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    Ep 3172b - Fake News Needs To Be Investigated For Treason,Free & Fair Elections Most Important Issue
    Freedom & Self Reliance Get 10% Off Use Code X22 The [DS] is being exposed by the patriots, Trump is calling out the fake news a…
    Ep. 3172a - Hedge Funds Backing Away From ESG, [WEF] Plan Falling Apart, Shutdown Looms
    🍃 Help take years off the clock with Collagen🍃 --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!! The [WEF] plan for the great reset…
  • 🪆 Great music 🎻 in Eli’s videos 🪗
  • And thanks, Ivy...The great awakening continues and is moving a tidal wave of positive change, upon the evil empire of globalism...

  • 🪆Eli and her dear sister-in-law, from Ufa, visit mount Bolshoy (Big) Iremel, in the Bashkortostan republic, Russia...🤍💙❤️Вы оба такие красивые...👍🏻😚💐In England we have beautiful forests too, like Russian ones, but the difference is, Russian forests just go on and on and on, forever...LOL
  • A large amount of people is awake and the Evil Empire is crumbling…
  • Yes, British patriots have been working on Sunak and convinced him to pull back on the Boris Johnson, climate insanity policies....Hehe...!! Love it....!!

    X22 report mentions us.....Nice...😎
    Ep. 3171a - Countries Are Now Rolling Back Climate Mandates, Federal Reserve Begins Layoffs
    🍃 Help take years off the clock with Collagen🍃 --> Click Above ^ To Get Up To 51% OFF !!! The fake elite pushing the green n…
  • I never use air conditioning in my home, which was so well built and designed, by Victorian architects, builders and workmen, that in summer, it's cool and very nice to live in...Often hotter outside and cool when I return home...If especially humid and hot I simply open a window at night, to aid sleep...A small gap for air flow. No need for A/C....The house is designed well and that makes a difference...My location is much cooler than the fake news have been suggesting...For example, averaging in the 20s, celsius, never 40 degrees, or above..Today it's sunny, with "room temp" outside, at 21 degrees celsius...This is normal for my region and nothing extreme at all...Nobody is boiling up...It's lovely weather...🌞

    In winter, I do need the gas central heating and electricity, to keep a good warm interior...A heat pump would not suffice and I'm glad that the PM has decided not to force these useless contraptions upon older homes, like mine...Such 19th century homes have so much space, with harmonically proportioned room dimensions I simply could never live in a modern flat, or cramped apartment and don't choose to.....My large house is full of antiques also, combined with modern technologies....Really great to live in, and my location here....You may get stuffy summers, but I don't, so speak for yourself...😐

    Oh and also I have a downstairs open fireplace with chimney, for log burning in winter....Great when you get those ablaze in a room; cosy, comfy....sheer luxury, for the deserving...🔥😀And you don't know what I do, so your phrase; "jack diddly squat," is totally unfounded...You know nothing, as to what I do...Apart from what's in the public domain, online...Tip of the iceberg, dear chap..tip of the iceberg...!! 🧊

    The summer here in East Anglia has been perfect and certainly not excessive in heat....Maybe a little too much rain, periodically, but this is England....Nothing out of the ordinary with our weather, climate emergency/eco-arsonists can burn our forests, as in Canada. Our periodic rain prevents it....😀LOL But we get so much sunshine, also...really nice here...thanks for asking...🌞

    A sacred Britannic island, possessing renowned "gardens of England." Best place to live on surface Earth, methinks....You may not love your homeland, but I love mine..💗

    Now I'll post my earlier comment again, as you seem to assume that I get all my news from Fox, when I only posted that vid to demonstrate that even Bill Gates is becoming embarrassed by the climate frenzy...😉

    This time, read the words, carefully:

    I always find it interesting to observe how the elites continue to promote "global boiling," etc, offering "solutions" that make the people poor and controlled....As for pollution, their absurd "solutions" always make it worse....20 MPH zones...Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs,) ULEZ, EVs, heat pumps, etc....All make people poorer and colder...None of their idiocy solves "climate change," it just allows the elite central banks to continue to survive, following the complete breakdown of their odious fiat system, by keeping the people in perpetual bondage, under the "great reset"....15-minutes cities, frankenstein food, eating bugs, mass mRNA vaxx, wind turbines, charging points supported by a destroyed forest, having pylons and solar panels erected, everywhere......
    They buy up farmland, that could be productive and build homes for illegal migrants and solar panels...They cull cattle livestock and offer no alternatives but their minimalist answers to nutrients, which is always; "eat less to save the planet." Don't have babies, to "save the planet." NOTICE THE TREND, WHICH WANTS HUMANITY GONE...?? They want us poor, in cramped cities, ill and undernourished, in debt, unable to travel far, on meds...If we do survive their "climate crisis." (Their "solutions" are the actual crisis.)

    Notice that the lefty types who support globalism, always accuse we who seek sane solutions, of being "anti-environment," when the opposite is actually true....And always notice how the likes of Al Gore, Obama and Kerry, buy beachfront property, and fly private jets, while telling we plebs about "sea levels rising" and aviation being a problem....

    Notice how the WEF always include excellent meats, eggs and fish on their annual conference menus, while telling the rest of us to give it up and go vegan....??

    Notice how Bill Gates "solves climate problems" by DESTROYING FORESTS......??

    Notice how none of these lefty and elitist buffoons ever offer solutions to REAL environmental problems, such as a ban on dangerous Chinese EVs, that, when they catch on fire, produce highly toxic smoke that kills when breathed in, containing cobalt....And the fire continues for a week....?

    Just imagine a fire combusting EVs, parked in a city car park...? Imagine how much deadly pollution that would offer the people...? Cobalt gas only needs to be breathed in, briefly, to cause life changing illness, or death...
    And as for lithium batteries....Highly toxic if put in landfills...And cost the earth, when replacing them...And being heavy cars, can cause more damage to people in collisions and to road surfaces..
    Ever wondered why there are more potholes on roads, since EVs started being used, more..??

    And just imagine the agony of little black children in the Congo, who have to mine for the minerals that go into EVs...?? And die from the poisons they touch and inhale, just so that some SMART ARSE western pillock, can virtue signal in his/her new electric vehicle, to his lefty friends in Hampstead....Yes, going green is it...?? NOPE....It's being a lefty idiot...

    And these morons still assume that their power comes from wind and sun, when these factors are minute contributions, as all virtue signal nations, with moronic governments, simply import gas and coal.....So that they can appear virtuous at Davos and COP28, or whatever madness they indulge in...

    Why not plant more trees...?? Why not improve the current car technology, so it's less polluting..? Why not lift "national security" classifications on aetheric energy propulsion systems...?? Why not keep wild life safe from ever more pylons, solar panels and wind turbines...??

    Have these fools ever considered that pollution will only get worse, if all our manufacturing goes to China..?? And is carbon a problem..?? Of course not...Plants need carbon and we need plants...Is the planet getting hotter..?? No, it's actually entering a cooling phase.....Have the polar ice caps melted yet, as Gore predicted they would...?? NOPE......All these "climate " predictions fail....So get real Jancar, you are on the coolaid...😉
  • I mean Greta Thunberg actually OUT lol Doing something, to try and stop the pollution lol The environmental destruction, she's putting herself out there lol And what are YOU doing, jack diddly SQUAT lol That's wtf you doing lol

    She's out, putting herself out there lol For the whole world to see, only to face like waves of insults and mockery and stupidity lol From people like YOU lol Who literally does jack squat, I mean it's a frickin joke.

    And ONE DAMN DAY, you gonna realize that lol SUPPORT people fighting for the planet lol While you sit there in your air conditioned house lol And don't even REALIZE THE PLANET IS WARMING lol
  • You couldn't ESCAPE the heat lol This summer, and if you actually got out of your air conditioned houses and went outside lol You'd feel that.

    I mean you can literally feel it, yet ppl, ohhh it's a myth lol Global warming is a myth lol We can debate WHY the climate is changing, but to say it's not changing, is just stupid lol FOX News stupid lol

    FOX News literally goes UP lol And is like the climate change MYTH lol It's a myth, and refuse to support ONE IOTA of a thing lol That might do something about it lol

    And again even if you don't BELIEVE lol In climate change, I mean it's like not believing in the sky lol The sky not there lol But even if you don't BELIEVE lol The Earth is changing, no ones gonna argue, that throwing up all that pollution, and destroying the environment and killing wildlife, and wrecking the planet lol Is somehow a good thing. So why you here, taking the piss out of people, CONCERNED about the planet.
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Gateway of Divinity - I Am BecomingWith Anrita Melchizedek Beloved I Am,  I humbly bow to you in deep devotion and utter surrender,as the sub-atomic particles within each cell of my body expand in the radiance of thy magnificence and Light,and into…
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