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    Ep. 3379b - [DS] Pushed Into A Corner, Constitution Is Winning, Election Attack, Watch The Water
    Chuck Norris Made A Special Video Learn What He Discovered Go To The [DS] is now pushed into a corner. Everything they h…
    Ep. 3379a - The [CB] Structure Narrative Begins, End The Fed Bill Waiting For The Event
    Have your identity monitored 24/7 hassle free! Click Below! ---> Get a 60 Day Risk-Free TrialAct Now and Claim Up To 67…
  • The CIA Is As Evil As The Day Is Long
  • Good job by Logan Paul having Trump on his show and good job asking the important questions about UFO's and ET's. Trump knows more than he's admitting here ;) Sometime during his next term we will get disclosure about UFO's and ET's and then the Galactic Federation Of Light will land and have contact with us not too long after.
  • Once all this Epstein info comes out. The amount of arrests coming is gonna be off the charts. You're gonna have politicians, celebrities, and many others be brought to justice.
  • One of many signs the Cabal's system is dying has to do with the banks as seen here. The Cabal wants to usher in a new system which they refer to as a central bank digital currency which would give them absolute control over the population. Just like everything else they are planning this will fail. Gold and the Gold standard is what will be coming instead. This will benefit the people. The BRICS nations will also do their part in taking down the old corrupt system. Right now we see alternative currencies being talked about like Bitcoin. Gold is also being talked about as well. All of this will play a role in taking down the old corrupt system.
  • Bird flu lies continue to be exposed as seen here. It's simple if they say there is a deadly virus that's gonna kill us all that actually means they're full of s##t and they're lying just like how they lie about everything else.
  • If they end up pushing for vaccines again just like they did with the Covid scam my advice would be stay far away from their vaccines and don't fall for their BS. Gates, Tedros, the WHO, etc all need to be brought to justice soon.
    Moscow stock exchange (MOEX) suspends all trading in dollars, euros as global shift away from weste…
    The United States Treasury under Janet Yellen is systematically destroying the U.S. dollar (Federal Reserve Note) by endlessly poking the bear of Rus…
  • Part 6 and the final part of Sheldan's interview on Dr. David Kamnitzer Radio. The Agarthans will be talked about here as well as how we can talk to others about the UFO and ET topic which will help them know what's really going on.
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"Thank God he left the race, finally....LOL"
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"😉What a fantastic bass guitarist....You've just gotta listen to this Japanese funk band:
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"Nigel Farage was asked, in a recent interview, if he believes that God saved Donald Trump's life.....I rather enjoy his answers and you may too.....

And of course, peace is the better policy, than WW3...…"
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RandyFirstContact replied to AlternateEarth's discussion New audio forensic analysis reveals at least THREE SHOOTERS at Trump campaign event
"Yup, that is right AE. The patsy is always expendable. Just the fall guy."
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"LAST STRAW: Elon Musk to move X and SpaceX to Texas following California’s passage of new pro-trans, pro-pedo law"
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"Thanks to Divine Protection, and cell phone cams, the entire world is witnessing an attempted assassination of a pres candidate by the global cabal and the deep state."
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