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  • Everything seems to focus on China and if's not that country then its the US or Africa etc.. With the ongoing war in the Ukraine, we can already see Germany stepping up to play a pivotal role in this conflict people need to learn this country's ancient past and why the creator chose this country to have a major role in the coming decades. To really understand what is happening in today's world one also know about ancient's history. Our creator had this to say '' Blessed is Egypt, my people, and Assyria is the work of My Hands and Israel My Inheritance '' .
  • A Promise Beyond Heaven : Our Creator wants to give humanity dominion not just the earth, but over the Universe this is wonderful news. We will able to travel instantly to far off galaxies and we will not be limited by time and space. Our creator wants all of humanity to to liberate this creation on earth from its decay and corruption as Paul wrote '', ''the creation is is itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of of our creator .We will spend eternity with nothing to do in a heavenly world of only harps and clouds our creator is preparing humanity for an awesome destiny across the universe.
  • The question rather is why shoot it down at all? It makes sense to try to capture it and then check to confirm what kinda balloon it was. How unscientific to shoot it down, destroy the evidence and then go ahead to use speculations to preach to the public about what the balloon was!

    The thing is that there is no way an 'expert' can be privy to what a balloon in air can be! He is no better than you, or any other human being, as far as telling what the ballon was! Everybody saw nothing but a white balloon in the air, and nothing more. Everything else is pure speculation!
  • The military shot the spy balloon down. One questions why it took so long to act on it! :)
  • This 'Chinese surveillance balloons' hype is an obvious US propaganda. No one can be spying US with a balloon the size of 2 buses while hopping that they will not be detected. They never spy with balloons. They use stealth drones or satellites to do that. Next, militaries never publicize an object that they suspect to be spying but aims at capturing it as this will be far more beneficial militarily. This is the reason we have all these secrets about UAP. Hypes are only good for politics.
    Third Chinese spy balloon is ‘operating near US interests’ – but officials won’t say where, after s…
    Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!
  • CABAL ESCALATING WW3-a scientist said these balloons could get as big as a sports stadium-hoax?-but apparently this was as big as several school buses;
  • Get fresh at the weekend! 😎
  • Inter-continental T-Mat transfer....YESSSS...!! Wow, the LIGHT is getting there.....🛸------🌍------🌎👍🏻👍🏻
  • I heard NATO is in for a surprise on the anniversary of the special military operation!
    I can imagine Russia is about to spill the beans on the bio labs in the Ukraine, but we'll see :)
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