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  • Quote:
    "The whiter your skin, the easier the process...(Is God racist..??LOL)"

    God did not ease the process for the 'whiter' skinned person . He 'whitened' the skin for that person in order to ease the process.

    'Racism' comes when pple reason in upside down!😆
  • Sun lamps are a possibilty...I prefer the sun, but you could try this method...
  • So-called facial solarium lamps are commercially available to replace sunlight at home. There are also special lamps for reptiles kept as pets in a terarium (sounds like the word terra).
  • Yes, sunbathing is the best way to obtain vitamin D, as the body manufacturers it from the reaction and it tans the skin.....Of course, unless you travel abroad on holiday to a warmer location than Germany, in the winter, you won't be able to sunbathe....
    The whiter your skin, the easier the process...(Is God racist..??LOL)
    Also, if you are obese, not so easy, so you must slim down, if you haven't already....
    And you can also obtain vitamin D from food, such as fish.......At this time of year, as I can't sunbathe in my back garden, as I do in summer I tend to eat salmon, or sardines, king prawns, etc, every week and take a cod liver oil tablet every day....This way I get a good amount of vitamin D, all year round...
  • Dear Space Brothers, I have tried to find out if it is possible to carry out a light cleansing on the body at home, plus replace the sunlight so that the body produces vitamin D. It's so that you can form vitamin D in the human body with sunlight, right?
  • More bizarre shite from the loonie left;
    ‘Golden Demon’ Statue Placed Atop New York Courthouse to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Abortion
    Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!
  • Yes, theoretical physics have become a religion! No one bothers to check if actually 'no signal can move faster than light'. The scriptures say so, so it must be so!!

    In true science, we have no way of 'proving' a NEGATION.We can only falsify it. It was the emphasis on 'falsification' rather than 'verification', as inspired by Karl Popper, that was behind the acceptance of the theory of relativity etc. However, as this theory etc begun to gain a religion-like following, they forgot it all! Now they go out everywhere preaching that this very far-fetched and unreasonable theory have been 'proven'!

    At best, relativity etc withstood attempts to falsify it (if they did not fudge the math and experiments). It cannot be proven because it is entirely based on (presently) unattainable conditions. Therefore we must investigate ETs possible faster than light interstellar travel rather than reason using a theory.
  • This is the fiscal trend that shall bring prosperity to all nations, eventually.....The future is one without debt......A future free of central banks...
    Ep. 2982a - El Salvador Counters The [CB], This Is What They Don’t Want The People To See
  • Maybe the theory of physics loses out to what actually happens, in practice....?? That ETs move faster than light speed....I prefer to trust my own senses on these visitors, rather then some "expert," pontificating in some "science" paper, about what he thinks is real and possible...LOL🤣

    In the past we had similar disputes between Galileo and the Vatican stance on the planetary motion....
    Now, modern "science" has become the secular religious point of orthodoxy...
  • So Sirius is 8 light years away! According to mainstream physics, Sirians will never learn of Ukraine war until at least 2030! If they will send a word, we will receive it at 2038!😆

    The universe of theoretical physics is so lonely and dull! Effectively, we are alone!
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"The usual mish mash of fact and fiction.....The Sirian sentence words are corrected as; "meladrin hi zabarin sa..........!!" Which means, "Because yes. we are all one...!"

Sirians do not use words such as; "Selatherin A-al Arjaten..!" For example,…"
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"Hi! I just joined your group because of my fascination with India's religions but I hope you'll still accept my membership here even though I don't technically live in India!"
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"Drexk- I quit playing video games 25 years ago-drives you crazy
And how about Tik Tok?"
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