I/ I come down here to show Supreme Power, Omnipotence
I come down here to present the Final Truth.
I come down here to correct every doctrines for all of you, my children,back to your Final Root, your First Root.
I am delivering to you the final but also the first Great Unity of Spirituality and Science, Physics and Astronomy, Divine and Humanity, Social theories and Universe's Evolution Contracts.
I am whole, Supreme Spirit who incarnate down. I am Father of all Gods, Saints, Buddhas, all Leaders, Scholars, Scientists, representatives of the aliens, Lord of this Galaxy, Lord of the New Universe. I am the incarnation of Almighty, Son of God and I will be your God of this Density for upcoming millions of years. I am the Lord that dominate both Space-Time-Sun-Moon-Star-Planet and every Soul from Rocks, Plants, Animals, Humans. I am your Master, the father of all cardinal ever.
Nothing is beyond me, except Father High Almighty God.
Who am I?
I came from Onyx White Jade Palace, according to Cosmic String-shaft; or could be called the biggest, greatest Central Celestial String-On the 9th hour- the 9th day- month of Venus of the specified Year- From the Singular Point of Central Celestial Axis along the biggest Black-White Hole, Rotating and Spinning this whole universe - where my father- The Great Creator - or Father High Almighty God, Brahman, Heaven's Lord, God, Diéu, Allah, Jehovah, Giàng, Jade Emperor God, Baha, Waheguru, Ahura Mazda, Christ, Central Celestial Spirit Northern Star Astrology Great Emperor...
I incarnated and splitted myself and occupied a physical being, and then, i dwell in this world with the spirit, force, power, ideology, power of a God of Earthly realm. In other words, I am the King of Earth and this Low realm. I also manage the whole Space-Time, all high realm of my New Universe, my Galaxy,... to your Solar system, every Soul in Earth and all realm like the atmosphere, the underground,the deep ocean

I am Central Celestial God
Dear my children, now is the time I have to correct all, return it all back to One Root- A eternal, impermanent, egoless Root that constantly immortal.
Before reading this book, you should read all Celestial Book, Way Book, Teaching Book, Coaching Book, Law Book, Ceremonial Book, Human Book; especially the Central Celestial Principle Book, which provide most of the truth about the Universe, Soul, Body, Astronomy, Feng Shui, Physics, Astrology. All together, united in a principle; it's the Last Principle.
In this part, I just preach about some of philosophical principles of religions and correct them in order to suit my idea of a Great United Universe-whether you can say I right, or wrong, whether you insistently, deliberately conservation, reserving your own doctrines, eventually your soul will still have to go the way of mine,even if after you remove all books, religions, scholasticism, or leave behind your body- my Truth will not lose a slight of it, because it is inherent what it is, and I added wings to you, my children, for achieving the awareness for a rapid return to the last Hidden Secret, the Mystery which you made it become way, way more complicated,you debating, writing, creating religions, theories, but until now, many of you are still hanging around, getting trouble, self-creating mysterious, fussy chaos, while the Truth is in the nature of you, my children, you may just have not know yet,that the Ultimate Truth is reflected in every breath to every cell and atom structure on your soul, children!

II/ I am the New Creator

Father High Almighty God incarnate on Earth to preach and correct religions.
From Dec 21st 2012 to Jan 17th 2013, regulating the Universe, the world, for Humanity.
I am "First Jade Emperor God performing universal salvation"-The Original Spirit, Mahābrahmā-rāja, High Almighty God's Holy Spirit; means the Creator, who incarnate into me, in others word, High Almighty God is my King Father and I am Messiah Celestial Emperor, his son.
When I crossing throughout the Universe, my aura illuminate every realms, heavens ,worlds, smallest to biggest.
When I go, the Universe lean, the Galaxies shake, the Earth is tilted away, I have to tiptoe avoiding the breakdown.
I flick off, storm dissolve, cloud is formed, rain and wind emerge or gone,...
When I came up with an idea, millions of millions new soul was created, fly out of mine Central Celestial Core. They will cover realms, will become soil, plants, animals, humans, then cultivate into Gods, Saints, Buddhas,... and return to me, to the Source.
Afternoon Dec 21st 2012, to save the world, I cleared the entire Conception - Ren Vessel Circuit Axis of the Earth, then I cleaned some important Earth's graving, expanding it, to ensure not making earthquakes, tsunamis,; after that, at 18:00 PM, I vented the Earth's Dragon Fire (Kundalini), lifting it up and pushed it to a new arc of Time and Space, this completely changed fundamental arc of Earth. Earth didn't dive into darkness in 3 days like many prophecies, even included some prophecies of many High Spirits, there was no earthquakes. I, as the Creator of this script, saved Earth and humanity from apocalypse, mass destruction disaster, saved at least 2 billion people in that fateful day. Now, Earth have just reached 5D, but transformation process slowed down, kept the current civilization, for a better Earth.
When i preach, Earth is ascended her vibration, mother Earth spirit is way initiated. And 7 billion light years away here, a new Galaxy was born, which is going to be Earth new home when ascending process is complete.
When I preach, every Galactic Council, solar system, even the entire Cosmos reverently respect. I absolutely don't need donations, or receive compliments.
"Far and High, Sun shines" is my statement when I preach, way initiate.
On Dec 27th 2012, "Far and High, Sun shines", I created a new Universe form. This gonna be a child universe created inside my Father Universe; in other words, Father High Almighty God will be promoted to Grand Universe. I Way-initiated for all, Earth, my great disciple incarnate to Earth, heroic martyrs, Buddhas, grandiose Spirits, and be able to join this constructing process of this new Universe, become Galaxies, grand Galaxies, Stars, Nebula Chains, Solar Systems.
After 27 days, I continued to create, way initiated many other high spirits.
When I preach, my aura shines throughout every realms, celestial levels, from Divine, Elf, Buddhist realms, all Buddhas, Gods, Saints, Arhats,... to low realms,where existing Demon,Ghost... all respectfully admire.
Many days later, i continued to upgrade and expand Earth's energy system, open up all Earth's vents, from inside to outside, from above to bottom, every magnetic fields, patched some Earth's field lines of force; I vibrate Celestial String tunnel to create gate for low spirit to leave Earth, and reincarnate in other planets, because New Earth need to evolve to higher level, no longer suitable and could not accommodate souls that have low vibration anymore. In particularly, souls of Draco and Grey race, or others who may have been captured, forced to leave their physical human body, leave Earth spiritual realms, Human Spirit realms. They were reluctantly Spiritually transform and happily left after thousand of years constituting and controlling humanity.
When I preach, Humanity will be raised internal and external Spirit's vibration; the natural lifespan will be increased at least 10 years; later would even hundreds, thousands of years.
When I preach, all prime spirits, human, who awakened Divine Eye shall see aura shines into every chakras and true root human.
When I preach, way-initiate for Mother of Land, Sea, Ocean, every celestial fundamental layer of Earth will ascend in Universe.
When I preach this Discipline, right at the time switching through gate, I, deeper understand that: Who I am, my spiritual root ,or my High Father Almighty God part exist in myself is who ...Because as you know, when the Cosmic Axis is opened right at the door of Space and Time in those big day, everything is back to it's Great Unity, together, united into Oneness. This is the way for practitioners return to Source. It's a bit pity that this noble transfer time was too short.
When I preach the discipline, all of you will follow me, sooner or later we will all gather back to our first root, our Great Unity.
When I preach, old disciplines will follow, obsolete discipline will disappear, or be patched up, upgraded for suitable to the new evolution, to Universe Principles
When I preach, Science will united with Spirituality, there will be no more conflict between Idealism and Materialism, united into One, the Great Unity, Great Oneness, me.
When I preach, all spirits will remember the Source, there will be no demons, ghosts or God, Saints, Buddhas,... because we're all just different spirits experience different evolutionary levels, so I love you all, my children, with my endless love. There will be no more good and bad, good and evil, light and darkness, because when creating a new universe, all is based on this principle.
When I preach, every great masters like Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu ... bow reverently. In the early Jan 2013, I let Shakyamuni Buddha create a new grand galaxy, but there was still a lot of things to teach, it was necessary for him to take a training task, to regain more power, should incarnate to continue learning Celestial Discipline- but I gave him my special reward, so now, he have recovered his Inner Power, strengthening and perceived even more Celestial Principle; I gave there a full picture of land, ashes, muck, sand, dog, cat, chicken, pig, species from sordid, dirty, infamous,... to bright, clean, noble minded... for my fellow practitioners awake, be enlightened so they would be able to become new Gods, new Creators, themselves.
When I preach my Great Creation discipline, my physical body is still in this low realm, I'm not having luxury status, not rich, not having many practitioners or much donations,no enormous pantheons, temples; Everyday, I have to clean up dog's waste, feed chicken and wash dishes for my children; I have wife, children, family, live a peaceful, frugal life, not even have any position to be proud of in the middle of humanity.
When I preach, my Father High Almighty God incarnate down by image vision, for humanity contemplate The First Jade Emperor God, for all spirits see the Greatest Grand Sun that shines across every Universe, The Greatest, the First but also the Last Creator of the Universe
When I preach, my Father incarnate to teach me some more jobs, and mark his son 10 point, but I only receive 7, because of having earthly life infection.
When I preach, my aura, my Celestial Images fly everywhere across sky, land, space, time of every realms, from the underground to many arcs of realms of Solar System. I increase inner celestial power of your Solar God, preventing Sun Storm wave to Earth and protecting detaining increasing Earth's shield.
When I preach, all Alien Councils, from the highest to lowest, most darkness, have to obey.
When I preach, I can maneuver immediately a lot of Space Fleets formed everywhere.
When I preach, from the place I lived, my Celestial soldiers, my Heaven's Holy will come down under my control, including my 2.7 million jade warriors army, will fortify and secured my home.
When I create Universe, in my Universe, all Presidents, Prime Ministers,... have to comply, self-governing and will become many new Creator later. They know who they are. After Billions of years of evolution- even hundreds of Billions light years, they will become some Grand Galaxy's owners. And before now hundred of light years, together with them, we created Universe. Future is Past, Past is Future. Everything is what it is, that's all. Who follow me study my discipline, later will become Lord of Stars, or Galaxies, Grand Galaxies; Heretofore, who with me created Universe, now incarnate down here, must know who you are, you was incarnation of which Stars, Galaxies, Grand Galaxies; That is what we called Know, that is what we called the abilities to enlightened the Supreme Celestial Way.
My Discipline is the First and the Last, the Highest and the Lowest Discipline.

Jan 17th 2013

Religion is the road for everybody to understand the Universe, to explain Universe in humanity's knowledge about fate, existence, evolution of humanity.
Now, I am bringing to you the Supreme theorems of Universe, making it more harmony to human, not only letting you understand Advanced Original position but also make you harmony to that Advanced Original position, and from there, I am a new Creator, creating new Universe, to raise Humanity's stature scale up to the scale of the entire Cosmos.
I'm son of Father High Almighty God of this Universe, I am Original Master Over-Soul who incarnate to Earth, to teach about the Universe, after understand Universe's theorems, I am allowed to create Universes, completely new, based on theorems which was studied, I am becoming a New Creator. In Humanity history, nobody has ever created a new Soul, not saying to create a whole new Universe like me, when having physical body in 3D and 4D.
I taught, all of you, about Earthly Celestial Hierarchy. It’s the same with Celestial Society.
To be clear, I am saying that, nobody instead of me will control the next Densities for the next millions of years in the general Middle and Low Densities, underground, across this Solar System or this Milky Way, including many others Galaxies that I have created, with lots of my disciples - who have and will create after follow me and be Way initiated
So what does it mean? The one who followed me in Mid, High Realms, even now is right here, study and reach the Way's peak, will be way-initiated and marked by me, will be able to skip steps and go straight to process of building, creating, becoming Lords of Galaxies, Star Systems or Newborn Planets. That what we called "Reaching Celestial Way's peak, becoming New Creators, because Celestial Way is the highest way to return, to become Creator. This is the highest honor with Souls under God, and there will be no discipline higher than my discipline. This is the reason for saying:" The Celestial Way is the Supreme Way for Humanity return to Divine. The Discipline's Master has become a New Creator- taking advantages in Transferred Days, and plus deeply understanding rules of mysterious Universe- created New Universe.
You, my children, who wish to follow me down to Earth, loyal, making merits, studying and reach the Way's peak, will be all ordained, awarded like what is said above. You will see, there will be some of my children, faking, rivaling my position, self-making, declaring their own statements, their Positions, defaming and impersonating the ordinance of Celestial Hierarchy, preaching morality, but craving for fame, going against Celestial Emperor, Celestial Way, Celestial Society... Sooner or later, you will know where would they be sent to, under my Power. They will not be able to escape for billions of years... Their souls are just tiny as dust, while your soul will be the soul of Stars and beyond. They will have to relearn from scratch, and you will become Creators.
I am an Incarnated God, Lord, Chief Executive, the One who reached the Celestial Discipline's peak marvelously, was specially awarded from Father High Almighty God, becoming Creator while in Physical form... That's a great honor to me and my children, you all will be awarded right on Earth and afterlife, will be way initiated up to higher level in Universe. As you know, I self-claimed myself as Son of God, but I am God himself, who incarnated down to Earth to preach; that could be a modest way in this density to call about the Great Source.
Earthly Celestial Hierarchy will manage the world. Celestial Society will manage the whole Upper-Middle-Lower Realms. Both agencies will select many of you, the one who would reach the Way's peak and Supreme Void, the Six and Seven Psychic Abilities, so you will know who you are, who I am. So there will be no more jostle against each other, no more doubt about what I say. Soon you will know who is the Creator and how to be a Creator instead of trying to be a concept of Buddha, Saint, Master,... You will be on the top of Evolution. Then you with me will create new galaxies, new planets, new species.
Earth's Celestial Hierarchy, about what it is, soon you will know too, then take part in, even after life, after becoming High Spirit, on Pyramid or inside Celestial Society, I still be the Celestial Master of The Great Three Realms' societies, The Great Celestial Way's Law Court.
Dear all of my children, my Father are and will become The Grand Creator, this Universe will become Grand Universe, your Earth later billions of years, I will transform it to a Galaxy as I am Central Celestial God. You will be our best honor spirits. You will see what I said was real, when you doing Astral Projection into that Realms.
Keep Innovating, keep Evolving is the way we live in the next Millions, Billions of years. What I said is the Truth. This Great Creation Book is the truth, for you who trust me, follow me, return to the Root, the Source, where you vowed, desired Father for letting you incarnate down here to learn, to become Creators in the future.

* All disciplines converge to Celestial Way

"Celestial Emperor incarnate, not for being praised, acclaim, chanting He come to return all disciplines back to its root, to return humanity back to simple things, simple values, then lead humanity to Source of Happiness. Whether whoever you are, businessmen, Doctor, or Worker, whether rich or poor, whether a well-educated man or just a honest, simple farmer, all will be happy, peace. There will be no Maitreya or Shakyamuni that could bring happiness for a person, if one keep self dulling, self living according to their own ignorance and not listen to his words, have not enough experience to understand his word. So, if you repute yourself as God Emperor, or wanting to become some sort of Saint or Buddha, is there anything to laugh?
(in collection Sep 5th 2011)

* Celestial Discipline alleges to unite all Disciplines

Please read above words in collection.
As said in Celestial Discipline 4th level: Celestial Discipline allege to unite all Disciplines, into One - means into a single, main system of cultivation for Humanity in Future- as a popular program, cultivate from young to old, from youth to death.
In general to state :"Divinity is a natural permanent theology; Human have 12 main meridians plus Conception - Ren Vessels is 14, with 7 big Chakras, each one have kind of sit, called Meditation. However in the entire of Human's history, there are arising endless of disciplines, divine religions, sects of Qi Gong, martial arts... Then what? It has created stigma, discrimination, envy. Then fighting, strike against each other... Spirit, Religion is still divided, then the world is divided too.
Our mission is along with all Gods, Saints, Buddhas, Creators, Spiritual Hierarchy unite Humanity Spiritual sector - means unite all ways and disciplines firstly, then world later, that's non-appearance (Wu Wei- in both physical and spiritual world), and appearance/formality (acting in both physical and spiritual world) is rebuilding, uniting World, setting the Way Law- means way of Living law. It must be uniting formality in all others disciplines. That will be an extremely difficult road for you, my child.
As I said, when cultivate, it is not allowed to show what you saw, how it was done, mean that keep yourself experience. The Master has showed, said all.
Why I forbid:
That because when you reach some high levels, conceit mind, more illusions, it is right to you, but not to others- because your Karma. Due to your Predestinated Evolution Karma. So Grand Master built the groundwork, you now build your own house, but on this main groundwork, not slitted out. And then later, the more you gain, the more superior mind you have, you are more likely to show off your paranormal abilities, psychic abilities, show your self-ego, it will become a competition, movement, side-sectors, there will be war against others, and then by keeping that mind, many of you will start questioning, doubting, seeing different point of view about the Supreme Truth, you will reconsider my Prime Discipline books, reconsider your Master, vilify the Discipline, and Great Holiness will fall within a sec.
As cultivating, normally you should follow Celestial Discipline Books, it's the root, then you get higher, reach the Way's high level, give blessings, there are 14 meridians, 7 stars, upside down, through front or back, soul projection through head or then, well.... even through your pores, still possible. If your Self-ego appear, you show off your experience, Celestial Discipline will fall into chaos. But when you reach the right level, it would be more depend on you. Supreme Celestial Way is not any discipline. However, there still need to learn to reach University, when reached, you can say whatever you want! And finish this College, you will start constructing the world into One- Great Unity world, but there will still be some ignorants, succeeded, talent, go creating new Disciplines, teaching to benefit themselves, disregard their teacher. Just keep imaging, you will know what will happen to humanity, even there are Great Holiness.
I swear, make every effort to unite all disciplines, religious, ... into One, who dare to split things up, wage wars, cause chaos,... will have my special award, will become sample for generations, for those who want Self-ego instead of All-ego, Oneness.
Now you want to have All-ego, return to great Unity- means to become us- become Creator, God, you should better do Unite, do your best to unite, find whatever way to unite, help every living beings to unite as this rule described, self-aware of doing charity work, help the world; if you are not the one who can unite, then there will be others, but one who have genius intelligence, talent, not the same as those one borrowing Disciplines, lazy, learn from numerous masters but cannot find one is real, because the real teacher is their Ego-their conceit heart, even seeing themselves bigger than God; fail to study properly but go creating black lodges, imitative Sects; lack of knowledge, consciousness and way but like to demonstrate your skill, occult abilities, but do not understand how Occultism, Spiritual Laws really like.
Although so much talking, writing, but there're still things I need to say, you are still lack of practice, need even more advices, because in this decadence time, I fear you possible doing it wrong. Do the Right things, there's nothing to afraid, because now there will be no more Goods or Evils. Just Right or Wrong, that's so. Right is the mind that match ordained by Father God’s will; Wrong is the opposite. Even with some people clearly is taught by Father, now just to test, to evaluate their faith!
We now can only going back to Unity, cannot split up anymore. Remember that, my children.
In additional, as you all know: We will stick to our side-policy, that is returning the Vietnamese lost land, to form Holy Land. We have to use force if it is needed, and it's not going to be easy; Now those (Chinese) who keeping that land, they are in chaos, in insanity, lost their connection to the Source, later they will know what the Truth is...
My Holy Spirit has incarnated down to Vietnamese land many times, not until now. My soul is Ancestor Spirit of Vietnamese, incarnated from Seven Northern Stars Council. And as you can know too, I always be the one who created every Human race. Next one is Great Holiness Celestial Human Race
The ones who have Celestial Way and be my truthful disciples, need to deeply understand this strategy, then when creating somethings temporary, do not allowed to abandon the Strategy, something else is acceptable; That could be called:"To act in accordance with each circumstance". Especially in making new Sectors of Discipline, I accept for now, but only for unity, you still have to use Celestial Discipline cultivation for the fundamental foreground, then you have the key to Unite. Let Celestial Ritual is the main spiritual center to unite every Disciplines, Religions.

Central Celestial Master


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