Link below is the original statement followed by his update of 16 of February.

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  • you and i are on the same page, for this topic at times smells bad of rotten karma persons.

    speaking for myself, i cannot accept the famous tactic called : THE STICK AND THE CARROT HANGING ON A STING.           THIS IS A POWERFUL CROWD CONTROL TACTIC USED FOR THOUSANDS OF YRS.

    when this tactic is prolonged too much, anger and distrust just happens, for i was made to BE a fool  TO TRUST and so i start to wonder on the integrity of the ones who speak these tactics of promises and excuses.

    the most favorate excuses of having to have proper meeting protocals, uniforms to put on, the sitting arrangements and plate settings is b.s. these people are not gods, and us slaves must be silent, and gratefull for being in their presence.

    for if a real big rock was in the sky comming to earth and ALL OF US CAN SEE IT, the lies of the carrot and stick tactics would not only be stupid but also dangerous for these liars to keep up the charades of authority and rhetoric. these feelings of mine also go to all the e.t. famiiles with our gene codes and the 50 yrs plus of rhetoric of excuses.


  • Oh c'mon people....we're so used to dates changing by now that it wouldn't surprise me if Christmas was moved to June!!

    • Too late. They already tried to peddle the "Christmas Is Cancelled"-scheme in december 2013. suffice it to say that it wasn't. ;)

      • Yeah AO I remember a piece in one of the papers...said it offends Muslims or some cr*p like that!

        • Lol well . that "cancellation" wasn't the one I was thinking about. I was referring to the one where they said that Ison would be come crashing down and that world would end on christmas whereas christmas therefore would be cancelled. ;)

          But, that all went to shaite when the pilot of the Space Travesty Xanterex apparently misfired his thrusters and instead of parking it nicely just 2 asteroids to the left and 2 degrees north of the moon, he took the entire ship into the sun instead, where it of course got completely destroyed  ;)

          Motherships may be durable, but they are not built for flying inside suns. For that you need a science pod with reactive shielding. :)

      • That Grinch... >:(

  • Courtney Brown - "Nothing can stop the Announcement!!"  It will be a world-changing event!!"  It will be here in Feburary!!  Stay tuned to my facebook page for more news of ...???  Huh???  What was that??  There been some delays in shipment???  Materials being corrupted???  Bad location???  Uhhhhh...Excuse me, but, uhh, due to circumstances beyond our control, the "Nothing can stop the Announcement" has been stopped due to location not being entirely stable politically, shipments of critical materials being corrupted and other international issues.  The "Nothing can stop the Announcement" has been delayed until mid-March.

    We like to apologized for any inconvenience this has caused."

    We been down this road before.  This guy was a joke from the start.

  • Yeah he changed the date from february to march hmm...

  • I would like to think its about the St Germaine run re-organisation of the financial world, leading into prosperity funds being released.



  • Lol, forgive me for saying this but you can probably find the reasons for everything in your current life in those buried memories in your head of all those choices you made where you felt them to be "not-just-right-but-not-all-wrong-either" and you did it anyway since you felt you had no choice and that it was better than the alternative. One compromise leads to another, and then another, and then yet another. :)

    If you wanna take total responsibility of your own reality you must first accept even your lesser creations. It's hard though. I know for a fact that God is still struggling with his own mind there so you are in very good company here. ;)

    You can lie to the world, but never lie to yourself. The development of your soul depends on it. :)

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