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  • Let's keep bashing wokeness on this thread, friends....It must not remain unchallenged....It is so evil and needs to be taken down at every opportunity, even when something is as apparently "harmless," as a Disney remake.....

    Again, with "Little Mermaid" we see the inevitable black actor/actress in the lead role...Again we see the man bashing...And not that I've watched "Little Mermaid," but apparently it takes an obviously deliberate dig, at Princess Catherine (Kate,) the Princess of Wales....(Maybe Disney are using the odious Meghan Markle as a script editor and advisor...??) 😏

    OK, the actress Halle Bailey, they cast, is not a bad actress, but why the long flowing red hair on a black character...?? Why not cast a white girl, a white actress, a natural red head, who would look more the part, as per the traditional mermaid with long flowing locks, underwater, rather than a stiff afro, which obviously does not flow so well, underwater....? Small points, but it's a matter of ART....A matter of style and entertainment...Fakery never entertains, it simply annoys people...

    Yes I'm fairly sure that Walt Disney would hate what his own company has become.....A woke laughing stock...

    "Is Disney's wokeness killing them? | The Little Mermaid branded 'TIRESOME' by critic"
  • Tranny woke crap has caused Anheiser Busch to lose almost $25,000,000,000 in sales in the last 6 weeks!!!!!!! Other retailers are going tranny woke too and losing billions also. There are many suppliers in the supply chain and distribution who are getting financially hit by this.
    Look for pastor Russ Dizdar on the net. He passed away but podcasts are still available-he spent his carreer chasing satanic ritual abusers and even helping police in such cases. Over the decades he helped dozens of people get de- programmed by the death cults. Without going into detail they were subjected to sex orgies and blood sacrifice as toddlers all over the States and the western countries mostly in the 70's, '80s and 90's and created a pedophile army. I know , sounds crazy. (upwards of 10 million in the Western countries)We are witnessing their collective mission at every level of society.
  • Drexk-The Pale Blue Eye is a great film-won't get the credit it deserves from Trannywood
    Trove Of Nearly 10K Hunter Biden Laptop Photos, Docs Appear On Organized Website
    "If the American people want to know what their first family is like, they're going to get it," says former Trump aide.
  • I totally agree.
  • I believe in the importance of meritocracy, as opposed to racial equity, based upon discriminating against certain racial groups, to allow a target entry into certain professions....We had this woke policy within the RAF, in the UK, deliberately holding white men back, in spite of ability and simultaneously, placing non-whites, and/or women, at the forefront, in roles in which they did not physically, psychologically, nor educationally, meet the standards...

    This is known as "positive discrimination," but is actually just as evil as any other discrimination....I say focus on merit only, not race or gender....

    See this video from the New Culture Forum, about how this diversity obsession is being used as a weapon, against meritocracy, in professions, such as police, ambulance service, army, firefighting, etc, where lives are at stake, if merit is not the focal point.....

    There is no need for equity and quotas....What is needed is ability and passing tests for high standards.....

    Statistics are proving differences between certain groups...We should pay attention and accept pragmatic TRUTH and halt socialist idealism...Allow people to display their natural abilities, their natural beauty, without social engineering behind the process...Go woke, go broke, should not be the new normal...Instead, free our Anglospheric societies from woke commissars...If this woke ideology can be treated, it can be so, by our focussing upon the elites, themselves, who are driving all of this lunacy....The dark cabal itself must be destroyed...
  • I'll link Roaring's original discussion on the subject of race, here....It includes my one response, which hopefully readers can peruse, in which I demonstrate a great variety in nature...Of humans, as races, in birds, etc..

    With respect for Roaring's stance, as we are all entitled to our views, I would suggest that the very scientific approach, that he often champions, is one in which categories are noted and documented.....This is valid and one can suggest that spirit is one, yet enjoys projecting itself into multiple forms, to attain multiple experiences of matter...And as I pointed out to friend Roaring, in cosmos, the variety of galactic humans is even greater than the Lyran genetic samples we find on this planet....All humans, but races with orange, blue, green skins, as well as those we are regularly aware, white, red, yellow, brown, etc....

    This is not a divisive thing, but rather a celebration of human potential in the form...So yes, there are races of humans, as with all forms in nature...

    There are scientists who categorize the many types of moths and butterflies; lepidopterology....There are many types of dogs, or cats.....etc..This is a familiar and normal pattern in creation.....Not something to deny exists...
    Human Beings Are Not 'Races'
    Again I see posts on my wall talking of what 'race' Cleopatra was, or posts about 'race' of ancient Pharaohs etc. But I have already explained it her…
  • Yes-this is real
    Pandemic PTSD: Portland Woman Wears Space Helmet To Protect From COVID in 2023
    Highlights the social trauma inflicted by politicians, government institutions and media perpetuating pandemic lies for years.
  • As a follow up to my last comment on the value of trying to cast accurately, in movies and especially so with historical characters, like the famous poet and writer, Edgar Allen Poe, here is some data on the actor who played the role in the Netflix movie; "the Pale Blue Eye," which was actually superb and a refreshingly non-woke production....

    The British actor, Harry Melling, played the part of the young Poe....Superb acting and he really looks like the historical character, so full credit to the casting process....…
This reply was deleted.

5G-Activated Zombie Apocalypse – Is It Coming? Military attorney says lipid nanoparticles contain pathogens that can be released by pulsed 5G signal. Zombie Apocalypse – Is It Coming?Greg Reese | Banned.videoSeptember 22nd 2023, 5:15 pm                            A look into the U.S. military's work with…

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