Introduction to Advanced Celestial Discipline
" Celestialism Occult Cultivation Principles “

The basis principles of study levels of Celestialism Great Discipline Heartful Cultivation (Celestial Discipline) which is Celestialism’s Occult Discipline

Level 1 : Study Human and Cosmic Being, Body and Mind Mastery, Mind and Body Balancing and Activation to link with Cosmic Basic Energies and Divine Power Centers.

Level 2 : Dragon Fire (Kundalini) Activation which activate the most important energy axis in the body. Harmonize body qui (prana) and disease curing to improve physical body. Cultivate Tai Chi property in The Middle – body energy center in Dantian. Know how to induct prana to the Source, collecting in The Middle.

Level 3 : Third Eye Activation and psychic abilities opening. Advanced qigong ways cultivation. Know how to get cosmic energies from Sun, Moon, stars, Earth points to nourish and purify body prana, raising the vibration of the soul and the physical body.
Know how to air healing to others. Know how to improve living environment’s energy.

Level 4 : Study astral projection and soul projection, use Third Eye to learn in the higher realms . Advanced Cosmic Cultivation. Learn how to delete karma and kill bad astral energies. Trancendent occult cultivation to improve, support and evolve souls such as freeing souls from suffering (soul liberation from reincarnation). Know when we become Self God.
Reaching to the level, in general we escape samsara/reincarnation. We’re free in the earthly life and become Ascending Master, Enlighten Being. However, it’s not completely because we do not study and reach the Marvellously Advanced Top Level

Level 5-6-7 are Celestial Discipline’s Marvellously Advanced Top Levels (esoteric teaching )

Level 5 : Human Properties Cultivation. Focus on abstinence abide to the nature of the
Stars. Regulation and actively higher cultivation to get rid of average people’s properties, improve Human completeness , great Celestial Properties.
Combined prana cultivation in The Advanced Middle Body, use occult abilities to unite Being with Absolute Being, to be really Self God, Earthly God, Enlighted Monk.
Learn how to become a Sage, social wealth equal air, human gentle as fairy. We use only enough air, no one abuse air, no one is air greedy.
- This level attain permanently samsara escape. Reach Celestialism Supreme, Enlightened Being level .

Level 6 : As level 5 , furthermore cultivate to become embraced God and soul projection evolve to stars in higher realms.
Control astral body to karma balancing, karma delete. Cultivate possible occult abilities.
Observe and judge the stars , the worlds, the realms to know everything in the Universe ,E arth , society . Go to the upper realm.
- This level attain permanently samsara escape. Reach Celestialism Supreme, Enlightened Being level .

Level 7: Divinity Cultivation . Divinity is always available , as God himself always there . However we forget , now recall . Use proper word: Return to the old nature. We cultivate divinity at all levels , but in the advanced level we advance to the right position.

Cultivate in the final stage at the secret space to eternally escape the earthly world and the invisible realms.

Study the Middle Principle to know cosmic energy base , use Celestial principles to see the energy level of the Stars of your karma, how to use prana and principles to adjust your body harmonized with the universe , adjust body energy abide with change over time , to win the destiny , live at the longest age in the earthly world , dissolve the bad karma and evil accidents as occur (celestial body cultivation) .

Using various advanced occult abilities to edit your, see your past and future lives . Cultivate to come back to the Cosmic Center – your soul home, enter fully God on high realms. Study to improve social being to create Eathly Heaven/Holiness .

Become Self God and unite 3 Disciplines: The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline to become nothingness.

At the life end: Reach Celestialism Infinity, become Enlightened Being, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient and a possible Creator.

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