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I have seen Jesus, Christ or Christ Consciousness  be mentioned on a several occasion`s here on ashtar in a different post`s, but what about Mohammed? He is the profet of the largest religion in the world; Islam. Where is he in all of this? I read somewhere Jesus .is waiting in a spaceship and it seems that people who are not too religious seem to accept Jesus, but Islam`s profet Mohammed, does he exist too? Is he too waiting in a spaceship? 



From the thread "help our planet:"

“Almighty I AM Presence of each of us, Mighty I AM Presence of all humankind, Beloved Akasha, in the name of the Infinite I AM Presence, in the name of the Great Ascended Host and the Ascended Jesus Chris....


Again, Jesus is mentioned , but not Mohammed or anyone else from the other religions. Islam is the largest religion in the world after comes Christianity. I am just curios to know what you think about it.

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hahaha you are funny :)

Hi Stargirl, I know it's confusing, especially when you understand that more than one Master can hold an "office"...

All Light is broken down into the "Rays" and each Ray has a Chohan... a Master of that Ray, with the Ray qualities of color, vibration, sound and symbol... characteristics that we all share (each of us is part of the Rays and express them). 

The reason I am always telling people I send them Light and Love is that the higher your vibration, the less dense your matter will become and the more Light you will carry... allowing MORE of your Ray and your Master to embody itself through you. 

All the Ascended Master teachings are based on Theosophy, why people don't research more is beyond me (not you, I know you are learning quickly lol) like why no one has asked these questions ha ha.  The answers are always there for those who seek. 

The Jesus you are familiar with was an ASPECT of a Ray, not the entire Master, who is Sananda... Mohammad was also an aspect of the same energy Ray... because Heaven, in all it's wisdom gave to earth many teachers who taught more or less the same message... they have the same energy signature... they are the same person- same RAY- same Master.  Does that make sense?  The reason we hear little about Mohammad is that  we as a western culture do not relate to his culture so the Masters have brought other teachers that we can relate to. 

And the Christ is not a person, it is a Title of Office, a Christed being is one who has merged dualities and achieved enLIGHTenment.  Our friends in the GFL are christed beings, but the lower vibration ET's are not christed and are still in duality, albeit in a different way than ourselves since they have conscious access to 4D. 

Here is a link you may like, of special interest are the chapters on the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Good luck, take care, much Love and Light to you, sister.  Isn't this an adventure?!

Hey Kelly

Yes it is an adventure ! :) But i can`t find the link you mentioned....can you post it again?



found it thanx :)

I started to read about the energies and this was very interesting; "Aspirants must learn that they are working with, and in, forces, and that right and wrong activity on the physical plane is due simply to a right or wrong direction of the force currents, and not to anything inherently wrong or right in the energies themselves.",

thank God for google translate though :) my english is okey i guess but sometimes it´s a helpfull tool.


Well, i`m gonna keep reading, i saw the topic about the seven Rays but im gonna finish this section (About The Teaching) first, thanx for your help and guidance dear Kelly.


Love StarGirl

My thoughts are, there are many Prophets walking planet Earth these days.  We overlook the "here and now" because we are always looking to the past for answers.

Also, Religions and beliefs as they had existed in former times are dying out and changing, and transforming just like we are.  I think liberating youself from all "Religion" is a great thing, but still there are enlightening messages that have made a difference and still effect us to this day.

I believe that we ALL have the potentiality to be "Ascended" masters like Buddha, or Jesus, or whatever diety you want to focus your energy on, and I think they would have said the same thing.

We have reached a time in "history" when we have the power to self actualize and write our own "Book" based on our life experiences and our own transformational process.

Timothy Leary said it perfectly... "You can be anything this time Around"....

So cease the moment, and see your infinite potential!

We are all amazing beings! :)

Yeah there are tons of channelings of Sananda (Jesus), there are some very little of Buddha, many many of Quan Yin, Mary, or others. But I have never seen one of Mohammed.


There were probably ones that walked the earth and highetened the vibes not unlike Jesus, and they just weren't recorded in history. But may have had a same effect as him or Buddha (could also have been an effect made quietly without even being known or acknowleged in the world).


But Mohammed is known like Jesus and Buddha, so I find it a bit curious why no channelings from him......

Come to think of it, could be what Kelly said, maybe he's just not in the "job" of participating in channelings, maybe he's doing another important work........ who knows :)



yap, that was pretty much my point, but it can be like Kelly sayes, meaning we in the west are more familiar with Jesus, but i also wanted know if people who believes in Jesus belives in Mohammed too...Because i know according to Islam that they talk about Jesus but Mohammed were their prophet.

Yeah cos He came after Jesus, it says in Wikipedia he was born in 570. I don't think in christianity they mension Mohammed unless the christian talking is very, very inclusive of other world religions' messages....


A lot of people into new age and channelings from what I saw till now are very open and accepting of all world teachings and teachers if they contain some good wisdom :)


I am like that too.



Soon this Planet Earth will become a member of the Galactic Federation of Light and all members follow the True teachings of Christ....and all on this Planet will be a CHRIST CONSCIOUS BEINGS....forget all the Religions but all will live in the Mode of NO HARMING NATURE, NO HARMING ANY LIVING ENTITIES AND LEADING A SPIRITUAL LIFE...This are the rules to follow in 5th Dimension New Earth if you wish to get into 5th Dimension New Earth.

BASHAR will answer your question

Great video Ravinder!  The masters are showing us who we really are.  I love that.  Why is it so hard to be our real selves in these 3D experiences?  Sometimes it all seems like we're put in impossible circumstances to where we don't even know why we're here and then if we're lucky enough to find out that we are here to heal our duality and ascend, we seem to have yet another carrot just out of reach.  Still reaching though...
christ is the love that simply just is. Jesus  and mohammad both embodied this christ consciousness. Jesus christ, mohammad christ, Siddhartha christ



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