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    Ep. 3387a - Milei’s Plan Is Working, Gaetz Bill, Bitcoin Can Be Used To Pay Federal Income Tax
  • People are waking up all over-that's why ALL the Western countries-the nutters-want WW3-insane
  • Some of the woke scams that have been engineered in the USA don’t work in Europe. But some scams do, even the most crazy ones. The climate scam is widely accepted by people who don’t know the difference between a climate deal 💰 and our natural instinct to care about nature 🌴☀️
  • Yes and now they have a former special interests "oppressed group,"namely women's lib, which started in the 1970s, (to increase tax revenue) being superceded by the trans lobby....And watch how they cause frictions between these two....Same with islamists and gays....The cabal deliberately set them up, knowing they are diametrically opposed to each other....They do this in wars, also, financing both sides....They don't finance Russia, though, as they are the "bad boys and girls, on the cabal's naughty step.." They do stoke up wars and want to trigger WW3 by provoking Russia...

    Like all the money they send to Ukraine...billions in money laundering....
    Pretending it's all about "defending democracy." LOL

    Ah, what the heck.....TOTAL NUTTERS......and now, for some musical interlude.....😉
  • Drexk-money laundering, gov pork projects, treasury scams
  • Apparently, women’s rights are now offensive, and the same liberals who used to be so passionate about standing up for women have now decided that the rights of delusional trans people are somehow superior and more worthy of support than actual women who just want a safe and fair place to practice their sports.
    Women’s rights are now “offensive” as TikTok bans ads for athletic wear brand promoting fairness in…
    An athletic wear company that has made it its mission to stand up for women’s rights in sports has been hit with a permanent ban from TikTok thanks t…
  • Is milk white....? 😉Well, yes.....And is milk, white supremacist, because it's white in colour and therefore colonialist...?? Well, you tell me...hehe...!! Of course, the Anglospheric nations are constantly under attack from woke institutions and many of the woke projects, such as this one, conducted by lefty academics, researching milk's links with colonialism, seem INSANE....and of course, the whole concept of milk being political, is just as insane as the notion that mathematics is racist.....and smacks of "whiteness."

    We all know it's insane....BUT........Like all these projects, funded by government departments, at tax payer expense...IT'S REALLY ALL ABOUT MONEY LAUNDERING.........Globalists try to cause insanity in people, while also profiteering from it......😏 My advice, recognise this as a fake concept and not something to get angry about, as it's total bollox...

    In the CIA, they have a team of psyops specialists, who come up with these ideas and spread them internationally, to agents in various places, in politics, academia and corporations....They believe that doing this weakens patriotic attachments to the nation, tradition, family and culture, but in practice, it just does the opposite....

    I'M WHITE & PROUD OF IT....Gimme my glass of milk.....🥛 I have an empire to forge....🤣
  • Thanks................................
  • The DOJ is totally corrupted by the cabal and any "deal" with them, would be suspect...And walking free is only useful if you remain walking free, without conditions....An American judge in a US overseas dependency, is where he's headed, just north of Australia...

    I wonder if conditions were made, or will be made, upon Assange...?? Such as, he remains free, if he does not testify in any Seth Ridge investigations...As Seth Ridge was murdered by the cabal, using MS13....And of course, the DNC pretended that it was "Russian hackers" that gleaned data off their servers, when in fact, it was Seth and a USB memory stick...shared with Assange, for release....who knew the whole affair...
  • Good morning friends, Assange is free 🆓
    Assange will plead guilty in the deal with the DOJ but can walk free 🆓
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"If we are at 4.3 now and it only takes 4.5 for the dark to be completely gone and 4.7 to prepare for the 5th dimension then that means we are super close to everything happening. We indeed are well on our way :)"
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Message to everyone on this planet, is to move on up to the higher astral plane tiers...Keep awakening individual and collective consciousness...Let's make it beyond 4.3, so we can cause the dark to phase out from our rising…"
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"Top Democrat Says Local Pa. Police Afraid To Speak Out About Trump Assassination Attempt"
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"An interesting interview of US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, conducted by Alex Jones, in which she describes the obfuscation efforts, offered the committee by Kimberly Cheadle, who recently headed the USSS and has thankfully now resigned...(Of course,…"
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