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  • I have heard of these texts from a variety of people lately, and my major issue with them, is that they all deny the importance of balance within them. There is a god that is supposed to be at the center of all things, who isn't, allowing them to spread chaos where ever they go. Not allowing us to pray for peace when ever we come into our lives. So this leaves me with two main problems. First, is that a lot of these texts were ancient. Where were these deities in the time between then and now? They were never present during any of the world's major wars, and certainly only present to a select few individuals who blocked the majority of people incarnate here from getting help from a universal guardian of sorts. This is troubling, the absence of one leads me to my second problem. That of cosmic continuity. Why is it, that when ever spirituality and science is mentioned, they never always meet in the middle somewhere? That middle ground being where spirit is formed into matter, and vice versa. There is a major disconnect here, and no higher power is united in providing a way forward for this to actually materialize. Other than sending messengers in various ways to different tribes, times and focuses throughout what I presume to be cosmic history. This means that, through the division of perspective, it would seem as though we are in deed going down a dark path. One of disconnection, miscommunication and the inability to see eye to eye where it matters most. Directly. The direct path to bring spirit into matter is broken, and it must be repaired. The closest higher being I have come across that lets this happen on a cosmic scale, is someone who has the authority to build gods itself. And I believe, until it is actually found by some lone star remote viewer or interactive celestial of a high command, we will see more of chaos in our time. Because that is the being who feeds off of the discord and misguided pleasure a lack of balance has brought through acts of war and material instability to Earth. And I presume, the reptilians mentioned in the Bible are the result of this same process happening elsewhere throughout our distant cosmic past. Which is another case in point. Reincarnation. The only people who have an active interest in blocking our memories of this happening to us in our soul history, are those who also have an interest in using matter as a prison, rather than a way of perspective, life of purpose directly. The design of this system, could be used to guide more so than it is. Of this I am absolutely certain of. And so while those of us awakening to such a truth are more or less labeled psychopathic, or autistic, we see the light. It is up to those of us in power under the awakening of such visions to enact them in turn. Only then I feel, can we really believe in the change others can see through our eyes. Love as one for we are one in the awareness of the one who became the many in experience and soul vision. This is the presence we occupy as a whole.
  • People need to prepare for a lot of things because it seems to be getting worse and no benevolent ETS will rescue humanity and if they do it won't be the friendly ones. Dr. Robert Hare warned on the last page of the book '' Without Conscious '' that psychopathy is on the rise whether anyone believes this is anyone's guess but it is getting dark. A few years go Diane Fannying wrote a book titled ''Through The Window '' for 20 years she developed a relationship with one of the infamous prisoner as a study subject which she found horrified her. Now there are some films and documentaries out there on the subject of psychopathy but the psychiatrist really is short-sighted there's not much insight there. The one book that has a much more meaningful title is called ''Snakes in Suits '' by Paul Babiak its another perfect title and the other one is called ''Mask Of Sanity '' by Hervy Cleckley another book is called ''The King James Version ''yes '' its one of the books that reveal the whole truth but rarely understood then there is the book of Enoch this was taken out of the bible. The scriptures of the Nag Hammadi is another source but it doesn't here .There is two other books missing called ''The Lost Books of the Bible and '' The Forgotten Books of Eden'' these could be out of print and one could also read the ''Talmud ''. Credo Matwa is an author who wrote books on the Reptilian race. The Bible does mention the Serpent race but they were also called the ''watchers '' although they appear as men they change their shape and they were responsible for recreating giant people on earth this occurred long before the flood and before Mose's time. In the scripture Genisis Yahweh made a covenant with Abram ,'saying ''unto thy seed I have given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river Euphrates ''the Kenites,and the Kenizzites , and the Kadmonites, and the Hittites,and the Perizzites and the Rephaims and the Amorites and the Canasnites and the Girgashites and the Jebusites and one of these nations among the Canaanites was the Kenites which were descendants of Cain. Being that Cain was of the satanic seedline he would infect his satanic blood among ten nations we find this about mix group of nations spoken in Genesis 15: 19 - 21. In Gensis 3: 14 - 15 ( cf.Is; a 65:25 ) He was represented not merely the Serpent race, but by the power of the evil kingdom. In Cor 2: 11 : 3 same serpent. In number 25:2 and they called the people unto the sacrifices of their gods: eat and bow down to their gods. The tree of good and evil is mention in 2: 17 this is about cohabitation with Satan and Eve in the garden in the Hebrew language it's not a picture of garden with flowers its something else. The DNA is what this about.
  • One thing I am very worried about when it comes to medical professionals, is that they lie 3 times as much as a politician. Because there are 3 main industries they use to achieve this. Lie 1, and the most damaging of all, is false advertising. Any drug trial they want to be known, does the exact opposite in most people of what its intended use specifies. Lie 2, is that they promise they have a cure for a disease they help administer through drug treatments that develop it more in chronically ill patients. Lie 3, is that they play off any casualties on anything else accept their own faults, since they never admit to a medical mistake or malpractice. What gets me angry, is when they have both media and government defending their actions. these are the people we go to entrusting the lives of sick people at their weakest points in life, and they treat our loved ones or birth bonds even like a science experiment whether you want them to or not. No Shaman would ever do this, if they had integrity at all. The most spiritual of doctors, is always a healer and likely an empath. The most scientific of whom, are conformed to create chemistry out of alternative medical fields of research. Particularly when it can be used as biological warfare or weaponize people into a catatonic state. Who funds this? It can't just be street gangs, because they keep their funds circulating among their own private trade. Public health officials are a type of politician, so it isn't them either. And tax payers have a paper trail that is too public for any money to end up in private hospitals. Government funded ones just recirculate approved pharmaceuticals which are themselves regulated by government officials and politicians and the drug cartels who make their own versions of these at home in their own labs. It can't be foreign intelligence doing this because this industry is actually global. And the World Health Organization, is just another set of international politicians. So is the World Economy Forum. That leaves out one group of people. Weapons investors. Military organizations focused on targeting people based on their enforced status as a civilian. Any war that is funded, needs conditions to fall back on when they can't use physical methods of destruction that aren't approved by a mutual public disagreement between certain nations. This is far too calculated to be a coincidence. And it proves that alliances where the power is held in highest regard by those who engage with the most effective weapons of crowd control, are the real super powers of today's corrupt world. The real deep state, as Steven Greer puts it, is the Military Industrial Complex. He's absolutely right. They're the same type of people who deny alternative sources of energy from being discovered. Because they may undermine the weapons actively deployed to enforce the use of wasteful archaic energy production in the minds of conditioned medical patients sold off to the closest investor to make a profit off of.
  • Hellen I'm sorry to hear this. Yeah I agree with you about the illness of mental incompetency spreading rapidly among people. A friend of mine who I have known for a year, never had any problems or nothing was just recently labeled psychotic and an insomniac. Never before had signs of this, very healthy. Goes to a hospital to treat an issue with sugar being too high as is diabetic. And comes out with medication for psychosis and insomnia. That isn't consistent with their history because I never known this person to have any such tendencies. The worst crime they ever did, was smoke a little weed and drink a shot of diluted vodka. And now they are completely drugged up and acting totally like a new person. The hospital this person went to, claimed that they almost died twice in the same month due to a malfunction in an insulin pump. They were very calm, and had no history of seeing shadows, or hearing voices or anything. I don't know what the hell is going on with our hospitals these days, but they are messing with peoples psychies big time. My own grand mother, goes into a hospital, completely totally sane several years back to have her leg repaired after she fell off a curb while at a gas station. And hospital staff, first thing they do, is drug her up with a concentrated form of Morphine, then claim she has extreme dementia and puts her on medication supposedly to treat it before even trying to take a look at her leg and failing to do so. Want to know what happened to her? She got fed an overdose of Morphine until her body gave out from being drugged up too much, by something the hospital later called a Covid-19 death. Then blamed the family, as she had home care, for being the one to administer the fatal shot under their strict recommendation. Funny how that works? The friend I've known for a year, and my grand mother live in roughly the same location in the Pacific North West. Any chance the hospital you went to for your brother's unfortunate condition is in the same general area between Vancouver and California? I would not be surprised at all if this is the case. What they are doing to people who need emergency care, is completely unacceptable.
  • Alzheimer's is claiming much younger adults and teens this is another sad situation it is showing up more faster and frequently among these age groups for many decades the elderly were most affected by this condition. It is the aerosol spraying on land and air this is causing this disease and are we living in a poisonous environment? When the industrial revolution started people became ill through toxic substances whether it was from the ground or in the air.
  • In the next few years, physicians will see an explosion of Autism and Schizophrenia and more vaccine injuries. i already have a brother who has Schizophrenia it really breaks my heart to see my youngest brother struggle with this condition on a daily bases but he doing well fine and we support him through other means nonetheless it still saddens me to see him how the illness has affected him in so many ways. A tribal counsellor says this is not an illness I am not sure what he means by this perhaps I would find more on this subject. The movie called 'A Beautiful Mind'' is great movie.
  • Ancient technology revealed.
  • we could see a lot of covid 19, influenza and other severe respiratory illness this season many children have already been in emergency care and filling up ICU beds for months this respiratory syncytial virus could spread to older adults this is a concern for doctors and they are more concerned because this virus can seriously affect the most vulnerable and the elderly. Also, this virus is known as RSV one has to really take care of their family this season, especially in January I find this one of the coldest months of the season.
  • Happy thanks Giving. I'm very appreciative for all of you in turn.
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