    But watch yourself from the boys with dark sun glaces ...

  • hmmmm...just musing here....but if these ET's all exist in a higher dimension, we humans with 3D eyes, might not be able to see pictures or photographs at all, because of the limitations of 3rd dimensional biology...


    •    Good point, Marie.  But, I would assume they have the technology to photograph their planets also in third dimensionality.  Their craft, for example, are generally 5th Dimensional and above but can, on occasion, appear in our 3rd dimension.

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