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Egan Airships, based in Seattle, Washington, has developed the transportation of the future for TODAY! Featuring vertical takeoff and landing (no ground crew necessary) the Expert Designed Model J 10-person airship is ultra-safe: fire-proof and with a 9mph unpowered descent. Plus, it can go up to 86 miles per hour carrying ten people for over 3 hours. Without passengers, this sturdy model can carry one ton of cargo plus an LD3 airplane box. The Plimp™ Airship can be your source of advertising, cell phone/data relay, tourist transportation, military reconnaissance, and more.

This model of next-era transportation can be yours for one million dollars per year for four years plus overages. Fly in the sky like a fish swims in the ocean with the Plimp™ Airship.

Visit PLIMP.COM for more information.

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Cool ..can have private parties in it as it floats 


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