Are you ready to break free from the “consensus trance” of western culture to co-create a more conscious, abundant and sustainable world for all? If so, read on...
It’s become increasingly clear over the last several decades that the consumer dream of the West is turning into a collective nightmare.
The ego-driven dream of acquiring more and more stuff, has turned out to be spiritually hollow, emotionally unsatisfying and environmentally unsustainable.
We’ve inherited a broken dream, and although it may have served us for a time, that time is now ending.
As we stand that the precipice of this fading dream, the big question being asked of us is:
How can we awaken from the unconsciousness of this old dream to call forth a more enlightened, sustainable and empowering vision for ourselves and our planet?
The answer is: we access the ancient wisdom that the shamans and healers from around the world have developed over millennia to empower us to literally change the form and content of our minds and bodies, and to create a whole new pattern of possibility.

We become a Dreamshifter

The implications of being a Dreamshifter are vast, not just for our world, but for our everyday happiness and peace of mind, which can be freed from the envy, doubt, and struggle that originate in subconsciously acting from a broken dream.


When we read books, meditate or even visualize, we’re engaging just a sliver of our consciousness.
Dreamshifting is a potent way of awakening a fuller spectrum of our consciousness through the power of journeys and ceremonies that access subconscious and superconscious parts of us at the same time.
When we journey with specific techniques, we can affect rapid changes in the way we see our life, dissolving life-denying stories and dysfunctional patterns and attracting something far more beautiful.

What if you could learn to shift it at the root level and discover a more sacred, abundant, and fulfilling dream? One that allows you to feel connected and consistently empowered by your connection to the earth and the cosmos?
We all know that major changes are required for humanity to survive and thrive. Rarely, though, are we taught the tools for HOW we can shift more rapidly and easily.

Discover the Ancient Shamanic Tools and Techniques to Dissolve Hidden Barriers, Reclaim Your Lost Power and Consciously Evolve Yourself and Our World

Dreamshifting occurs simultaneously in 3 areas: spiritual, physical and institutional. Through working these three levels (and the various elements in each), you learn to transmute negative, dense, or blocked energies and channel them into your highest purpose.

Dreamshifting practices are also effective even when working on things like a physical injury or an ailing business.
Why? In the shamanic worldview, everything is made up of energy, and once we learn how to conduct and transmute energy through the power of our minds, we liberate amazing abilities for healing, loving, and changing ourselves and our world.
Even the body is made of energy so when we Dreamshift with our body, remarkable healings may happen.
The good news is that becoming a dreamshifter does not require years of training and preparation: we begin with accessible shamanic understandings and quickly lead into concrete practices to empower your own transformation.
Not only are these beneficial on a personal level, you’ll also develop skills and understandings that you can apply in realms from coaching to business.


Come stay with us at Master Your Destiny - Light Age Healing:

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