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I came upon Bryan de Flores and his art work about a month ago, and I really enjoy it.

I started viewing the gallery, and wouldn't look at the captions, just the images, not as "art" but as pieces designed to help spur my memory and consciousness. Some I really connect with, and other did nothing for me, there is a lot to view and read on the website, if this is of interest to anyone I would suggest reading the "where do I start" link and the bottom of the page. The link I am attaching is for his "Language of Light" collection. But he has other galleries, and the links are at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy :-)

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He is good and has been featured on this site a number of times .. I have purchased some of his work and it is good and I will get more ...till I get all his higher dimension images

Yeh Bryan is a star. I love his work and am grateful for his input.

The full size prints work great, much more energy than viewing online.



Yeah love his work! Thanks guys :-)


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