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Colin Andrews with Synthia Andrews On The Cosmic Eye Radio Show Worldwide Sunday Nov.10th

The Cosmic Eye Radio Show presents special guests Colin and Synthia Andrews live November 10th Sunday at 11:30 AM Est.

Will be talking about the latest book they have published on hidden technologies,power of the mind,quantum physics,paranormal phenomena,orbs,ufos,harmonic transmissions and crop circles. called On The Edge of Reality.

As consciousness changes, so do our perceptions. The door is opening to a new reality. Join Colin and Synthia as they share what is beyond this door.They have examined the multiplex of current change- from the bases of society to the foundations of science- that indicates the unfolding of a new paradigm.

Colin Andrews is a veteran researcher of unusual phenomena currently enjoying a burgeoning resurgence of public and media interest. Since 1983 he has supplied the public and British government with pioneering research. Colin is known around the world for his  groundbreaking work with Crop Circles(a term he coined),UFO and Consciousness Research.

Join me as we interview Colin and Synthia Andrews Sunday November 10th,2013 at 11:30 AM Est from the United States broadcasting all time zones around the Planet.

You can listen on the Internet at www, just be sure you have downloaded Windows Media Player ,Real Audio Player,Itunes or Winamp from our website and you will be able to listen from anywhere.

So don't miss a show that will be out of this world.

Colin Andrews

Synthia Andrews

CmdrAleon is producer of the Cosmic Eye Ashtar Command Radio Show on WESU FM 88.1 NPR/Pacifica Radio Station and moderator of the Ashtar Galactic Command website started in the United Stated which is dedicated solely to Ashtar Command on and off Planet to join go to

CmdrAleon also is the creator of the Ashtar Command Global TV Network the first TV Network of the Ashtar Command on and off Planet.


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