Proof of good and evil forces on Earth is RIGHT THERE!
Can you feel the veil being pulled over your third eye when you eat a banana, reducing your capacity for intuition (amongst other psychic/discerning/perceptive) abilities?
Are you more discerning after drinking (concentrated) red grape juice? I am, for a while. I also feel more able to pay attention to others' feelings.
By the way, am I the first to notice this? Am I just more aware than most people?

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  • considering bananas being yellow, having some "green"s with it, couple of red peaches and loquats, it sure sounds like good color therapy .

    Drink some Light ( water ) and you are on the right tract to "bliss~full " point being I do not believe one bit what this post tries to explain about bananas. and bananas are easy to digest , which makes it great digestive food. And, it has enough vital sugar for ones body.................blah, blah and blah............


  • I eat banana every meal. We have loads of banana here. We also have mangoes here. We have the sweetest mango in the whole world. Yum yum yum. Any fruit is good for the health as long as they are grown organically.
  • To all of you, if you don't believe the banana part, maybe you've tried drinking concentrated red grape juice and you noticed your altered perception.
    Also, bananas limit the potential of your third eye, maybe close it wasn't the best way to put it.
    • I do like Grape juice, but I also like Bananas and I feel like my 3rd eye is wide open when I partake of both :)
  • LoL, I don't believe what you are saying, and neither do you, I'm thinking.  

    Are you just making this stuff up to see what people will say?  

    It's a waste of energy to spend your time doing that, don't you think? :)

    • Ignore it or consider it, it's your choice Delilah ;)

      I like this topic, I remember the importance of colors again.


      The truth is that the vibrational properties of a food's color are far more important than its ‘nutrient content'.

      Then we have also chromatherapy or colortherapy, which is a vibrational medicine to balance the human's magnetic field. Even the color of the clothes we wear affect our health. In the chinese geomancy named 'Feng Shui', play colors are an important part in the yin-yang balance. Back to food again, eating a variety of colorful foods is like a symphony playing in your body. If you want to be in harmony, give your body a healthy balance of colorful foods.

      • Oh I didn't ignore it, I just don't believe that.  

        There is truth to color therapy, but nothing can "close" a person's 3rd eye, unless of coarse, they are trying to close it, even then I don't think people have that kind of control over their Spiritual body.

        All fruits are good for your body and 3rd eye, it doesn't matter what color they are, it goes beyond "color" when you're looking at things on the "Light" spectrum.



        • One more thing to add, Bananas actually contain all colors EXCEPT yellow, that's why they look Yellow, because our eye can see eveything except the color it can't absorb.  I think I'm correct about that :)
  • I cannot recall where I got it from since I suck up terrible amounts of information.

    For me it's not important to know where I learned something.


    I did a quick search at google and this very clear and informative website "Health with Colors" appeared.




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