altThe ONLY reason why we have not been "formally" told by our government that our species is in constant contact with Extraterrestrial and Ultradimensional Aliens is because of POWER.  Power over others, power to do, power to own and sell new technology.  The reasons why Alien species have not made their presence commonly known to the human masses is because of PERSONAL AGENDAS and our own blindness.  There are agendas that benefit them, and our shadow governments, to keep us in the dark. And it's not because most of us plebs would panic and kill ourselves. Nope. It's about us plebs having access to technology, knowledge and awareness that would make each person unstoppable and uncontrollable. And our own blindness, well, we refuse to see them.

ETs and UlraDs DO exist. They are all around us.

A while back I talked about how I wanted to develop a methodology of teleportation. One that could be used by everyone on the planet, to travel anywhere they wanted to go.  About half the responses I received to this possibility were from people telling me not to discover or disseminate this information.  Why? Because, according to them, it was going to be used to abuse power, for criminals to pop up inside their bedrooms and rob or rape them. Basically, they were firmly against the dissemination of this technology due to fear. Plain and simple.

I am no stranger to UFOs, I have seen them various times throughout my life, and usually in highly populated areas. It has occurred to me that most people wouldn't see them unless one points up to them and says, "look! there's a UFO up there!" and they would then see it. But often forget about it a couple of days later.

We are extremely good at limiting ourselves. Our own limits define our spectrum of reality, the things we become aware of, and the things we remember. The main reason is collective agreement of the reality we presently choose to live in. And a holding on to whatever importance and games we are heavily invested in.

One of the limits is about our true history. Where we came from, our origins, our nature, our abilities, capacities, and power.

As a collective, what was impossible 100 years ago, is now common. Change in reality happens all the time, and something that did not exist, or was impossible one moment, is possible and completely normal the next.  We do this as a society.  Each society having it's own limitations, awareness of surroundings, beliefs about men and women, family, power, and all the rest.  Even some countries in the West have fully embraced the knowledge and knowing that ETs and their crafts exist. But in the USA it's stilled officially "laughed at". Because the alternative would be for the shadow government having to share all the technology that has been reverse engineered by the shadow government and private enterprises.  It would mean that suddenly, we could all have small devices in our homes that would provide enough energy to run a regular house for hundreds of years and more.

But the more people who become aware of something, the more it becomes "normal" for us as a society, as a species, and the faster it manifests in our daily lives.  Anyone over 30 will remember the days before smartphones, for example, or even cell phones! They were just a fantasy depicted in sci-fi movies. Now look at us.

Another interesting bit of information that is being "discovered" around the world is that our history goes way longer than the few thousand years we thought we even existed. And to support that information as true, all sorts of highly advanced cities and pyramids are beings discovered around the planet, in the Oceans, Poles, inside mountains (which were thought to be natural formations) and other interesting locations.

So, what do ETs, UltraDs, UFOs and Teleportation have in common? Simple. It's "vibration", or resonance.  Looking back at the moments when I have seen UFOs, and the times when I was able to spontaneously teleport, the common denominator was vibration, or resonance to a certain frequency of vibration.  Think of it as a camera changing focus, or a radio changing stations. The moments in which UFOs appeared, they seem to be responding to an energy, feeling and a mind set, that I and present individuals were feeling. It is almost like certain ET technology is designed to respond to us. This is clearly seen in key locations on the planet where people gather to UFO watch, or with those individuals who have learned to "call UFOs" at will.  And at least one UFO technology appears to use teleportation through time and space to make themselves present in our 3D awareness of the world. Keep in mind that there are multiple races of ET, and UltraDs around. Not all friendly, or unfriendly, so use your discernment and process your fear (which can be used against you).

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The fact that our shadow governments refuse to share this technology with us, that we are not educated on the use of teleportation or expanded awareness communication, CANNOT stop us from "discovering" these methods and technologies ourselves.  The more of us look at these topics, these possibilities (even if we think they are farfetched), the more of us look toward  these possibilities, without judgment, the faster and wider the door will open for us to access the technology and abilities.  All we need are numbers.  More individuals looking.  We are extremely powerful by ourselves, and even more so when we join in intent.

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  • The window of the trailer home was shut, and the craft was clearly visible through the window. It took place in Georgetown, Texas on Sept. 10, 2012, 4:00 AM to 4:30 AM.  I tried to check on radar records for it's presence;  there were no radar records that proved a craft was there. My telephone with my camera was in my Honda Civic; the craft was just in front of my car.  And I didn't want to go outside; the craft looked very intimidating.

    And because I couldn't wake anybody up, I was scared to death at that time.  There was no time lapses and I don't believe that there was any abductions. I do think that there was some sort of intense psychic connection that took place at the time of the incident, and during meditation sessions I occasionally see images of what I think is some sort of human-like alien entity with long hair, huge eyes, and it appears to be "following me," but not in a violent way whatsoever (and rather in a loving and occasionally mischievous way).  And I think there may be some high-level money-addicts associated with the U.S. government (and yes, these a$$hole$ are probably reading this at this time) who want to know more about my encounter, and they really need to get over this bul$h!t of "following orders without question" and start to "question orders," because proper respect is earned by demonstration of knowledge and honest actions, and criminal respect is earned by strict control of the purse strings with no consideration for input of others.

    That was a one night stand that changed my perspective on extraterrestrial life.  I have seen two additional UFO's since that event, and one of them I caught on video (click for an 11 second shot of my UFO capture; I got hit by water by my lawn sprinkler at the end (you get to hear me curse)).  The third UFO I witnessed was seen above the city of Austin while I was in traffic (and I almost got into a wreck) and was during daylight. 

  • Well, this is how it works. When you resonate at a high enough frequency you begin to understand how relativity works. One object being in two places at the same time. Now, what is to say that if you wished to be elsewhere you had to be here? This is a type of very advanced astral travel. I found myself at first (when I still had the anuryism in my head) projecting from myself at will, very quickly. It was all of my energy that was bent up causing it to be so fluent and precise. That was when I was about 22, right before the aneurysm resolved itself. Later I started to,experiment. I could manage myself at 5 places at the same. All acting exactly as I do. All thinking alike. Then all looking up at the same time thinking "strange." Later I took some substances, wondering all the time as to what was going on in my life. Finding answers I can't explain. That was when I started to understand the singularity and regularity seeing Einstein. He would look at me as I sat in the astral pondering love and,light and all the good I could bring,myself to,ponder. He would,look at me as if he knew this, but,not to the extent. Nodding his head and encouraging me to continue. The singularity was an infinite energy of that was borrowed. It would take me within it quickly, and wherever I wanted to go,it showed,me the way. I would instantly materialize any place I could see, and sometimes places I couldn't. Though in the places I couldn't see from where I was standing I would take the,energy that,I called "consciousness" or "conscious energy" and make at least a stable field in which I could maintain myself. Without the understanding of the singularity I can barely make it to my front door. In that time I went many places. Too many to list. My last jump has caused me some pretty devastating wounds to my spirit. I wasn't careful, and things are very very strange lately. I don't know what more I can tell. I'm just greatful to have been able to experience myself, and the universe itself so closely. I don't think I'll ever have the chance to do it again. If I try, it might even cost me my life. I must be careful in the coming years, and if I'm correct, we all must be careful. Things have changed since then, and I blame no one other than myself, and the doctors that suppressed me to this extent.

    That is all I have to share. Namaste, and stay safe in your travels.
  • Ealier this week i had a vision where there was a Mass of Chemtrail Spraying,very,very, severe i may add,then shortly after that the vision showed many circular disks coming down to land,and i saw some in the vision that had actually landed on the Earths surface,now whether this has something to do with an event in the near future,only time will tell,but some who have read my comment here,may have expericend a similiar vision as myself,and if that is that case,then many of the Cabal out there have sure got a lot of desperation to worry about.

  • Great posting In Betwena, I agree.  We are on the verge of enlightenment and many are aware, so they are outside the matrix and have to deal with the rest who are still asleep.  We are talking about this and other issues on Aquarian Radio ( If you would like to come on the show and share, let us know. I'm not sure if you're the author of this article or just reposting.  We've been talking about this issue on our shows with many guests and whistleblowers. We're on the verge of breaking through to something huge for all of us. We live in very exciting times.

  • If you want to know more about teleportation PM me and we can chitty chat about how far I've been from home base (Earth).
    • Would love to hear more.  Contact me or tell us more on this posting or both. 

    • Hi Zeo.  I would be interested to hear about it, for sure!  Peace!

  • Blue Planet Project is allegedly the notebook of a scientist who worked on a top secret United States government program involving alien research. This scientist visited various UFO crash sites, Blue Planet Project Book Contains these notes and drawings of aliens and UFOs at crash sites released before he disappeared.

    Many of the answers to today’s questions can be found in The Blue Planet Project Book. This hard to find book was selling for up to $500 on Amazon. It is still (last time I checked) available from publisher:

    Blue Planet Project: 29 Blue Planet Project Books on Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracies, Reincarnation
    Blue Planet Project Books: Jefferson Souza's Blue Planet Mandate, Yellow Book, Alien Races, Dulce Base, Montauk, Nibiru, UFO Crashes, Remote Viewing,…
    • Hi Gil,

      I see you advertising this book in different discussions,

      The books look interesting but I find them expensive...

      Here on the Astharcommand site most of us don't have much money,

      Can you share here some info from your book as most of us would love to read some...

      Thank you, All love 

  • Ashtar became a favorite website after I saw a UFO real close (about 50 feet away) through a bathroom window in 2012. The craft was not touching the ground (the three red lights below the disc pulsated irregularly and I could see the red reflections on the ground) and the dome on top of the disc seemed to be made of "liquid metal" and was spinning very fast (AND IT WAS SO QUIET!)) And I couldn't wake up the dogs or my lady friend, and it hung around for thirty minutes.  So I know it wasn't Pentagon perverts checking out the bedroom action.

    NOTE: if you attract UFOs (or the beings that pilot them) you will get government company. And most of these individuals will either have shaved heads or lousy tastes in music (or both) and they will try to hamper your ET communication efforts and disturb your life. UFOs have been known to turn off nuclear missile silos, and God help us if the bankers or Israel (or both) can't start World War III due to the current failure of the Breton Woods Agreement (which established the dollar as the world's reserve currency after WWII) or the inability to obtain gold amounts requested by Germany (since such gold amounts were leased out (and then sold) during the "Clinton Economic Miracle" that used Larry Summers's ideas of using other people's gold to strengthen the dollar).


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