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Ascension Through an Indigo's Eyes 
B Y   K A T I   S M I T H


AS MANY OF US KNOW, the earth is in a time of great traascension_cube.jpgnsformation. We are all transcending the third, fourth, and even fifth dimensional frequencies at unprecedented rates. All of us are feeling the forces of change flow through our bodies, minds, spirits, and souls. The transformation energy is headed right into the very core of us, sweeping out all the old outdated energies that are blocking us along our paths to mastery.

wearebeing.jpgThere have been various books, websites, and media dedicated to observing and expressing the great changes taking place, but something I've yet to see is this: What happens when it's all over? What happens after the ascension symptoms are done? What happens after we've released all our blocks?

Over the past three years I've experienced the ascension changes just as many of us have done. Within this time my team of angels has told me that I have worked through almost all my major life blocks. So why is it then, that I feel so strange?

This transformation process that is being called "the ascension" is what everyone and everything on this earth is experiencing on some level. The Earth is renewing herself and getting ready to break the bondage of the third and fourth dimensional chains and travel to the fifth dimensions, sixth dimensions, and beyond. Just as the earth goes through this process, so do her inhabitants. We are being forced to release all that is third dimensional and fourth dimensional, and for a great many, this is a very uncomfortable process.

Last year, when the ascension changes were at their peak point in my life, I found myself with all the classic symptoms multiplied ten by ten.ascension3.jpg I was too physically sick to work a normal job. I was having frequent panic attacks, blurred vision, and nausea so terrible that I was unable to drive. I would have periods of blacking out, restless sleep and constant insomnia with chronic fatigue. The worst part was that I went for a period of being totally unable to be creative with my arts.

I am a singer and performer. This is my absolute life passion, one that I was trying desperately to live out... Being unable to even practice my gift was agonizing for me.

At this time I went on an audition to collaborate with a music producer. He wanted to make a demo with me and send it around to various labels. I arrived at the audition completely prepared and vocally warmed up. He gave me the sheet music and I listened to some of his songs. He asked me to record my voice that night. I was confidant that this was my break. As soon as I opened my mouth I knew something was wrong. Every note I sang was flat, sharp, out of tune, or off key, and no matter how much I tried, using my vocal techniques, I could not sing at all.

This continued for four months. My angels reassured me that this was all happening for a divine reason that I could not understand. They explained it was part of the ascension and that I was not supposed to be singing then.

Eventually, I got my voice back and landed the break of my career. I landed a job at Lumina records in Paris, France, to be the main recording vocalist, live show performer, editor, and angelic channeler for the owner of the company. For many months I was back to living out my creativity and my art. I continued through the ascension, letting go of many blocks I was holding onto, and releasing much that I had no idea existed in me.

Then, a little over four months ago I again noticed changes in my creativity. Where I once was able to write anything anyone requested in under five minutes, I could no longer produce any words on any pages.youmay.jpg I tried to ignore it because some days were okay, while others were incredibly frustrating. I told myselfit was just part of the ascension process.

About two months ago my angels told me they wanted me to write a book. So I pulled up a blank Word document and sat at my computer with my fingertips on the keys. I was in my trance state, waiting to receive all the wisdom that needed to be known. I got nothing.

Every day I would sit at my computer and try to write. I was completely blocked. First, my ego mind went nuts trying to organize the book. I couldn't seem to figure out what the content should be, how it all should fit together, and I couldn't seem to get anything to flow. Any words I forced out seemed fake and meaningless. The frustration of not being able to write was so bad I had tempered fits of crying. I finally gave up on the book and went about my other businesses.

Then the worst symptom hit the fan: I could not hear my angels. I was specifically hired to be a creative partner and angelic channeler for Lumina, the company I work for, and there I was, unable to answer questions that were thrown my way. I was at a loss. I couldn't understand why my connection had vanished. Normally, when someone asked a question I would receive words and images within seconds to guide the person toward the healthiest decisions. I had been in constant contact with my angels since I was twelve years old. What was happening?

I began to slightly panic. The first thought was that I had done something wrong and I was being punished. Perhaps I hadn't done enough for my angels. Maybe they were upset with me becausascension_cube2.jpge I hadn't accomplished some part of my mission. I thought that I had offended them by not following their advice in some way.

Then the guilt set in. I began going through all my past conversations with them, trying to find any clues but I found nothing. There were no feelings, intuitions, visions, or quite murmurings of their sweet voices in my head. I felt like I had fallen into a dark tunnel with no light to guide me through. Thankfully, my boss was extremely understanding, and gave me the time I needed to collect myself.

I began having headaches everyday. I noticed my neck would be constantly sore and I felt fatigued much of the time. Much of it felt like the symptoms of ascension, but not as intense, and with a different purpose.

About a week later I jumped out of bed when my angels came jolting through my head. They said,

We are here; all is well. We have not abandoned you. You have no reason to feel guilty; guilt is a form of self-punishment for feeling unworthy. You are worthy. You are going through another dramatic change; you have finished with clearing out your major blocks and are now in a time of spiritual transition. You cannot hear us because you are "shut down." We are activating different parts of your cell structure and DNA that hold many secrets of this universe and of the past, present, and future. It's time for you to awaken, but this is such a major life change that we are shutting down many of the parts of your brain. This is why you struggle to create and why you cannot hear us.

We are always here. Know that when you don't hear us it is because you are being activated. If you were to be totally conscious of what is going on it would be too overwhelming for you to handle. We love you and we are always here.

I was stunned. I knew the ascension was clearing out all old and negative energies. But I wasn't quite aware that it was actually awakening information inside ofascension2.jpg myself that had lain dormant for centuries.

Later my angels went onto explain,

All of the human beings on this planet who have chosen to partake in the ascension process have to go through this in order to receive what is being given. Until you are vibrating at a much higher frequency you cannot access the information that is waiting to be activated inside of each and every one of you. Know it is an honor and a gift that is being bestowed upon you. Your clearing is done, and the real ascension is now taking place. You have transmuted much of your past ego and you have transformed old bits of information that lay in your DNA for eons. Now is a time of celebration for what you've accomplished, and excitement at what is taking place, and what is to be.

My angels have said that many are feeling as I am right now, and they want you all to know that it's okay. This is all part of the process. Rest and relax... some parts of you are shut off so others can be turned on.

My angels gave me a list of some of the symptoms that one goes through after the ascension clearing. I like to call these "after ascension symptoms:"

  • Headaches
  • Mild dizziness
  • Pressure in points of the head and neck
  • Neck aches
  • Shoulder stiffness and soreness
  • Swollen hands and feet
  • Blurred vision
  • Pressure on third eye
  • Inability to organize
  • Inability to channel
  • Inability to create art
  • Mild memory loss
  • Mild stomach cramping and nausea
  • Mild diarrhea
  • Fatigue

My angels have explained each symptom and its purpose. The headaches, dizziness pressure points in head and neck, neck aches, shoulder stiffness and soreness all relate to the activation in our brains and in our sixth, seventh and eighth chakras. They've explained that right now they are being infused with such intense light that it's actually making it uncomfortable on our dense three dimensional bodies. All of this is a sign that your opening up channels, portals, and parts of your brain that need a lot of energy to awaken.

The blurred vision and pressure on the third eye all relate to the third eye being opened and activated more. You may physically start seeing aurascension6.jpgas or energy floating around, and sometimes have a hard time distinguishing between what is solid and what is energy form. Know that your third eye is just learning to focus and your eyes will go back to seeing clearly.

The inability to organize comes from your mind's changing perceptive. You are changing your thought process from linear to multidimensional. It will seem as if the simplest of tasks, such as planning your day, will seem overwhelming and impossible. This too, shall pass, and you will adjust to your new multidimensional way of thinking.

The mild memory loss is your brains way of weeding out what it believes is beneficial and non beneficial to your spiritual development. You may find yourself forgetting important dates, meetings, and even simple things, such as having a normal conversation with someone. You may find that the simplest of sentences one may say can sound completely confusing and overwhelming. You may find yourself also unable to retain much information as well. I find writing everytusethistime.jpghing down, dating it, and timing it will help keep you on track. You may also find yourself in a bit of physical disarray by doing things such as forgetting to close cabinet doors when you open them, forgetting to put lids on toothpaste, and simply forgetting to clean messes you make, or being totally unaware of making any messes at all. This is just you trying out your multidimensionality, and this too, shall pass, and you get more used to this new way of thinking.

The fatigue comes from the amount of strain and stress this process puts on your body. It's incredibly important to relax and let your body heal and transition into the new activations taking place.

There are ways to counter balance the symptoms. These aascension5.jpgre some activities that have really helped me in my after-ascension symptoms, when include:

  • Rest
  • Relax as much as you can
  • Exercise
  • Sweat
  • Yoga
  • Drink water and herbal tea
  • Bathe
  • Eat organic food
  • Spiritual medicine

I've found that relaxation and rest are the key ingredients to making this a smooth transition. As I stated before, this is very physically demanding on many parts of your body, and the way to let this process flow as smoothly as possible is to do any and all things that make you feel relaxed. Sleep is incredibly important at this time as well.

Exercising, sweating, and yoga are also wonderful avenues to help get the new energy flowing freely through your body. Exercising releases all the physical discomforts this puts on your body while sweating helps eliminate any toxins or negative energies that may be blocking this new energy from coming in. Yoga is also a wonderful way to get the energy moving freely through your body. I find thatyouarea.jpg doing hot Hatha yoga really keeps me feeling balanced and refreshed.

Water is an incredibly important tool as well at this time. Water is a conductor of energy. The more water you can drink the better. Immerse yourself in a hot relaxing bubble bath. I've found that candles, incense, and light music help relax all your senses.

Anything one puts in their body should be completely natural, unprocessed and without chemicals. I know that when I was deeply going through the ascension I began getting very sick after eating anything that was not completely organic. I even got to a point where I could not eat any meat. I found this quite amusing since I had been following the Atkins diet for a year!

Organic biological foods are a higher vibration than processed foods, and since we are raising our vibrations, these foods are very healthy for us during this transition. If one eats anything that's heavily processed or chemicalized it will create a friction in the body that can sometimes be painful.

ascension4.jpgThe same concept applies to medicines. The chemicals in medicines can actually stall the process of activation. Healing your body with mind exercises and herbal natural remedies is the healthiest for you at this time. We are raising our vibrations to such a high degree that we can no longer tolerate things in our body that aren't of high vibration as well.

 There is no need to worry. If you suddenly feel halted in your abilities know that you aren't being punished and that everything is okay. It's not a time to feel guilty or fearful. It's a time to celebrate! You've reached the last of the clearing, and now you are being given a wonderful gift! You are getting time off to take care of you. Use this time to affirm to you and your higher self that you are worthy, that you are a wonderful human being, and that you are doing a fabulous job on this planet.

Perhaps I really shouldn't call them "after-ascension symptoms" because we really never stop ascending. No matter where we are, what planet we are on or from, or what level of consciousness we've reached in this universe and universes beyond, we will always be ascending further and further into new dimensions and opening new doors and portals to more and more consciousness. But for the current time, in this current ascension, I feel that we should know what is next after the ascension. And until the next big earth ascension wave comes, I hope my angels' words can help reassure you. You are a wonderful, beautiful, precious spark of gods divine love and light.

© Kati Smith, 2006



kati_smith_bio.JPGKati Smith is a 21 year young Indigo, living in Paris. Originally from Kansas City USA, she was guided to Europe by her angels to start working on the Indigo movement together with Taho, a 29 year young Indigo, founder of Lumina Records. They both want to build a new kind of Media Network through Music, Movies, Documentaries, Visionary art and will soon launch their own online TV site,

Since the age of twelve, she has had a strong angelic connection. She is in constant contact with her personal angelic guides and the Archangel Michael. She provides angelic counseling for young indigos who find difficulties in transitioning on this planet and is building her own web site where she gives online counseling and channeling.

As a singer, her performances in chorale, classical, jazz and musical vocals have brought her many awards and honors in her very young career. She trained for over seven years in Classical vocal study and performed on the stage of Disney World in 2001 and 2002.Her presence on stage is fascinating, like if she was able to channel for each individual person and touch a magical string in every soul! Miss Kati takes us into a new world of visions, unexplored emotions and unrevealed dimensions.



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