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I have not been on this site for about a year now. I have been on spiritual journey (just as most of you) for about 7 years now and have been busy with this. On Sept 6th, 2013 I received the gift of healing. That is the ability to channel healing energies. This is unlike any form of healing that most have ever experienced. I can do it over any distance, just as if I were there in person. I heal through the layers of the aura. You will feel the energy coursing through your body.

The experiences are many and are tailored to the needs of your soul. I am not the one that heals you, I am just a conduit for the energy. You can read up on what I offer on the site below. It can heal on four different levels. Physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, depending on the needs of your soul. I do get messages at times as well, although my main mission is to stay out of the way mentally as I channel these energies. I am just trying to spread the light and help raise the planets frequency. I will be offering sessions at no cost for a while (as I have time), to those that are serious and interested in this. I only ask that you post up the experiences that you had during our session. Instructions for contacting me can be found on my site below. I look forward to working with you.

Your Brother in Light

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  • Hey All.....I did not get any takers on this site, but I've had the honor to do about 50 distance sessions around the world on the https://www.facebook.com/groups/ChannelingErik/. The results have been outstanding and they are very supportive to say the least. When I get done there I will move on to another supportive site, one that realizes a gift from God when they see it. I do wish you all well........Much Love.

    Your Brother in Light


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  • I have received a couple of requests via e-mail stating they would like a session with me. I am more than happy to do so, but we need to talk on the phone first to set up a time for a session and to explain how it works. We don't need to be on the phone during the actual session. You just need to be lying down, undisturbed and to be receptive to the energies at the time that I am channeling these energies. When you call me at the phone number (listed on the site in the original post) we can schedule a session. Please be mindful of the time difference between our locations. If I am doing a session and can not answer the phone, then please leave a short message with your name and number and I will get back to you asap. I look forward to working with you.  :-)

    • Almost forgot, for those outside of the US you will need to add the exit code for your country IE...(0011) then a (1) followed by my number 10 digit number to reach me. If unsure on how to make an international call you can always Google it to find out the correct prefix.  :-)

  • You are welcome Feather Winger......This whole thing is almost surreal. I started this journey to find myself, to better understand God/Source. I never expected for something like this to happen to me, it was always something that I would read about I am honored and will do my best to help others. I am no better than anyone, yet no less than either. We are all connected and are one.

    • For those that have not visited the site that I posted. These energies not only heal on several levels, but will upgrade your DNA as well as to raise your frequency. This was one of the messages that I received. This is a new energy, very high vibration.....Just trying to walk the walk and be of service to those that are interested. :-)

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