Hello .. I am in seeking of anyone's opinion that they may have on this matter. To be clear, I have my own ideas of why this is happening, but am wanting to put it out there, to see what other's ideas are regarding this, and how they correlate with my own :)

On a DAILY basis, countless times throughout the day, I see tiny flashes of colors, I could call them "orbs" .. they are very small, but bright and vivid enough to always catch my attention for the couple seconds they flash at me. The ones I see are usually either very whitish, silvery, green, purpley, orangey, yellowish, and different shades of blue. There are times when I'll see black ones and they tend to always be bigger sized than the regular small ones I see, and the black ones I do not see on a daily basis, those are rare and only once in a while. The ones I have been seeing a LOT lately are bright blue ones, almost like an irredescent blue like the color of clear ocean water blue. Purplish tones and bluish tones are the ones that I see the most of, but do have times when I see the other colors.

They are very tiny, like pen tip tiny,  but are SO vividly bright when they catch my attention. They follow me, no matter where I go if they want to appear to me they do, and It never fails that I see them. They have no routine or schedule for appearing to me, just appear whenever they appear, but it is several times every single day, I have been noticing this on a daily basis really prevalently for over 6 months now.

Am open to anyone who has their own opinion/idea of what they are, what they represent, and most importantly WHY do I see these on a daily basis. 

Please no rude or negative comments, speak your truth, but keep it kind.

Thank You!!

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  • Yup. I see them too...

  • that is incredible!
    They flare up big time when I'm in the shower as well ... in my entire bathroom to be honest with you. My bathroom is my helpful/guidance people in the feng shui sector of my apartment.. and it's where I see them most prevalently. Interesting :)

    I found this youtube last night on lilou's channel.. I frequently watch her as she shares a wealth of spiritual information .. this seems very fit .


  • I ran across this youtube last night, watching a channel I frequently watch for her countless spiritual interviews and beautiful information she shares ... and looks like we got major confirmation on this dear people :)


  • Namaste

  • oh yes, I love them! I feel a kindred love to them and feel a 'living' presence in what they are.

    Angel sparks would be a really good interpretation!! yes!! I will never forget as long as I live one profound experience I had about 5 years ago. I was sitting at my computer well after midnight, my then 6 month old daughter was sound asleep in her crib .. at that time she would always sleep straight through the night! I had a wind chime hanging in her doorway for decoration .. and at that time NO windows were open, there was absolutely NO way for a wind of any sort to have moved this windchime.. but I heard very distinctly the windchime move and so I quickly walked in to see her, and as I approached her doorway I saw countless flickers of white light, I would describe it was glitter in the air all around me ,. and I walked into her room and she was standing up in her crib looking upwards smiling and giggling! Like there was someone in her room amusing her she was happily gazing up smiling and giggling.. I know without a doubt, We had an Angel visit us that night, and it makes a lot of sense why due to some personal things going on in our life at that time. It truly gave me the very confirmation I needed that we were loved, protected, and watched over.. such a beautiful experience, So I indeed could easily call them "angel sparks" :)

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    • Namaste

  • Dear d1v1nity,


    I cannot remember times I did not have all those flashes and orbs. The most of the time i see the tiny white flashes.

    When i'm in the dark, its like looking through a microscope in a petrie-dish filled with all.


    greetings Helene  love and light



    • :) Namaste

  • I've had these sightings for a couple of years and lately I've studied them a little more closely.

    I found that those flashes directly correspond to many of the thoughts we have in our daily life.

    If you observe your thoughts around the moment you see these flashes you should be able to distinguish which thoughts it is that gives which color of these lights.

    In me, when I think dark things and experiment on the lower astral (I use that plane for games to gain experiences that are too medieval to be let out in the 20th century) I get a dark orange-yellow'ish light and when I have uplifting thoughts and experiences the light is more yellow than orange. When I do my didgeridoo-playing and goes into trance sometimes the entire room fills up with yellow light. Very beautiful :)

    But, start by observing your thoughts and see if you can find a correlation with the lights you see to the thoughts you have and we'll work from there. :)

    • YES!! thank you!! 

      I have been doing exactly this!! I have thought for quite some time now they are correlating with my own very thoughts and have been experimenting with myself on this. I found an orb color chart on moonspenders as I posted above and when I see the colors and correlate them to certain thoughts and situations BOOM I go read the definition for that color and although it isnt very in depth, the general definition I've found on moonspenders tells me 9 timnes out of ten a confirmation for what I was thinking :) Thank you very much!!


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