A Lost and found Heart

I think I can make it on my own. I think i have it all within me but then again  find myself on my knees asking for someone to help me. Am I alone? I Don't want what most other people want. I don't have lust or desire for things gross and skewed. A holy desire within me keeps me struggling and yet finding deeper peace. I thought I Had a twin flame for me or a partner to Call my own. I realized It's all within me. I know without a doubt and for a fact that my mission Now in this universe is to be One and married to the divine. Married to the divine within me. I will share it with others and bring them with me into this unity. Within this unity lies The keys that will help us balance our nature find true love within self and Discover latent powers deep within the primordial form.

I have met my share of fellow souls traveling the long road and we have shared many insights. Discovering the hidden path of will and self creation The strength of freedom is ignited within us. I am my emotions and my emotions are me free from anyone except which I see. Soul rebels ignited by faith to serve love and not the illusions of power and separation. Love is caring.

I have felt the pain of longing and it has long disturbed me but this i will not allow any longer.

We each have our destiny. Mine has been shown to me through the scum of suffering and now i climb the thorny vines away from the pit of death and into everlasting life full of knowledge that withstands. My loves have lost me and i have left them but they themselves are still made of love. people are misguided but truly guided by the destiny that chooses them. There is a lesson in every detail. All those whimpering souls begging for attention when they cant quite grasp the self love within themselves. The question they ask is, Am i worth it? Worth what...In terms of serving someone else. Maybe it doesn't matter about the other people. Maybe they don't even care. I believe we can all serve one another better by serving ourselves. The act of being in Relationship can continue to separate and disfigure The real Power within. Although when both parties Recognize Wholeness they can share and expand this unity and well of love. 2 is stronger than one but only when they are ONE.

I really am blabbering but felt it really necessary this morning. Alot has been going through my mind and my life feels kinda like a mess. on the flipside my life feels perfect like everything is right in place. I am free and have very few attachments. I have all the time in the world. I will have friends and lovers alike to share my mind and heart with in due time. The road to the infinite is tough especially when you feel alone.

My life in the past year has been very up and down and all over the place. My life in general has been this way. Im a lost explorer without a home just trying to build ONE inside me. I live in my truck with my awesome dog Ganji and we simply try to enjoy life and the things around us that most people skip in their busy lives. I Like the street and choose a life free of rent. i have chosen this way not because it is easy but because its what i believe in. I don't believe in paying to have a place to sleep or live(stand). Don't fit in a box that doesnt fit you. I am a woodland creature of the spacious kind searching for my kin. Comrades Unite. Please Don't let the walls of Babylon separate you.

Activate, don't hesitate

 Love of darkness, Love of Light

Great Universe bring Me friends of a Cosmic Nature* soul sistars and brothers :)

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  • perhaps when we are feeling lost we can truly find ourselves and our path?

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