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    Ep 3330a - CO2 Making The World Greener, Fake News Says Quiet Part Out Loud, Event Incoming
    Learn How To Keep Weight Off 20 Million People Watched The Video Go To The green new deal just hit the wall, Co2 makes t…
  • But Drekx, 72hrs are 3 days. If you started yesterday (Sunday) 3 days later is Wednesday. Why do you start re-feeding on Friday only?
  • good video Drekx on prolonged fasting, I will try the 72hrs fasting (I'm intermittent fasting since 2 years), need to get the electrolytes powder first from Dr. Berg's European shop ;)
  • Remember, Remember the 5th of November! - V for Vendetta (which I recommend watching)
  • a good summary by Trump!
    welcome to the outskirts of reality LOL
  • AE - that's is weird, Ventusky delete the path of "anomaly' forecast, after people didn't believe their explanation, but left what was seeing on satellite on Apr.9-10. It is probably there and moving north ...
    check this: the view of 'solar eclipse" from international space station
  • Fasting slammed, by a very desperate American Heart Association, for very spurious reasons, that we can totally ignore, as fake news...

    It does go to show the sorry state of medical orthodoxy, as more and more people fast and save their health and so stunt the profits of big (junk) food and big pharma...

    Fear is the only method left to such medical bodies....Rather like similar efforts, to get people to take the "safe and effective" covid vaccine....Fear is the only lever left for them to use, but is failing, as they fail, time and time again...

    Frankly, these self-appointed "expert medical bodies," are cheats and liars, who are on the wrong side of history....More and more people are finding this out, through personal experience....
  • Good vids Drekx I'll add them to my health page real quick then I gotta try and get some sleep soon. My sleep pattern right now is the definition of messed up lol.
  • This is a follow up explanation, anent prolonged fasting, for the benefit of anyone here who may contemplate trying it out...

    "Prolonged fasting has a lot of incredible benefits. Here's what you really need to know before giving it a try."
  • Justin, I'll post another health video from Dr Berg, about a prolonged fasting process I'm currently undergoing, myself...I started the fast yesterday and plan to continue it, until 72-hours has elapsed.....So I'll eat food (keto of course) again, on Friday, in a process described as "re-feeding," which has to be completed in stages....
    Periodic prolonged fasting actually resets your entire body and is perfectly natural and certainly in keeping with the prompts of my higher self....
    And of course, one has to build up to such a fast, with regular intermittent fasts, prior and resuming them, on saturday, in my case...
    Feel free to put these comments on your health blog, along with the video, below...

    "This is what’s happening in the body during each stage of fasting. Check this out!
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"A little bit I did not know about China. I knew it was bad with tons of corruption like I mentioned earlier, but after seeing those videos you posted Drekx it's way worse than I thought. Thanks for sharing those. I learned a little more today thanks…"
3 hours ago
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"More evidence is here for all to view:
Red China is actually a fake nation, in which it's psychopathic leadership seek to impress outsiders, with their "competence," by pretending to be "modern" and "civilised," when in fact, they are backward and…"
5 hours ago
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"Justin, you have a good heart regarding China.....However, July-August, 2023..."Nature" has been working hard, as in biblical times...In this era, a severe karmic penalty is due China, rather than the ten plagues that vexed Pharaoh...Red China is…"
5 hours ago
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"Yeah it's sad the situation over there that's for sure. Who knows maybe they get lucky and turn things around. The way it's looking right now though they are gonna need a huge miracle. They gotta fix things over there quickly. Change the way they…"
6 hours ago
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"The problem with Chinese authorities is that they cover up any and every disaster, to "save face." They also lie constantly to their own people and certainly to foreigners....Truth is, China is totally mismanaged and the people are too afraid to…"
6 hours ago
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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
They are amazing..would make nice gift cards / postcards/  enlarged framed photos album etc Watch here @
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Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yeah the chart I was looking at of life spans by country has China ranked number 52 out of the 201 countries mentioned with a lifespan of 78.79 years. Very surprising they live close to 80 there considering the conditions over there at the moment. I…"
6 hours ago