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  • The GFL can confirm, unequivocally, that the PRC never landed a craft on the far side of the moon, in 2018.....Their claims of this achievement were backed up by NASA, but did not actually happen (Never A Straight Answer)....Great supporting propaganda, from characters like Jim Bridenstine, but there are so many pro-CCP apparatchiks in large US corporations I've lost count...

    There was a launch of a Chang'e 4, but no lander, nor rover, ever reached the moon's surface...And you will note that telescopes cannot confirm that anything landed there, as they have with Apollo landings, for example...And why China prefers the far end of the moon, to hide their failures....However, star nations can observe their subterfuge, with ease..

    The Chinese have the technical ability to launch rockets and attain Earth orbit and can launch satellites, such as that mission's Earth-Moon lagrange point 2, for their relay satellite, Quegiao.

    However, their primary skills are all about slight-of-hand, smoke & mirrors, fakery and parlour tricks and many of those, were presented in the China Aerospace Science & Technology animations.....

    So no real photos, or footage, of anything on the moon, or approaching the moon. Just CGI and artworks...And the observer is simply supposed to trust Chinese authorities...?? With their long track record of skullduggery..?? Alas, no.....And just observe my many other videos, on their way of doing things....Common sense will guide you...

    So nothing landed or crashed, in the area of the Von Karman crater.....diddly-squat...Only GFL bases on the far-side, no Chinese presence, at all...

    Let us just say, China has a well-known propensity for fakery, propaganda and also has such an inferiority complex, that they will make claims about anything, to impress rivals and allies...

    I must also ask why this odious country is still listed as a "developing nation," and receives millions of pounds from the UK, albeit, that was scaled-back after 2011....Nothing should be sent there, even if ostensibly to support science...They had to ban the PRC from the ISS, as all the Chinese astronauts (they call them "taikonauts," LOL,) do is copy tech, for their own space research and development programs..No international solidarity, there.....It's the sort of thing the former-Soviet trade delegations would do, in British aerospace factories, to steal jet engine metalurgical secrets, from Britain...

    India, another "space power," likewise......The UK and US fund these nations, ostensibly to aid their poor.....Now, look where that money goes...?? It's absolutely absurd..

    And China has a plan to get a lunar base, functioning by the early 2020s...?? Errr, nope, not happening and this is 2024...

    I will add that the US moon landings and Mars landers and rover missions are completely real and it's true that the Soviets even managed to send a probe to Venus....Such success stories drive the Chinese insane with envy...And so, they have to "save face."
  • Lake Baikal UFO and ET sightings.
  • Interesting documentary about Skinwalker ranch. Much going on there which include constant UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, poltergeist activity, Bigfoot sightings, portals, and more.
  • More BS on the way as they are now trying to scare the people saying a new Covid variant is gonna kill us all. It's simple just stay away from their vaccines and you will be fine.
  • In a prior posting I did suggest the following about Red China (PRC,) that
    In the book, Alice in Wonderland, they painted the roses red....Well, in Red China, they paint the trees green.....and more besides....
    A Chinese deception mania of gross tomfoolery, we can also suggest and prove, that Chinese wet market traders, are known to paint substandard meat red, paint ducks green and have a vast range of fake foods, including eggs, that are completely fake and sold to an unsuspecting and suspecting public...Fishermen dye their catch red, to fool their customers.

    This all sounds crazy, eh...?? Well, it's all true, believe it, or not....It's not just the CCP, police and civil servants, that are insane, but many Chinese businesses, small and large, are also...

    The two words that sum the PRC up, could be; mimicry and deception....
    They are obsessed with fakery, of all kinds.....Fake beer, fake meatballs, fake apples, fake ribs, fake spam, fake eggs, fake everything....They even have a whole online industry creating fake women, using CGI, etc...Mainly because there are far too many men and not enough women, in China, so a lot of lonely young men, desperate for girlfriends, getting fooled by deep fakes, online...Chinese men, pretending to be Chinese women, with faces and voices altered, to fool their Chinese customers...😲you need a strong stomach in China, it seems...🤢

    A truly sad nation......And it causes great distrust, among all Chinese people.

    And these morons hope to run the world for us, do they...?? The deep state using them as a template for all nations..? I think not....
    In reality, their military abilities are also based upon trickery, fakery and propaganda, you will find....The whole damn place is a fake....A counterfeit kingdon, if you like...(Now that sounds biblical....) A paper dragon...

    My advice for anyone from the west, thinking of visiting China and sampling their food and society, is DON'T.....!! Just stay well clear of this crazy place...If it sounds like a nightmare, that is because it is a lower astral plane dreamscape, in which demons abound....🐲🤣
  • Second and final part of Chapter 7 of UFO Contact From The Pleiades which continues talking about others who have had contact with the Plejaren.
  • Been a little bit since I posted anything from UFO Contact From The Pleiades, but here in the first part of Chapter 7 talks about other people around the world who have had contacts with the Plejaren. For some reason at the end of this video the song called hot hot hot pops up and plays the rest of the way lol.
  • Ten minute talk here which gets into a little bit about Agartha and the Agarthans. Earth changes will be talked about here also and a little bit about the Anunnaki as well.
    Ep 3361b - Narrative Begins For Change Of Batter,Kenya,Trump:”We Are Going To Make It To Big To Rig”
    Ep 3361a - Fake News Begins The Recession Narrative, Biden/Fed Will Make An Economic Move To Counter
    Nature’s Morphine? Medical scientist Clint Winters discusses the incredible pain relief effects of 100% Drug Free Conolidine. This changes pain relie…
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