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  • Absolutely!,...and understanding middle east is helpful in understanding Ukraine. Note that the scenario in middle east is approximately the same same as in eastern Europe. Russia is approximately like Iran, Ukraine is like Iraq, Syria is like Belarus, Israel is like Poland, the Gulf Of Persia is like the Sea Of Azov, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are like Crimea etc. So it isn't a surprise that the politics are approximately similar.

    US has been trying to gang up all these countries to 'contain Iran' in a similar way it is now trying to create enmity against Russia in its neighbourhood. However, US's mission in middle east was a total failure! The middle east is now heading to peace but with Iran playing a central role in middle east. We now see Iran exerting influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen! It is almost like a revival of Sassanian Empire! So these countries like Gulf States, Saudi etc are now, following Iraq's prudence in realizing that there is no way of crafting a 'security map' in middle east that Ignores Iranian interest. So they are now defying U.S. and forging ties without the participation of U.S.!

    This should be imitated by Ukraine! Ukraine should, like Iraq, Saudi, UAE etc refuse to join alliances that target Russia, or try to create a 'security map' that ignores Russian interest, against US's aim, which is to 'contain Russia', not to create security there, or even advance Ukrainian interests. Ukraine should seek to resolve the conflict without the need to involve U.S. in it, just like Saudi did. Wisely, Saudi realized that any involvement in U.S. will only derail peace as the later neither has any 'security interests' in middle east nor can be trusted by Iran. U.S.'s presence there will only serve to attempt to push Iran to capitulate, even when such does not serves any interest of any country in middle east. The same situation is repeated in Russo-Ukraine conflict. Ukraine should simply ask, 'in what way does 'containing Russia' more of serves US's interests than Ukraine's?'.

    The Middle East has completely defied US's attempt to make it another 'Europe' where they bow to US even if such is completely detrimental to their interests, like we see Germany in 'bull's ring' but Saudi and UAE has absolutely refused to be like Germany. So US has diverted the sewage from middle east to eastern Europe and are also trying to move to Pacific! - This website is for sale! - similar Resources and Information.
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  • RL-lets see what Xi and Putins' meet produces this week-hopefully peace negotiations will begin
  • If Trump is convicted he cannot run again
  • More sudden events, expect weirdness......weatherwoman Alissa Carlson Schwartz collapse on live TV....
  • Enjoy the show and remember that the Light continues to shine it's powerful beam upon darkest corners, causing the evil ones to scurry about like cockroaches...

    Spooky it may be, but hang loose and still enjoy the show, as it leads to a golden age...🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽Freedom....!!

    But expect weirdness, as we are now on the lower astral...
  • The low IQ Manhattan DA, Alvin Bragg, is terrified of Donald J. Trump and will stop at nothing to hamper his chances of running for election...Including an arrest...HOWEVER, as Elon Musk has recently commented (and I agree) : "If Donald Trump is arrested, he will be 're-elected in a landslide victory...!"

    The rather gorgeous (wowzers) Royal and showbiz reporter; Kinsey Schofield, discusses this matter with GB News.....
  • I had said here that the era of US stirring conflicts in middle east, and then stepping in to sell weapons at the exchange of propping up the dollar or dilution the oil market is comming to an end. I said that not only will Saudi and Iran soon restore ties, the Yemeni war will end and thus the need for US weapons in middle east will diminish.

    I said this to bash both Biden's visit to Saudi, which was aimed at flooding oil market to punish Rassia and to create a small 'NATO' in middle to isolate Iran and to bash the democrats's dare to cease dishing weapons to Saudi. Non of Biden's aims has succeeded and instead, Saudi is moving away from petrodollar and the gulf states are moving closer to Iran!

    Like I said, U.S.'s withdrawal from middle east would not create 'more chaos' there, contrary to how US has brainwashed its citizens etc. Instead, the players at those regions (including Israel etc) have been getting convinced that with the backing from U.S., there is no need for any meaningfull negotiations. They think that they can just simply beat their opponents into submission, something now getting repeated in Ukraine! So U.S. withdrawal actually creats incentives for peace talks, and not for 'more chaos'.
    More Mandella FX-Bible Changes; Matrix, Dragons, Unicorns!
    JESUS WAS A STONE MASON?   Dragons, Matrix, Unicorns!   One of the 4 Horseman is now Conquest not Pestilence; Exodus 34:19chapter context similar mea…
  • Globalists aren 't finished yet' watch for attempted military draft in US to escalate the madness in Ukraine
    In the 1930s the Soviets committed the genocide of millions of Ukranians-then the nazi invasion and millions more Ukranians were killed-then 2014 Soros and the globalists bought the Ukranian gov. set up bio weapons labs-over 40 with slav specific bio weapons-and now again complete madness
  • President Putin is smashing Kiev Nazi admin control, with such effect, that the panic-striken globalist elites, have ordered ICC "judges" to issue an arrest warrant against him, for Ukrainian "crimes".....

    Not that the Russian Federation is signed up to the ICC...Russia does not recognise the court’s jurisdiction....

    KEEP FIGHTING AND WINNING, VLADIMIR....!!🪆👍🏻As they do with Trump, these globalist nutters will keep trying it on...As they project their own crimes...
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