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Confronting Ones' Inner Self When Dealing With Others In This Time Of Great Change & Increased Energies

I'd like to ad to the conversation regarding increased negativity and agitation affecting all on Gaia now.
                 Being confronted with this negativity is definitely a challenge and needs to be looked at, but from a much different perspective than is now being currently employed. If change is to happen it must come from within ! Isolating oneself is not the answer to change as it is only a form of avoidance. We as Starseeds, Light Workers and all purporting to be Awakened, must see that "avoidance, feeling the need to defend oneself or an angered reaction to another", is an internal reaction to a contraction within ! Having said this I will be the first to say that I have indeed reacted to the increased negativity of those around me in this manner and find myself still reacting this way to certain people or situations, but I'm working on internal change and it is showing results ! For example when confronted by negativity and or hostility I try and look at the situation not so much from a me and you scenario, but try and view it as an interaction between me and myself. Its quite simple really if one views those around them as mirror to themselves. I'm sure you've all heard that what you don't like in another is what you don't like about yourself and as such they've acted as a mirror to yourself. So when you find yourself reacting to another try to step back into the moment and ask yourself what is it that I'm reacting to, what is it that I need to learn from this interaction, what is this seemingly reoccurring drama trying to tell me about myself.
                 Yes the energy being directed at Gaia has been nothing less than unsettling for many and after a period of what I call flat lining I've awoken to the joy of love and light and have felt the pangs of fear, the shame of fear & the resistance to fear creeping into my psyche. It is my understanding that this is a sign that one is not totally ready to ascend and needs to continue the process of inner work. I've added a couple of nudges that helped me immensely and I hope they do the same for you. As a matter of fact the processes mentioned in the Brainwave Entertainment downloads deal with the acknowledgement, annihilation & disolvement of egos and contractions and are the most effective I've ever come across ! I send you all light & love for we are love, we are love, we are love............


An Invocation To The Violet Flame From The One Heart

I now call upon the Violet Flame to fill the spaces between the cells of my body with the liquid flame of transmutation. I place within this burning flame all dross, all dense matter and all perceived negativity for its purification in all realms of manifestation. I am the golden keeper of flame and in the name of The One Heart I choose to create within my bodies a container in which the flame may burn until this form has completed its service within this realm. May all that is embodied within me experience the union of the Violet Flame within The One Heart and may this integration purge forever the illusion of separation within my consciousness. I accept my role as a Christ different, creating eternally an agreement within my blueprint that fuses the fabric of soul with the souvenir consciousness with all that is - so be it and so it is.

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You know, it's so surprising how close the eastern philosophies are to these teachings :)  Everything you need to know about life is taught by Lao Tzu :) 



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