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ALEX JONES RESPONDS TO THE CORPORATE MEDIA CLAIM HE IS "an actor" (and note that Google and Bing still call him a "conspiracy theorist," and ignore his 40 million viewership per week for his show).

For Alex Jones' response to this inversion of reality, click and jump to 3:00.

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TO THE CRITICS: please drink your fluoridated water and use only the drugs allowed by your boss or supervisor. And stay away from conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Matt Drudge. Otherwise you will be viewed as a racist.

Method Acting 101

HEY STICK: Method acting refers to a range of training and rehearsal techniques that seek to encourage sincere and emotionally expressive performances.

HOW CAN ALEX JONES BE INVOLVED IN "method acting" IF HE IS EXPRESSING HIMSELF LIVE??? Now please open your mouth, and taste your foot.

~Dude, if you actually believe ole Alex hasn’t spent countless hours over the last twenty years practicing & rehearsing his shtick, you're more lost than I thought. So, forget the foot in my mouth, you need to pull your head out of your arse, brother. Alex has been doing his performance art for so long now, that he can effectively pull from an unhinged smorgasbord of over the top blowhardery, to help accent his ‘live performances’. & as I said before… it’s beyond clear why so many bottom feeding sheeple are getting off on his antics… the shite’s entertaining! But guess who’s getting the last laugh, Malcolm? Make no mistake about it, Alex employs 'the method' in all areas of his life. It’s how he pays the bills ;-)

What, me???....

HEY STICK: it's no act. Alex Jones was always this way. His father is a dentist, and I went to school with one of the patients of Dr. Jones in Austin. She claims she asked Dr. Jones if his son Alex was always like this (his promo picture was on the wall in his office), and he said "absolutely." He claimed that Alex Jones got into a lot of fights when he was in high school, and was even arrested one time for literally re-arranging the face of another in a fist fight.

The mainstream media is fighting Alex Jones now as evident by the press he is receiving, and we know what Gandhi said in reference to those who fight the system:

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Mahatma Gandhi

Yeah but Malcolm, you are forgetting Alex Jones threathened to break Alec Baldwins neck! Come on Malcolm, you have Trump on one hand inciting violence at his rallies by goading his supporters to beat the sh!t out of a demonstrator, then you have Alex Jones bursting his blood vessels and threathening to break another mans neck... what kind of bullsh!t is that? you can never ever make a difference by supporting this kind of behaviour, I doubt Gandhi ever booted anyone in the balls! Look at Alex Jones on an energetic level, now look at Eckhard Tolle on an energetic level, spot the difference. Imagine Eckhard Tolle punching the living crap out of someone, it’s impossible. Eckhard Tolle is one of the most humble people on the planet, Alex isn’t, he’s just confused, and he has deep seated anger issues. By the way, he is a performance artist, why would his own attorney lie??????? Think about that, Malcolm, if his lawyer lies in court, he risks his reputation, his credibility and he puts his career on the line. Lawyers who lie in court do not end well! The attorney acting on behalf of Alex Jones claims Alex Jones is a performance artist, and this is a high profile case!! If you were his attorney, would you lie in court? I sure would not, so who is telling the truth? The real question is, why do so badly want Alex to come up trumps, what is it about Alex Jones that makes him your sugar daddy, just beneath your American idol, Donald Plump?



You just made yourself look very stupid, Luke.

You definitely listen to Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media way too much, Luke. Michael can tell you what your progressives did to Trump supporters in Chicago, and these anti-Trump supporters are nothing like the Democrat party I remember in the 1970's.

YOU ARE MISINFORMED BEYOND BELIEF, LUKE. PLEASE PROVIDE VIABLE EXISTANCE OF MULTIPLE INCIDENTS AT A HILLARY CLINTON RALLY (and not "art of words") THAT INVOLVED A TRUMP SUPPORTER PHYSICALLY ASSAULTING A HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER. I can show you videos of MANY of Hillary's supporters physically assaulting  Trump's supporters that will eclipse anything you have to offer.

I went to hear Trump in Albuquerque in 2016, and I and others were spit on and called f*cking white males and racists. I HAVE YET TO HEAR OF ANY OF CLINTON SUPPORTERS ACCUSING ASSAULT BY ANY OF TRUMP'S SUPPORTERS, EXCEPT CALLING HILLARY'S HUSBAND A RAPIST (and he is, according to four women who showed up at the second Trump-Clinton Debate).)..

You do not know what you are talking about, Luke. I "walked the walk" here in the states regarding the political process for a U.S. voter, and I almost got into a fight with some a$$h0les just because I wanted to listen to an individual who was running for office.

Malcolm, you missed the point and contrary to what you assume, I don't listen to "Black Lives Matter" or the MSM, what a stupid thing to say that I "definitely" listen to that, that’s like me saying you are definitely wearing green underwear! How the fu@k would I know what color your underpants are? (By the way, I NEVER want to know either). I also don't care to see violent videos either, despite how much you wish me to dig up such fear based drivel for you to feast your eyes upon, if that's what you're into, then you're on your own brother, I'm sure you'll find plenty of that kind of thing but I don't focus my energy on low vibration, you know, "fighting videos" and the likes, I was merely making a point which happens to be true, that Alex Jones threathened physical harm to Alec Baldwin, thus marking Alex out as an unstable person. As regards all this stuff about "progressives", you must try to understand, I'm not part of any of that, either is Stick or Michael, we're not concerned with any of that, because we don't operate on the same surface level playing field as you and despite the countless times I and my awakened friends in here have told you, it never registers with you, it goes in one ear and swiftly out the other. Whose misinformed? Anyway, as for walking the walk, then you have no idea of the path my feet have taken me in my life or the horror stories I have faced but I'm not going to turn this conversation into a contest where we compare each others scars, I would suggest turn your attention away from watching videos that contain violent content, or mulitple cases of beatings and assault which you want to see, because what you think about, you bring about! What’s the point in asking me to post videos of people beating the sh!t of other people? I mean, it does no good to anyone, all it does is spread fear. We all know what it looks like when things get ugly, but why do you want to see more of that, it’s such a low vibration. I don't want to see any of your many videos of people assualting each other, and if you had any common sense you would refrain from giving that shite your attention, it’s no wonder you come up agains’t certain fear based situations out there in the external world, as you say you almost ot into a fight with people at a Trump rally, do you understand how you attract situations to yourself because of the vibration you are holding? Guess what, you are 100% responsible for attracting that to yourself, and as soon as you can accept responsibility for it, the sooner you move into higher frequency situations. Do you realize how the law of attraction works? Eckhard Tolle rightly observes, it’s the pain body that loves to watch violent films. Obviously, your pain body is active, certainly if you are asking me to provide videos for you that contain multiple beatings, or that you can provide many violent videos, forget it brother, pay attention to your thoughts and raise your vibration, otherwise you will only attract whatever it is you are fearful about. Did you know, your pain body is what is telling you to carry a weapon? Thought’s become things. The same principle applies when your energy is balanced and your vibration is high, because you attract the matching equivalent of what your attention is focused upon. Is that what you want other members in here to observe, multiple beatings? No Malcolm, I’m not misinformed, you are. What you focus on expands and that aint the art of words, Malcolm, that's sound advice, and contrary to your ignorant boast that I don’t know what I’m talking about, believe me, I know exactly what I’m talking about, but I'll leave it to you to learn by yourself, there's little point in me trying to point something out that gets ridiculed by you or your Trump associates, you either learn the easy way or you learn the hard way but either way, your are on your own path, so stay safe. I suppose you'll ridicule this comment too, but that's fine, I expect nothing less. So, back to my original point, and in conclusion, you swirved my origial comment regarding Alex Jones attorney, regarding Alex being a performance artist, I love how you yell about the use of the so called "art of words", i.e. dodging the subject, when you frequently do it yourself. I reckon that's pretty hypocritical. The ball is in your court Malcolm, try not to get too ahead of yourself, and maybe we can have a proper rally, as soon as you pull your head out of your arse!

By the way Malcolm, in reply to part of your comment:...

Reply by Malcolm 17 hours ago



Yes, he did. Surely you must remember that.

Image result for trump meme knock

~Right on, Luke... straight from the Heart. 'One' can only hope brother Malcolm will consider not taking what you've written personally, but rather real'eyes' you are providing meaningful ways for him to widen the scope of his limited viewfinder. Of course, I'm not holding my breath... like so many of his fellow Trump devotees, they live in an alterno universe where the facts have little to no meaning. It's a method they've employed since Trump descended from his golden escalator... applying it an endless list of half baked morons like, O'Rielly, Bannon, Spicer, Jones, etc....


Absolutely Stick, I aggree 100%, and I'm also not holding my breath for Malcolm or his fellow Trumped up associates to dig deeper and expand their conciousness. In fact, I'm begining to suspect that it's not in their soul contract to even try, and if it is, then it's buried underneath a pile of illusions, fallacies and misconceptions that has otherwise hijacked their minds. However, what definately appears to be written in their soul contract is for them to remain narrow-minded and soild asleep, amid an ocean of awakened and awakening souls. Stubborn is as stubborn does and other clichés, but jeez, there might be more chance of getting blood from a stone! Observing the spiritual kindergarten in this website can be funny, as the dumbed down, brain surpressed Trump devoted fan base amonge us feverishly try to promote some bullsh!t about the house of representatives or whats going down in the United States Congress or other such garbage, as if it's actually of vital interest to the rest of us, or even more hilarious, that it's somehow terribly important in everybodies lives.. as if we give a flying f@ck!  Offering them the keys to unlocking their full potential is like casting pearls before swine, we may aswell try to knock sense into a group of broken dolls! If ignorance is bliss, then the Trump house collective must be in a perpetual state of make-believe ecstasy, too dependent on the blue pill and thriving on brain suppressants. I laugh whan I see them high five each other over their percieved victories when ultimately they're lost in their heads. They dont understand how their perception is decieved because unbeknownst to themselves, they are engulfed in it but they enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that offers them a false sense of security, until they are forced by their own inner knowing, to shift their attention from external illusions into deeper realms. Until that moment arrives, the absense of reality will continue to play a key role in their skewed perspectives. Personally, I think there might be more satisfaction watching paint dry. Needless to say, our ongoing attempts to help enable Malcolm and his posse to snap out of their self induced comas will no doubt be met with one of two results, they will either A. ignore it, or B. try to battle agains't it in a flurry of ridicule and hot headed yelling, most certainly in Malcolms case, his use of the ole caps lock button which must be bent out of all recognition into his keyboard by now. At any rate, and in conclusion, I know Malcolm is a good fellow, I like him and as you accurately observed Stick, I too can only hope he considers my comments as heartfelt, from one heart to another and to never to be taken personally. If only the entire Trump collective would come to the same understanding, that we mean only the best for them ALL, I think eventually that will come to pass but until that moment arrives we have our work cut out for us. C'est la vie!

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