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    Target LOSES $14 BILLION in market value as backlash over controversial “Pride” collection continue…
  • ACC members, friends.....LET THIS DATA SINK IN........!!
  • Members should be aware of this data coming from miltary whistleblowers, about "UFO" retrievals.....
    A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified informat…
  • In spite of being hamstrung by globalist enemies, all around us and in the Treasury, the British economy still out performed the French and rises as Germany wanes, to boot.....So you can imagine that without the artificial constraints placed upon the UK, we would soar even higher and once this fiat system is dead, we will....👏🏻
  • Yes indeed, the global "warming" hoax is being exposed by several factors, not least by NASA data itself, which is indicating that "May 2023 is much cooler than May 1998, in spite of 66% more industrial era CO2.."

    The people are waking up to the scam and as I've already said, we are entering a cooling phase, with the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM cycle....

    More evindence that the people are seeing through the green new deal well as the great reset, et al globalist baloney...
    Ep. 3085a - The Economy Is Imploding, The D’s/[CB] Will Take The Blame For The Collapse
  • Thanks for saying so, Ivy.....Let's hope all nations can reach better times, but we all need to break globalism first...Of course, the UK now has a WEF puppet as PM, but at least we left the EU and they would find that hard to reverse, now....Albeit, we also need to leave the WHO and the ECHR, to really get out from under the most egregious of globalist dynamics.....
    It seems that all globalist bodies can threaten sovereignty, even ouside the EU...

    One thing I have noted, as a saving grace, is that we in the UK cannot be fined by Brussels for not accepting migrants, any more, where as remaining EU nations are under threat from fines, if they don't accept alloted distributions of these invaders, coming in through Italy, under an EU migration pact....

    The Poles are standing up to this EU tyranny...I'll add this video for member's perusal....Cheers, Drekx x🤗
  • This is literally a globalist scam rolled out in several countries at once.

    Too bad that the UK is still suffering under a WEF puppet despite Brexit.

    I wish you guys and the rest of the world better times 🤗
  • Illegal migrants staying at a London hotel, display an incredibly arrogant sense of entitlement....British taxpayers are paying for these ungrateful jerks.....When will globalist Sunak sort this illegal migration mess out...?? 😡
  • Let's keep bashing wokeness on this thread, friends....It must not remain unchallenged....It is so evil and needs to be taken down at every opportunity, even when something is as apparently "harmless," as a Disney remake.....

    Again, with "Little Mermaid" we see the inevitable black actor/actress in the lead role...Again we see the man bashing...And not that I've watched "Little Mermaid," but apparently it takes an obviously deliberate dig, at Princess Catherine (Kate,) the Princess of Wales....(Maybe Disney are using the odious Meghan Markle as a script editor and advisor...??) 😏

    OK, the actress Halle Bailey, they cast, is not a bad actress, but why the long flowing red hair on a black character...?? Why not cast a white girl, a white actress, a natural red head, who would look more the part, as per the traditional mermaid with long flowing locks, underwater, rather than a stiff afro, which obviously does not flow so well, underwater....? Small points, but it's a matter of ART....A matter of style and entertainment...Fakery never entertains, it simply annoys people...

    Yes I'm fairly sure that Walt Disney would hate what his own company has become.....A woke laughing stock...

    "Is Disney's wokeness killing them? | The Little Mermaid branded 'TIRESOME' by critic"
  • Tranny woke crap has caused Anheiser Busch to lose almost $25,000,000,000 in sales in the last 6 weeks!!!!!!! Other retailers are going tranny woke too and losing billions also. There are many suppliers in the supply chain and distribution who are getting financially hit by this.
    Look for pastor Russ Dizdar on the net. He passed away but podcasts are still available-he spent his carreer chasing satanic ritual abusers and even helping police in such cases. Over the decades he helped dozens of people get de- programmed by the death cults. Without going into detail they were subjected to sex orgies and blood sacrifice as toddlers all over the States and the western countries mostly in the 70's, '80s and 90's and created a pedophile army. I know , sounds crazy. (upwards of 10 million in the Western countries)We are witnessing their collective mission at every level of society.
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The World Economic Forum influences all nations

I often here people claim Putin is a good guy, but he is another WEF puppet doing his part.  The attached video from a Klaus Schwab interview in 2017 shows how Putin and Merkel were both global initiates.  Trudeau, Macron and the President of…

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I often here people claim Putin is a good guy, but he is another WEF puppet doing his part.  The attached video from a Klaus Schwab interview in 2017 shows how Putin and Merkel were both global initiates.  Trudeau, Macron and the President of…
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