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I've noticed the lack of belief in the Galactic Federation's intentions or in them entirely despite everyone's earlier devotion and enthusiasm.  At this point in time this quite understandable as mankind's swift awakening as caused dramatic shifts in everyone's thinking and has led us to start questioning everything and anything around us.  While this is a crucial step in the awakening process, too much skepticism will only lead to intolerance of another's viewpoint.

There has been way too much conflict on a website that is meant to be a beacon of hope, love and understanding.  Everyone on here has been trapped in this third-dimension reality for so long that they have turned their fiery swords of light on each other in order to uncover what is true and slash at what are nothing more than lies.  We're all here seeking the truth but we will never find it if we keep accusing each other of spreading lies.  Each viewpoint is valid and should be heard as the truth is a subjective thing.  No one should be ridiculed for having a different opinion and no one should be accused of spreading fear either.  If we all walk so close to light like we say we do, then we are also strong enough to handle any sort of "Negative Vibrations" that someone else's post may be resonating.

As for the Galactic Federation's delays, I think I might have an answer for them.  While they may be a highly spiritual group, they are also political as well.  They have a policy of non-interference and won't just land on the White House lawn simply because we want them too.  Our poor planet has been tainted with violence for so long that while the GFL is advanced, if they were to manifest into 3D reality we would be a threat to them because our race is so aggressive.  Of course, this is a just a theory and maybe they will be here before or on 12/21/12, but nonetheless, we really need to improve relationships between ourselves before we can even hope to cooperate with extraterrestrial civilizations.

This is another reason why we need to be more unified and tolerant of one and another.  If we cannot even solve conflicts between ourselves on here, then how can we expect to change the world into a better place?  

Please, let's show a little bit more tolerance and understanding towards one and another, for the Galactic Federation's and our sake.  :)


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